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Joseph Bismark, an Inspirational Figure

I have recently read an article on the blog Bring On The Random. The article on this blog was about a refreshing businessman named Joseph Bismark. Bismark is a businessman who believes that spirituality and business combined make for positive results. He strongly believes that spirituality leads to a successful corporation. I have been convinced that Bismark’s unconventional methodology is effective with what he has done as a member of the board of directors at Qnet. 

Much of his unique mindset and expansive knowledge were gained while Bismark served as a monk in the Philippines. After studying as a monk Bismark was able to combine his spirituality with his business principles. When he applied this combination to the realm of business he found great success as the Managing Director of the QI Group and in founding his own company called Qnet. With his accomplishments Bismark has proved himself as both an intellect and a businessman.
Bismark is a prime example of a leader who is successful in leading in an unorthodox manner. He makes his employees’ happiness and satisfaction one of his top priorities, which I feel definitely sets him apart as a leader. He firmly believes that happy employees directly lead to success. 
Bismark’s talents reach far beyond the realms of spirituality and business. He is also an author, a motivational speaker, a yoga instructor, a martial artist and a philosopher. And despite only working for a single company he dedicates time to ensuring that others are aware of the benefits of combining spirituality with business. Unlike most people would assume, despite finding great success in the world of business Bismark retains his humility and continues to live a simple life such as he did when he turned his back to a life of luxury to become a monk. I have found Bismark to be a breathe of fresh air. He has produced the innovative new idea of combining spirituality and business, and he has proven with his own experiences that the combination truly does work. Overall, Bismark is an inspirational figure in both his spirituality and business practices.