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EOS Lip Balm Now has Vegan

EOS lip balm is a product that had critics and everyone buzzing about the unique lip balm, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better they came out with a vegan line! These new lip balms are the same unique sphere shaped, but they are clear and vegan. EOS wanted to make a lip balm that everyone can love as mentioned in usmagazine.com. This new lip balm is all natural and is also animal by-product free. These new lip balms launched on August the fourth but was sold out on the same day! There are only two scents to choose from and only seventeen ingredients in this new lip balm product.

People fell in love with EOS lip balm products. Lip balm always was the typical cylindrical tube with the scents of cherry or peppermint. EOS brought a new and unique product to the table. They wanted to create something that everyone would love and give them a reason to smile. Therefore they created these pastel sphere shaped lip balms with unique flavors, available here at amazon.de. This product was selling right off of the shelves and critics were buzzing about this new product. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian were even spotted pulling this product out of their makeup bag. This lip balm was a booming success, and as you can tell by the new vegan product, they are only going to keep creating products for everyone to love.

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