Doe Deere: An Entrepreneur With Vision

Doe Deere is an innovator in the world of fashion and cosmetics. She is most famously known as the mind behind Lime Crime Cosmetics. She founded this vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic company in 2008.

Lime Crime Cosmetics came about a time in which Deere was involved in a rock band and a fashion line. The cosmetics company was able to grow out of her fashion line. Doe Deere found that since she had to use herself as a model for her fashion line, people were more into her makeup looks. She was known for using vibrant, rarer colors and was surprised to find that so many were interesting in the same look.

Soon after, Lime Crime became a globally known brand. It is especially famous for its vibrant trends and using the best ingredients from around the world. What’s amazing about Lime Crime Cosmetics was that Doe Deere came into it without any industry connections at all. She was able to build it herself from the ground up. Lime Crime Cosmetics was sold after ten years of operation. Her husband was instrumental in the growth of Lime Crime and is also involved in Poppy Angeloff.

She founded Poppy Angeloff, which is a jewelry company focused on designing products that embrace a woman’s outer and inner beauty. These products are usually brightly colored and pay homage to Victorian heritage. Poppy Angeloff began just last year.

Before starting Poppy Angeloff, she took time to build up her knowledge on jewelry design and the history behind Victorian jewelry. She also sticks by the same core values as she did with Lime Crime. Doe Deere aims to build a community, just like she did with Lime Crime. She believes that everyone should be themselves. Doe Deere has experienced adversity in her life and understands the importance of community support. Poppy looks to be filled with the same passion that Deere instilled in Lime Crime.

JoJo Hedaya Is Tidying Up Your Inbox With Unroll.Me

Everyone has experienced a cluttered email client before, to put it lightly; the foundation of our expansive online experiences, everyone needs at least one and most have more than that. Free Wi-FI in airports and restaurants will often demand your email so they can advertise to you. When you subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the dozens of services that are commonplace, you’re bound to see your unread mail climb into the dozens, the hundreds; I’ve long since forgotten the day I hit a thousand. The junk mail can offer good sales at times, but sometimes it buries what’s really important.

This was the case with Jojo Hedaya and his partner, Josh Rosenwald. His emails sent to his business partner would go ignored, as he simply couldn’t find them under all the junk mail. They knew their had to be a better way to organize emails than the way clients and extensions offered. They created the most graceful, efficient mechanism for this purpose; the ‘Rollup.’ scans your email and collects all of your subscriptions into one well-organized, daily email, which is saved until the hour you want it sent to you. The magnificently simple system is a platinum, star quality in its field.

Unroll.Me was met with great reviews and high satisfaction among customers, with 100,000 subscribers at the time of a major redesign in 2013. Between 2013 and the next few years, subscriptions grew to account for 1.3 million ‘Rollers’, Jojo Hedaya’s nickname for subscribers to the service.

With all the success enjoyed by Unroll.Me, it’s no doubt that big names in the online marketplace have wanted to acquire the application. Slice, a recently purchased subsidiary of Rakuten has arranged to acquire Unroll.Me, marking the third US-based acquisition of Rakuten. While the details of the deal are private, it is known that Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald will be joining Slice and working for the company afterwards. Slice considers a valuable means to improve and streamline the experience for customers who patronize their e-shop, indicating the importance of the consumer experience in the online maretplace.

Louis Chenevert: Leadership and Innovation

Louis Chenevert is a prominent business person and a former senior executive in the aerospace industry. He is the former chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, UTC. He worked in these top positions for six years. His track record while working as the CEO makes him a prominent entrepreneur even in his retirement. He managed to lead this company at a very difficult time and never recorded losses. He took over the leadership in 2008 during the financial crisis and worked very hard to make this company successful. He saw the company’s share triple in such a short time.

Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal, Canada. He attended HEC Montreal School of Business where he graduated with a degree in production management. Using the skills and knowledge gathered in school, Chenevert joined General Motors and worked for 14 years as a production manager. He was in charge of super-fast production of vehicles in the factory. The production rate at the time stood at one car per minute.

Louis Chenevert later moved to the aerospace industry. In 1993, he joined Pratt & Whitney Canada before he was invited to join the main Pratt & Whitney in the United States. His record in this company includes reducing the production time of a jet engine from two years to nine months.

Louis Chenevert scored exemplary well in the fields of innovative technology and leadership. He is regarded as the best executive to have served UTC. Due to his contributions, it is almost impossible to talk about the success of UTC without mentioning something he did. He focused on the long-term success of the company, a factor that has made the company successful even after he retired.

One of the greatest contributions he made to this company was overseeing the development of the GTF engine. The company invested over $10 billion in the development of the engine. It has however earned the company a lot more since they started its production. Currently, the aerospace wing of UTC remains the ever consistently profitable business. The GTF engine is the most efficient in the global aerospace industry.

