Peru Beach Fighting Skin Cancer

Many people know how devastating skin cancer can be. It can take lives and devastate families. It is well known that a major cause of skin cancer is an excessive amount of exposure to the Sun. The Playa Agua Dulce Beach in Peru is making an interesting effort to combat skin cancer.

They are working with the Peruvian Liga Contra el Cáncer (League Against Cancer) to come up with a very smart initiative that will potentially be seen in other beaches all around the world within not too long of a time. What the beach is doing is offering WiFi to more than 250 visitors simultaneously. However, the catch is that it will only be available while these people are sitting in the shade.

Folks at Anastasia Date have learned that Happiness Brussels developed this non-profit Shadow Wi-Fi system, which is comprised of a very large blue structure that provides shade to part of the beach. It also consists of a directional antenna that is collaborating with a sensor that tracks the movements of the sun. At all times, the internet connection is only available to people who are in the shaded area, meaning that people on the beach have to move into the shade if they want to continue using the Internet. Additionally, data will be collected regarding how long people are in the shade and if there are any associated changes in the rates of skin cancer that develop.