Norman Pattiz Launches New Modern Features at PodcastOne

Norman J. Pattiz is an American broadcasting mogul popularly known for having founded Westwood One. Born in 1993, Mr. Pattiz has seen the American broadcasting industry grow, where he has also been an avid contributor to the tremendous success. For his commitment to the industry, Norman launched Launchpad in October 2012, which later became PodcastOne. Recently, the founder of PodcastOne and husband to Mary Turner dropped a bolt from the blue when he announced his introduction of new PodcastOne 360-degree videos and interactive functions. It is a mobile software program that gives new ways for their listeners as they catch up with the experts behind the microphones. The technology incorporates the audience because they freely connect with their hosts.



Some Unique Features of the Launched App



To begin with, this app is freely accessible on Google Play Store and allows people watch, listen, and participate in a broad range of programs. With that app on your phone, you will enjoy so many benefits like accessing fascinating pieces of writing and photos that you can never get from any other source ( That application is designed in such a way that it also allows listeners to send personal texts to each other. To attract many people, they incorporated a reward system to their mobile software program. This system counts points for active participators so that they can redeem them for bonus services and features. Again, they can leave the earnings to accumulate to the level of winning them free virtual-reality shows, discounts on products, or other special material.



Meanwhile This App; the Talk of the Day



Mandt VR fixed the refined up to date equipment in each of PodcastOne’s major recording studios. Even when show hosts are out of studio, they can still record VR footages with their mobile apps. By partnering with Mandt, Norman gave his beast considering that they are leading in virtual video production mixed, and enhanced reality formats. So far, they have successfully recorded more than 1,000 recordings, which is a significant milestone.



Facts Concerning Norman Pattiz



It is unarguable that Norman Pattiz is a darling of many people’s ears. His devotion to broadcasting is unmatched, and his competence unrivaled. It’s incredible how Pattiz keeps innovating new technologies, making America’s media fabulous. To date, even if he has to oversee his Beverly Hills company, he often dedicates time for the Pacific Council on International Relations. It is true to say that much of the success experienced behind the screens is attributable to this Jewish businessman’s great mind.


JHSF Development Award Winning Real Estate Firm in Brazil Headed by Jose Auriemo Neto


The field of real estate in Brazil is developing and growing fast due to the contributions of the many fast paced real estate firms in the country. One of the biggest and the most trusted real estate enterprises in the country is JHSF Development, which was started in the year 1972. The company since its inception till now has developed hundreds of commercial and residential projects, which also includes commercial airports and shopping centers. One of the four business units of JHSF Development also includes Fasano Hotels and Resorts. The company has not only developed Fasano Hotels but also manages it. It is amongst the most profitable business arms of the company for last many years.

JHSF Development primary business strategy is to focus on making strategic investments in the residential sector and generate recurring income through giving properties on rent. Jose Auriemo Neto, son of the co-founder of the company, Fabio Auriemo, currently heads the company. He has managed to take the company to the great height of success under his leadership, especially by investing in and developing real estate projects globally.

Over the years, JHSF Development has won many awards, including PINI Award, the Best Company in the Real Estate Sector in Brazil by Epoca Negocios 360 yearbook, and much more. Jose Auriemo Neto has helped in integrating technology into the company’s operation to improve its performance and save costs. Jose Auriemo Neto is the head of the retail management section of the enterprise as well and manages the many shopping centers that the company has developed. Some of the properties that are operated by JHSF Development are Fasano Group Restaurants, Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall, Bela Vista Shopping Mall in Salvador, Catarina Fashion Outlet in Sao Roque, Ponta Negra Shopping Mall in Manaus. Click here to know more about him.

Jose Auriemo Neto believes that it is essential for the company to focus on the real estate development sector in Brazil but overseas as well. It is for this reason; the company has made some strategic investment overseas in the United States, Uruguay, Salvador, and Manaus. Jose Auriemo Neto lives in New York currently with his family and manages the company’s foreign operations.

Equity First Holdings Australia Relocates

These are hard economic times where getting a loan is very difficult. Beyond this, banks and other financial institutions have rewritten their rules on lending making it difficult for the normal person to secure a loan. This is not only happening in the United States, but it’s happening all over the world including Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and even South America. This might have been contributed to the 2008 financial crisis that saw the collapse of several businesses, hedge funds and even the best financial institutions. For your to qualify for a loan nowadays, you require collateral/security that you will return the borrowed money.

