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Housecleaning in the Palm of Your Hand

Choosing a home cleaning service often defeats its own purpose. In the time it takes to research prices of companies, let alone perform background checks on individual freelancers, a customer could clean her entire house herself. In this new world of apps that will turn on house lights, unlock cars, and monitor pets while their human companions are away, it only makes sense that a home cleaning service is as far away as a click on a smart phone. Thanks to Handy Home Cleaning Service, this is a reality for millions of people who want to avoid the hassle of hiring a home cleaning service on their own.

Handy works as a home cleaning broker, just as Uber does in the transportation world. It handles the customers’ needs, as well as runs the background checks and farms out the work for thousands of contractors who choose their hours and their jobs. The customer fills out the information needed (number of bedrooms and bathrooms; number of hours needed; and desired date and time), and Handy gives them a quote. If there are any issues with the order, Handy offers 24/7 customer service to answer any concerns and address any problems.

It’s not just the customers Handy wants to please. Although hundreds of thousands have applied, Handy’s strict vetting system has allowed the company to only accept 3% of its applicants ( Once the workers are accepted, they are able to decide where and when they want to work and are given reportable income: a perk that is not often available to workers in the janitorial and maintenance freelance profession. This makes necessities like buying a car or a home or even having a credit card an option for these freelance workers.

Handy’s service is available in 30 cities in the United States, 2 cities in Canada, and 5 cities in the UK. They are expanding their home cleaning to other home services, from furniture assembly to plumbing. Their latest numbers have them booking over $1 million of work per week. With an app on tablets and smartphones, customers can immediately rate their experience with their services so that Handy can constantly improve its quality of customer service.

Handy is brainchild of two Harvard Business School graduates. In 2012, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua were roommates and merged their networking and entrepreneurial skills in order to create a start up company that would forever change the way people hire home cleaning services. (

The incredible speed of today’s world makes it difficult to accomplish all the necessary chores in life. Thanks to two entrepreneurs who have given the world Handy, getting the house cleaned before a last minute event has become as easy as downloading a song or ordering a pizza.

Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service to Improve Your Home

Sometimes a simple change is necessary in order to enhance your quality of life. Some people find that they need just need a clean house, but they don’t have time to perform chores as simple as cleaning their house. Today’s hectic lifestyle makes it difficult for many people to chores such as cleaning the bathtub or vacuuming. If you don’t have time to keep your home tidy and clean, you need to hire someone else to do it for you. You need to hire a home cleaning service.

There are many house cleaning companies out there but it’s imperative to take the time to look for a reliable service. It’s not difficult to find a decent house cleaning company or maid service, especially a company like Handy that offers good rates for top notch service. If you know of someone that uses a cleaning service, talk to them and find out if they will be willing to get you a referral. The Internet is a fabulous resource that can enable you to find a great company that offers quality cleaning service. A simple Internet search will certainly provide you with a large number of links to house cleaning services.

There are many cleaning companies and maid services that provide outstanding residential cleanings and a huge number of them have been around for many years and understand the importance of excellent cleaning service especially Handy. These companies always offer nothing but top notch cleaning service. They are quick, polite and efficient, and their cleaning professionals are also trustworthy. Most will clean, freshen up and sanitize bedrooms, kitchens, and the dreaded bathroom. They start by vacuuming, then they sweep, mop, dust, and even perform the task while you are away. Many professional cleaning companies offer a vast range of services, from simple cleaning to a through detailing of your home.

Oftentimes, you will discover that pricing is not an issue because many companies have extremely affordable rates. They even offer some type of a discount to new customers. The majority of cleaning companies make it a priority to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you hire a reputable company you will be pleasantly surprised when you see how appealing your house looks.

If you do not have the time or if you are not interested in doing your house cleaning, and simply want to spend your time in other activities, then get a cleaning service provider to help you. They will ask you questions about your home and cleaning task, evaluate your request, and then provide you with an estimate.

Handy is highly recommended home cleaning service provider. The company has highly trained and experienced cleaning professionals who go to clients’ homes to provide needed service. Their professionals are well screened and pass background checks before being allowed to go to provide services. Handy is a well established company, with a track record of providing superior service. Their professionals have all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies, which enable them to provide high-quality work.


Online dating is something that many do. Many feel that it’s a safer way to go about meeting someone good and genuine. It’s a good way to weed out the crazies(so to speak).

There are so many dating apps and sites out there, it’s hard to know which one will serve you and your needs the best. There is a new dating site called Skout. It’s being called the “next best thing” in online dating. Skout has helped lots of people find love, romance and friendship.

Before you go online and sign up on Skout, it’s best to know the right and wrong ways of creating an online profile. Here are some tips.


Reading is not something many do anymore. The closest you will get To someone reading these days is by text message. In keeping with this logic, let’s look at your online profile.

You need to keep it short and sweet. Do not write a book. Make sure your details are open and honest, but not too honest. You still have to protect yourself. Do not divulge any private information, even if the person asks you to.


Many people do this in hopes of finding “the one.” I’ve got news for you, there is no such thing as “the one.” There might be a guy or girl that is perfect for you, but he/she will never be the one.

Go into this with open heart and mind. Are you looking to settle down right away? No. Well, at least you shouldn’t be. Go out and have some fun. See who is out there.

You should never approach this with a “I have a set of standards” either. Standards are important, but so is meeting new people. Try not to close yourself off to certain people. The right person is not going to fit some mold. He/she will have a mixture of certain qualities you are looking for, but that is about it. The “one” is usually the person who you least expect it to be.


This kind of goes along with what I stated above. Have some fun. Loosen up. Go out on a few dates first. You will meet a variety of people on Skout. Often times, the person who has the best qualities physically is not the one. There are so many other things to factor in. Do not go into this “looking to get married.” I have seen many do this. They all end up getting disappointed. These people also come off as a bit desperate.


Online dating is not rocket science. There is no one right answer. Go with the flow. See what happens with your profile. You might be surprised at who ends up being interested in you. If you haven’t gone onto Skout yet, give it a try. You will be very impressed as to how good it really is.