The Role Andrew Rolfe Plays in the operations at Ubuntu Fund Foundation

The Role Andrew Rolfe Plays in the operations at Ubuntu Fund Foundation

Every year the Ubuntu fund organizes a gala to raise finances for its campus based in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. This year the foundation held their tenth annual gala in the United Kingdom where it raised more than 972,960 euros which were past their set target. The funds generated are to support the establishment of a pediatric clinic as part of the fund’s campus in South Africa. The fund aims to offer all children receive a quality education. The events in the gala comprised of speeches and various Xhosa performances. Among the 200 attendees are two youngsters who have undergone the Ubuntu sponsorship program.

Sinesipho a young girl who just got accepted into Law school gave an emotional speech with her testimonial. Coming from a background with an abusive father who was also an alcoholic, she is grateful for the fund taking her under their wing and nurturing her both physically and mentally to reach her dream career. The Ubuntu Fund has so far touched the lives of more than 2000 children in Port Elizabeth. During the early years of its founding, the nonprofit organization thrived to give educational materials to needy children. Upon realizing the root of the problem the founder, Jacob Lief with the help of Malizole Gwaxula started addressing other chronic issues facing the community of Port Elizabeth like nutrition, hunger, medication, stability and HIV/AIDS. Through its journey the organization is achieving its goals offering health and education to more than 400,000 individuals. They have also managed to control the infections of HIV especially curbing the mother to child transmissions. During the gala, an auction overseen by Charlie Ross that involved several items including paintings, a portrait and a holiday to South Africa led to 33,000 euros accumulation.

Andrew Rolf, the chairperson at Ubuntu Fund, is a masters alumni of Harvard Business School where he per took Business Administration. Before joining Harvard, Andrew went to the University of Oxford to pursue an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts. Since leaving college, Andrew has amassed experience in Finance Modeling, Investment Banking, Private equity, corporate finance and business strategy.

He gained his expertise working with Pret A manager as an executive officer of the company in the UK, Hong Kong Tokyo, and New York. Andre Rolfe facilitated the global outreach of many businesses including The Gap, PepsiCo, Restaurants, Pizza Hut, and KFC. Aside from his operations at Ubuntu Fund, Andre is the senior director at TowerBrook Capital Partners overseeing acquisition, investment and retail operations.