Cancer Researcj

Clay Seagall Phenomenal Work against Cancer



It’s evident that Seattle Genetics has been experiencing success in its efforts to administer therapy to cancer patients. It will be an injustice not to mention that Clay Seagall is the man behind the prosperity of this company.



Clay is the current President, CEO and Chairman of Seattle Genetics. He was one of the founders of the organization in 1997. He took over as the CEO of the company in 2000 and was appointed the company President two years later. He is also the chairperson of the Seattle board of governors.



Clay Seagall is a former employee of Myers Pharmaceuticals Research Institute as well as National Cancer Institute. Before starting Seattle Genetics, he worked for six and three years in Myers Pharmaceutical and national cancer institute respectively.



Seagall is a trained scientist and enjoys spending his time conducting research on therapies that can help treat cancer patients. He has a compassionate personality that drives his passion for finding the cure for different cancer problems. As a scientist, clay carried out extensive research on cancer and on drugs that would help his patients. This was a thorough task, but considering his vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he is doing very well.



The Seattle Genetics president has been on the forefront in the leadership of the organization towards developing various drugs to fight cancer. Seagall demonstrated his commitment to cancer treatment by securing the license required to apply the ADCENTRIS Technology. ADCENTRIS is one of the drugs that Clay Seagall and his team managed to develop. The drug was approved in by FDA in 2011 and is currently accessible in over fifty countries around the world.



Clay Seagall remarkable contributions to helping cancer patients have earned him an excellent reputation in the US and the world as a whole. The University of Maryland crowned him as the Alumnus of the Year for applying the computer and natural science skills to develop cancer therapies. He is also a member of various company boards including Alder Biopharmaceutical and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.



There is no doubt that with this pace, Seagall will lead Seattle Genetics to greater heights that would enable them to discover more drugs to fight this life-threatening monster.