Quality Standards Is the Key Priority at OSI Group

OSI Group is a food company that deals with a wide range of food products. It manufactures, processes, packages and sell to other companies around the world who in return then sell to the final consumer. It has been in existence for more than 30 years now with a proven record of selling premier food products.

David McDonald, who is the OSI Industries Chairman and Chief Executive Officer puts it categorically that this company has been able to compete favorably because it values its customers. Other than providing what the customer is in need of in the market, it is fully committed to ensure quality standards are not compromised in the face of increased demand for its products and services. In addition to this, good customer service is an emphasized value at OSI Group.

The economy is fast changing and so has it also affected the food industry. Mr. McDonald has been innovative to sway with the tides, evolve as the international market evolves and develop effective business strategies. This has not been sole effort but teamwork has helped a great deal. This company has opened branches in many parts of the world which goes to show the amazing strides the company has made under the watch of this able leadership of McDonald. OSI Industries has just closed an expansion strategy where it bought Baho Foods, a Dutch Company. This makes the company rank among the top food processing company in the European market. Read this articles at

About OSI Group

This is a food processing company that supplies its products and services around the world. OSI Industries started out as a small company that desired to surpass the customers’ expectations in the market by offering food variety and efficient delivery with quality uncompromised. It growth has been realized thanks to being dynamic, innovative, quality products and most importantly being able to make good relationships with its stakeholders. OSI Group has been able to understand what the customer needs are in their diverse location, how their culture is and only provide them with what they want. This has been the most valuable asset as told by David McDonald. Sheldon Lavin has also been a key figure to OSI Group’s success and growth.


GreenSky Credit soars to more than $4 billion valuation

Back in 2006, serial entrepreneur David Zalik bet everything he had on the future of his new startup. Called GreenSky Credit, the company represented a completely untested model that Zalik hoped would revolutionize the way that point-of-sale lending happened for big-ticket items. In fact, the business was so unproven that Zalik had difficulty finding outside financing to help him launch his business. It was for this reason that he was forced to effectively reverse mortgage his entire $12 million commercial real estate fortune, which represented the fruits of his entire life’s work to that point.

But Zalik believed strongly in the business that he was creating. Today, that $12 million bet that would have put Zalik into the poor house had he lost it has fueled what is now a company valued at more than $4 billion. This incredible rise from a tiny startup that no one had heard of to the darling of the fintech industry has made Zalik a star. But more importantly, 12 years after its founding, GreenSky Credit has introduced a completely new lending model that has proven to be eminently viable. This is especially impressive given the dismal results that so many other fintech companies have experienced. GreenSky Credit is likely to become the model upon which fintech is based well into the future.



GreenSky Credit is more evolutionary than revolutionary

One of the things that someone might notice about Zalik and his company is that both are completely devoid of the pretention and pomp that often comes with technology startups. Nowhere throughout the GreenSky Credit headquarters will one find beer dispensers, foosball tables or any of the other excesses that have become an accepted part of tech culture. At the same time, Zalik himself has never sought to violently uproot the existing banking system, unlike many of his fintech competitors. Instead, Zalik’s vision has always been to compliment the existing infrastructure through efficiency-gaining technology, connecting borrowers with lenders and adding tremendous value in the process by pushing deals through that otherwise would never have materialized.

GreenSky Credit has proved that often the biggest successes result from building on a system rather than tearing it down.

Robert Deignan targets new technology challenges with a new company

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, LLC. A leading firm in the digital industry. Before founding ATS Digital he was the vice president of Is3 Inc., another digital company in the U.S. Earlier, he had founded his own company known as Fanlink. With experience he had gathered from this company, he was now ready to lead ATS Digital Services. ATS Digital Services was started in 2011.

ATS Digital Services is a culmination of all the work Robert Deignan has accomplished in the technology industry. With ATS, he has created a company that can resolve almost every possible solution to needs of the tech industry. Deignan is taking advantage of the technology revolution that is sweeping across the world. As technology grows, demand for customer support keeps on going up. He has now created a company which will be ready to help customers with almost every technical problem. From software to hardware problems, ATS Digital services is that firm that will have solutions for all problems. The company is simply a one-stop shop that can address all the needs of the people.

With the experience he had in the industry, he was able to create a company that will address the needs of the customers in the right manner. He was also able to employ a team of employees who he feels can carry out his dream of proving great services delivery.

ATS Digital Services has the right personnel who they will dispatch to do all the technical work. The services provided by the company are just a call away. Anytime you encounter a problem; you will find a solution by just calling them. They can offer remote services, or they can send an expert if the matter to be addressed is technical.

With the growth of the internet of things, almost every aspect of life will be affected by technology. The number of gadget that will be connecting to the internet will be billions. With such developments, the role of ATS Digital Services will still be needed. Robert Deignan has created a firm that he knows very well will grow rapidly as people look for solutions to the problems posed by new technology.