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Breach Of Contract Case Brought By Bruce Levenson

Dealing with an insurance company can be difficult at any time, but for the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson, a year long battle to settle a claim has finally led to papers being filed against AIG. The New Hampshire based insurance company has been at the center of a dispute with Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment consortium relating to the mutual termination of the $18 million contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry; the former professional player signed his six year contract in 2012 before terminating the the contract days before the June 2015 sale of the NBA franchise to Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler’s consortium.

The legal team acting on behalf of Bruce Levenson and his consortium partners explains in its papers that the insurance company had been negotiating over a constructive dismissal claim to be made relating to Danny ferry before the sale of the Hawks took place, but has not communicated with the consortium since. Bruce Levenson is claiming the insurance giant has failed in its requirements laid down in the contract it is stated to have breached and stands accused of bad insurance faith by Levenson’s lawyers.

Bruce Levenson has not been licking his wounds over the insurance claim and has instead been continuing both his business and philanthropic work alongside wife, Karen, and business partner, Ed Peskowitz. Levenson has used his skills to continue to develop the UCG ( brand that began life in a storage room in the 1970s, and has continued to work in other areas of his business world including the popular GasBuddy app.

In terms of the philanthropic work completed by Bruce Levenson a focus has been placed on bringing the next generation of philanthropists and not for profit leaders to the world; both Bruce and Karen Levenson have provided funding and raised funds for programs in nonprofit leadership established at the University of Maryland.


Lime Crime provides sublime beauty solutions.

Makeup has transcended the basic cosmetics and cover ups of decades past. Now, makeup is a hobby, a lifestyle, and a bold presentation of personality and creativity. While there are several tutorials available for delving into transformations of contouring and color, the greatest skills still require the greatest products.

Lime Crime strives to be more than just makeup – these products are created with a zest for expression and a fervor for inspiration. Lime Crime is comprised of a group of makeup loving, passion following Los Angeleans, headed by a CEO who followed her dreams in order to present you with the tools you need to turn your wildest makeup visions into a reality. What sets Lime Crime apart from other makeup companies? Cruelty-free, vegan products lovingly created to break past the conventions of standard beauty products. With a line of products reaching from eyeshadow to lipstick, nail polish to glitter and beyond, any wistful wishes for makeup that can keep up with your imagination can be fulfilled!

Lime Crime’s best known product, the Velvetine lipstick, provides unmatched matte coverage in a variety of colors. While you will find a medley of reds and pinks, the Velvetine will also satisfy your need for a glamorous gray, outrageous orange or luscious lavender. Mix and match colors to create beautiful ombre lips, striking designs or the base for a fabulous glitter look. Speaking of glitter, choose a Carousel Gloss for a candy coat shine that packs the deeply pigmented, sparkle saturated finish you’ve been searching for. Looking for a more versatile shimmer? Grab one of the dozen Zodiac glitter colors available and perfect your eyes, lips, body, nails and more. Pair with Lime Crime’s innovative Glitter Helper adhesive, and the multi-dimensional shine in electrifying hues will delight your eyes and present new inspirations for glitter applications.
Every makeup collection needs that perfect eyeliner, easy to apply and fierce to behold. The Lime Crime eyeliner will quickly become your new favorite, especially when offered in a range of hues including citreuse, orchid and the classic black. If you’re searching for more classics, Lime Crime provides eight hyper-pigmented shades of eyeshadow in a palette worthy to create any makeup masterpiece you desire. Enclosed in a kitschy cute mirrored box, the Venus: Grunge Palette features a gorgeous array of not-your-typical-nudes that will quickly take center stage on your vanity and makeup routine.

If you’re ready to see your daring dreams come to fruition, choose the beauty company that was born in daydreams and produced through passion. Lime Crime is available online at, or in several partner stores, including Urban Outfitters, Dollskill and more!

North American Spine Continues To Grow

The North American Spine is a wonderful provider of the AccuraScope procedure. This procedure helps patients that suffer from chronic back or neck pain. The exceptionally exciting thing is theta it does not involve the patient to have to go through s major surgery. This is great news for patients and potential patients. The AccuraScope procedure is to help patient relieve their neck or back pain in hopes theta they may life a better and more fuller life.

Recently, North American Spine was featured on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas. Host Carrie McClure of WFAA spoke with Dr. Basem as he explained the techniques that are used by North American Spine. Dr. Basem discussed how every patients pain is different that is why it crucial to make sure the patient is thoroughly evaluated. For most patients that receive the AccuraScope they walk out immediately feeling relief.

The North American Spine is highly recommended for people who have tissue related problems instead of bones related problems. This is because it works better on tissue related issues than bones issues. They have a success rate of 82 percent which is an outstanding accomplishment. This procedure is only performed by board certified physicians that have had special training.