However, there is an loan institution from Indianapolis, Indiana that has come to the rescue of many people across the globe. The institution was established by Al Christy Jr. who saw an opportunity and decided to offer people the loan they require. The loan is better than the one offered by banks in many ways. First, the loan uses stocks as collateral. Second, the loan can be used for whatever reason the borrower seeks. This is unlike banks’ loans that can only be used for the purpose they are borrowed for. Finally, the stock-based loan has low interest compared to the loan that is offered by banks.

Equity First Holdings has its offices in Melbourne, Australia. Just the other day, the company announced that they were relocating these offices in downtown Melbourne to serve more Australians. This comes from the realization that their customer base in Australia was rapidly growing. Sydney and Perth are other cities in Australia where Equity First Holdings can be found in Australia. On other parts of the globe, Equity First Holdings can be found in New York, London, South Africa and Singapore. They also have an office in Hong Kong. The company works on the principle of transparency and integrity.

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The Lucrative Investment of Fine Wine As Explained by UKV PLC

Wine is an excellent investment because age makes it more desirable. Bordeaux seconds are worth 600 percent more than in 2003. Even in times of uncertainty fine wine is in demand. For ten years wine has outpaced art, stocks, and even gold. More people invest in wine than classic cars due to the returns of twelve to fifteen percent. Once a particular vintage has been consumed it can’t be replaced so as the supply decreases the prices appreciates. Since new grapes are consistently harvested the cycle always continues.

The interest in investing and drinking wine has surged in China, India, Russia, and Brazil. More than 1.8 bottles were purchased in 2013 and China has taken France’s place as the world leader. In 2017 the highest priced wine in history sold in Hong Kong for 1,035,000 pounds to an anonymous Asian buyer. Wine enthusiasm has spread all across the globe.

Prior to investing in wine it is advisable to speak with a financial advisor. The minimum recommended investment is 10,000 pounds. The best wine to purchase will be in global demand and have an excellent record. You should be aware of current values and hold onto your wine for five years. Visit UKV PLC’s Tumblr.

The wine sector is not taxed for capital gains. This is because wine is considered a wasting asset since its predictable life is fifty years or less. This makes wine an unusually efficient tax investment.

UKV PLC is one of the highest quality wine brokerages in the world and is located in the United Kingdom. The professionals are knowledgeable in the acquisition of wine and sell wine of high investment grades. UKV PLC acquires wine with prestigious labels from vineyards in France, Spain and Italy with an excellent representation from the Champagne region. Read full article:

Starting with the moment you make contact with UKV PLC the service you receive will be outstanding. A consultant will meet you at their Surrey office, their London office or in the privacy of your home. Once you are a client you can be assured a consultant will keep you informed regarding the markets current movements and trends.

UKV PLC Is Not Your Ordinary Winemaking Company

If you are aware if exactly what good winemaking entails, then you may be aware that the fruits that are contained in the beverage need to be completely settled into the liquid prior to packaging and shipping to the shelves of the stores that it will be offered for sale in. Many companies are not necessarily taking the time that is required to ensure the end-user are being provided with a quality product. What ends up occurring is the customer either becomes unsatisfied with the taste, or they feel sick after drinking it.

Why invest in a wine beverage that is not necessarily going to provide you with the quality that you need in a wine? If you would like to see whether UKV PLC is a product that you can depend on, then it is highly recommended for you to sort through the comments and feedback that it has received. Customers have attested to the high quality of product that it provides.

Follow UKV PLC on Tumblr.

UKV PLC is a brand that has been known to take its time and effort with the winemaking process. If you’re not quite sure about exactly how UKV PLC can benefit you, then it is recommended for you to ask a representative of the company about what it’s winemaking processes are. UKV PLC takes its time in making its products in the sense that they allow the fruits to completely settle into the liquid. Meaning, it is fully mixed so that the end-user can have assurance of knowing that each part of the liquid will be affected by the fruits, thus, giving a fulfilling taste.

