Child Health

India’s Air Quality Causing Irreversible Lung Damage in Children

The air is almost thick enough to cut with a knife. It is filled with poisonous pollutants of all kinds. With no air quality regulations, few laws and even fewer to enforce any type of air quality restrictions, the Indians continue to fill the air with pollution. Alexei Beltyukov (a-ventures) knows that,  as the children breathe in the pollution, their lungs are irreversibly damaged. A recent study revealed that over half of India’s 4.4 million school-aged children have irreversible lung damage.
Delhi has been dubbed the most polluted, unsanitary and bacterially unsafe place in the world.
India is a country filled with people from around the globe. They have chosen to live there for a variety of reasons, but those who live there with children and have the ability to leave India but choose not to are being called unethical.
Once a child’s lungs have been damaged, there is little to no chance of recovering the lost lung function, even after moving to a locale with better air quality. Loss of lung function during childhood typically precipitates other serious health issues, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, in adulthood. Combine all these health issues and the child of today who is exposed to the highly polluted air in India will likely die a premature death due to the diminished quality of health he or she will have throughout their lifetime.