Got Stuck? Try To Streamline Unimaginable Success By Duplicating Bob Reina Strategies

The role of video communication in today’s evolving industries is instrumental to keeping brands competitive and consistent. It’s a concept that Bob Reina of Talk Fusion has repeatedly exploited to consummate network marketing success. The former law enforcement professional developed Talk Fusion’s flagship video email model after launching a boutique technology conglomerate in 2007. Talk Fusion has since expanded its reach to some 140 countries. The idea to breathe life into such a patent was conceived after a failed attempt to send a spontaneous video email. He consciously engaged Dr. Jonathan Chen (Talk Fusion Director), a colleague and IT guru to bring the patent to realization. Learn more:


While Reina entertained an ambition to introduce innovative video communication tools, he’s equally solicitous about the consumer takeaway. At the time, Reina had no definite direction about advertising. With exponential success in direct selling/marketing, he summoned the discipline needed to capitalize on these skills and generate actionable results. What’s more, he’s committed to building a revolutionary brand and company that’s constantly evolving to keep relevant. As a well-cultured network marketer, Reina understands the science behind trial and error. And, even the industry’s elite players have had their share of problem-solving cycles. The advent of Talk Fusion’s rise wasn’t without challenges, but Reina commissioned and followed an unfailing implementation strategy. With a plethora of ideas at top of mind, prioritizing current markets, analyzing consumer behavior and weighing benefits was put into practice daily.


Nonetheless, success was a swift and painless process based on the Talk Fusion CEO’s account. Video email has been an integral tool assimilated during his marketing campaign to establish relationships and develop brand identity. Reina explained that doubt was never a factor on his journey to realizing dreams, having resolute determination, passion and meaningful motivation as a constant companion. With the depth of expertise and breadth of experience, he’s acquired as technology industry innovator, Reina is constantly sharing knowledge. With his newly developed Talk Fusion University, he’s enabling company associates and employees with free education. The platform extends a full library of educational materials and resources.


Lately, he’s re-established a partnership with MarTech Advisor, providing unbiased commentary on relevant technology and marketing trends. Forbes highlighted the success of his latest piece, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017.” It’s an unveiling of the most powerful video marketing strategies and techniques exploited in 2016. Forbes recognized this notable achievement seeing as “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” landed a top spot among the top ten viral publications being circulated on social media by CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) today. Learn more:


Similarly, his viral piece titled “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits” submitted to the MarTech Advisor in 2016 expanded the reach of readership. He’s connected to online opinion and news platforms like, “The Huffington Post.” With a perpetual motivation for helping needy communities, animals, citizens, and organizations making meaningful contributions, Reina’s involvement in philanthropy is a selfless mission. He’s continually supporting projects endorsed by charitable movements like the HSTB (Humane Society of Tampa Bay). Learn more:



The Incredible Brain Behind the USHEALTH Success

Health and living conditions have been every being priority. In the US the renowned USHEALTH group an insurance holding, headed by Troy McQuagge and has brought this as its core operations. The Texas-based group has been on the frontline in providing healthcare coverage to self-employed individuals and small business owners, which is a superior product that grows as their healthcare needs grow. This has seen its CEO McQuagge, awarded gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards for Most Innovative CEO of the Year.

After Troy joined the USHEALTH in 2010, he took measures to rebuild and re-equip the company’s distribution agency which saw his election as its CEO in 2014, due to the exponential innovations. Since then, for four consecutive years, he has led the company to its highest sales growth and profit record. The company has also increased its share price to 1,093% since 2010.

The graduate of the University of Central Florida spent the majority of his career in health insurance sales. He joined Allstate Insurance in 1983, where he worked for many years before moving to UICI/Health Market in 1995. During his tenure, after the award, he recognized the company contribution and support towards that recognition and awards. Click here to know more.

Troy, the 33 year veteran of the insurance industry was also named President of UICI’s insurance agency, which later changed to Agency Marketing Group in 1997. Under his leadership, the company surpassed the $1Billion mark in annual sales volume. That milestone saw AMG clinch the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year award, by Selling Power Magazine and the Stevie Awards.

Despite helping other people every day through offering their insurance products to potential clients, they also contribute to enriching the local community. USHEALTH group setting an example on community development, through their independent project HOPE {helping other people every day}. They partnered with the Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) and played a significant role after Katrina Hurricane. Together, they provided manpower and monetary help and reconstructed homes in hardest-hit areas of the city and the lower mid—city area of New Orleans. These restored the lives of the people affected by the hurricane.