Jeffry Schneider: The CEO Who Pushes Himself To Excel In Every Aspect of Life

Jeffry Schneider has always been a man who pushed himself to excel in every area of his life. Whether it be business, health, or philanthropy, he has always aimed to do his best and to succeed where others might have given up. As the CEO and founder of Ascendant Capital LLC., he has formed a company based on sound principles and ethical business practices. Ascendant started out with only two employees and now has over thirty. The company has earned over $1 billion, to-date, and Jeffry and his team have challenged themselves to raise $50 million a month over the next year.

Jeffry Schneider started out his career by working for several different top-industry firms, such as, Alex Brown, Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber, CIBC Oppenheimer and more. While working for these firms, he learned a whole lot about the alternative investment field and also gained experience by connecting hedge fund managers with specific firm clients that were the right match. He also worked with Axiom Capital Management as the senior vice president and continued to increase his knowledge about alternative investments. Overall, Jeffry has over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry, and he continues to learn as the leader of his own company, now.

Jeffry Schneider is a health and fitness buff and spends plenty of his free time doing research about healthy eating and nutrition. He knows that the average American doesn’t eat the most optimal diet, and he tries to improve his own diet as well as share what he learns with his peers and coworkers. At Ascendant, he has kicked it up a notch by assuring that every team member has access to healthy food. He also competes in half ironman challenges where he pushes himself to his limits by participating in events that include a 13.1 mile run, a 1.2 mile swim, and a 56 mile bicycle ride. You can watch one of these events that he attended in New Zealand on his Vimeo account.As a man who cares deeply about people, Jeffry Schneider supports many different charitable causes. Among these are the Gazelle Foundation, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, Gods Love We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, and the Cherokee Home for Children.If you want watch him on You-tube: Click here

He is available on Facebook:

UK Vintners Have A Decided Flavor Advantage

There is a large flavor advantage in the UK wine industry that is derived from the grapes that are grown in Britain. UK vintners are growing on soil that is not nearly as tropical as southern Europe, and they are getting a flavor that is different from everyone else. This article explains how the UK wine industry is improving every year on the strength of its grapes.

#1: How Are The Grapes Grown?

The grapes in England are grown no differently than they are anywhere else, but they are grown on soil that was hardened by English winters, cooled by the frequent rains in the country and grown under heavy winds that will blow the grape vines around. Someone who is attempting to grow a better wine will find help in England because all the soil in the area is so compacted.

#2: How Do They Make Wine?

There is a long tradition of UK vintners making wines in their own way, and they maintain their tradition every year while welcoming all the newest technology. They have been quite pleased with the way they are making wine, and UK Vintners are selling more online because of the unique nature of their wine brands over others.

#3: Wine Sales Online

The wine sales online are increasing every year because it is simple to sell online and ship to the customer. Someone who has taken the time to search for wines online will find many UK vintners who are selling online, and they will increase their volume every year as their online presence increases. Companies that are attempting to sell to more customers will find them online, and they will spend quite a lot of time selling and shipping to international clients.

The UK wine industry has grown to the point that many people know of their special flavors. Every wine tastes different because of the climate, and the wines are made in a tradition that has been around for some time. The wines may be ordered online easily, and they are quite a lot of fun to place on the dinner table.

Doe Deere and Her Thriving Makeup Business

Doe Deere has frequently stated that her love for fairy tales and makeup dates back to when she was a child. She had always dreamt of living in a fairy tale world just like the movies. Well, she made this possible through her bold makeup products that make a draw a thin line between reality and fantasy. Her history with fashion is a long and exciting one. Doe Deere was born in Russia but later moved to the US when she was seventeen years. She moved to New York City together with her mother. In the US, she enrolled to a fashion and technology school where she studied more about fashion design. While she enjoyed the course, she had to drop out early to set up her make up business.

Doe Deere has grown her makeup business idea from something small to a business that is followed by millions of Instagram users. The company has become highly popular due to its unique style of fashion. When it was launched, Lime Crime started selling most of its products online. At the start, Doe sold traditional makeup products. After a little study, she discovered how to create makeup with bold and whimsical colors. Most of the makeup products advanced by the company feature incredibly wild colors. The products are nothing like other products in the market, gaining a huge following across different social media platforms.

