Reviewing the Benefits of Joining Fabletics

Who said that exercising has to make you look all boring and gloomy? And who said that getting a sexy sports attire is not possible if you are on a budget? Well, if this was true, not anymore. Not since the inception of Fabletics.


Fabletics is a sports apparel line co-founded by Kate Hudson. They are a leading marketer for fashionable yet affordable sportswear, in several countries including Germany, Canada and France. If you would like to purchase sports attire from them or be a member but are not sure whether this would be a waste of your hard-earned money, here is a Fabletics review to help you make an informed decision.


How It Works

You can purchase from Fabletics on a one-time basis or can choose to be a member and acquire further benefits. Whether you are on the shop and go basis or would like to be a members, shopping on Fabletics starts with a quiz. The quiz is meant to get an idea of who you are and what you like. This aids in the customization of a variety of apparels to choose from. The next thing is to shop your heart out and check out.


There are two ways of checking out. One, you can checkout as a guest. Here you are encouraged to come shop some more whenever you like. The other option of checking out is as a VIP member. If you choose to check out as VIP members, you get extra benefits. Here is what being a Fabletics VIP member is like.


VIP Membership

As a VIP member, every time you shop, you save up to 50%. Also, you get loyalty points, each time you shop. This points can be redeemed for free Fabletics items. If you were to join Fabletics today, you will get a chance to purchase 2 leggings at $24 only. Bearing in mind that the legging are worth approximately $100, shopping for sports attire couldn’t get any better.


How VIP membership Works

As a VIP members, you are charged $49.99 every month, which can be used in shopping the attire of your choice. However, if you do not wish to shop in a particular month, no amount will be charged on your credit card, as long as you log into your account and click on “Skip the month”. If you skip, no extra fee will be charged. And, you can always cancel your membership without being penalized.