Doe Deere’s style of fashion is one which she comes out bold and fearless. Many other celebrities and fans have followed suit. Internet celebrity Celia Leslie recently did a YouTube video on Lime Crime’s products where she tried twenty-four different products in the Velvetine colors. Doe Deere is proud of her products because they follow animal safety policy. Lime Crime’s products are known to be cruelty-free, meeting the stringent cruelty-free rules advanced by animal protection programs. It means that products made by the company have in no way caused harm or killed animals through its use or the production process. It also means that the product is vegan and does not include any animal products.

Mike Baur: Banker, Entrepreneur And Founder Of Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur and managing partner and co-founder of business incubator Swiss Startup Factory. He started the company with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. The company which was founded in 2014 provides mentoring, financing, office space and a wide range of other services to early stage startups. Plus they provide them with access to a vast investor and entrepreneurial network which offers them the opportunity to grow their business. The basis of the Swiss Startup Factory is a three month program during which the startups are placed in a collaborative work environment and provided with expert input sessions, mentoring sessions and expert pitch training.


Two batches of the most talented startups are selected to participate in the business accelerators offered by the Swiss Startup Factory each year. One group is chosen in January and the other in September. The startups selected are given the support they need to learn the skills necessary to build their company and reach ambitious milestones set forth by SSUF team. The team helps the startup to become a legal entity and carve out a lucrative niche. Each startup that completes the program is provided with 5-months of post-accelerator support to help them improve their product and expand their network. Swiss Startup Factory is now Switzerland’s number one rated business incubator and accelerator.


A graduate of the University of Applied Science Bern, Universität Bern and the University of Rochester, Mike Baur has a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance, an M.B.A. and an Executive Master of Business Administration. He also has more than 20 years experience working in banking. He’s worked with Clariden Leu, Sallfort Privatbank AG, UBS Fribourg, UBS Wealth Management and several other financial institutions. This left him highly skilled and very knowledgeable of private banking, asset management, portfolio management, wealth management, investment banking, investment strategy and equities.


Baur then left banking and became involved in helping fledgling companies find their way. Since then he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory, become founder and managing partner of Think Reloaded AG, and CTI Invest’s deputy managing director. Baur has also led SSF through collaborations with Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion. He’s also co-founder and director of Swiss Startup Association. In September 2015 Baur became vice president of Innovation Lab Fribourg, a company helping student entrepreneurs to take new technologies into the marketplace. In 2016 Mike Baur was voted one of the Swiss Movers and Shakers.


The Spurious Predictions of Kyle Bass

Gaining a media stage is a great way to gain market influence, and this is what Kyle Bass did by short-selling his sub-prime lending holdings during the 2008 financial crisis. Bass sold at the right time, predicting market collapse when few others did. He was proved right, and so became a sort of media darling. Since then he’s regularly been invited to give commentary on financial situations, and has been only too happy to oblige. Whether or not his predictions yield fruit seems substantively immaterial to the media personalities which interview him. Their only real concern seems to be having an authority figure to lend legitimacy and watchability to their programs. Since Bass is widely-known for the 2008 event, he has become a regular go-to, as a result giving many interviews.

From this platform, Bass has been railing against China’s economy since October of 2015. He’s repeatedly said that the Chinese debt bubble is going to collapse, and predicts it will happen within the next two to three years. In 2016, he has predicted it will take place by the end of the year with a forty to fifty percent likelihood. But after he said that, in a Bloomberg article he reportedly said that should Chinese currency receive a “material” devaluation, then investing in Asian markets might be exceptionally recommendable right now. How can that be if the collapse is yet two to three years off? Either there never was a collapse and Bass was just trying to manipulate the market, or it’s still coming and he’s seen a new angle, or he realized he was wrong and he’s backpedaling. Regardless, his remarks are disturbing because they will influence tangential investors whose experience may be marginal even if their assets are large. It’s just possible Bass has been trying to deliberately manipulate the market for his own aims.

With a history of socialist contacts, like the leader of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (who has defaulted Argentina twice in thirteen years without a word of criticism from Bass), and spurious investment decisions, Bass’ current perspective of China is one that any savvy financier should only take with a grain of salt.