Lime Crime, The Groundbreaking Cosmetics Company

Lime Crime is a progressive cosmetics company that was created by inventive founder and CEO, Doe Deere. Lime Crime and Ms. Deere are innovative because the principles on which this company was founded are based on the importance of the cosmetics that are manufactured by this company to not only cover up facial imperfections, but to also allow the wearer to convey their unique personalities through the utilization of these special cosmetics. The ability of the wearer to display their individuality by wearing these extraordinary cosmetics was Ms. Deere’s profound idea, and that came about due to her desire to express her own personality using makeup application techniques coupled with the use of vivid, unusual colors that aren’t the typical subdued colors.

The origin of Lime Crime was initially a website where Doe Deere demonstrated physically transformational makeup application techniques. Ms. Deere had proven herself to be an expert in all things that are associated with cosmetics, and that expertise garnered her a large following of makeup enthusiasts and devotees. In time, Ms. Deere realized she could have a lucrative business if she manufactured her own cosmetic products in her own tints and also demonstrated those cosmetic products using her famous application techniques on her Lime Crime website, hence, the Lime Crime cosmetics company was born. The Lime Crime website, which is also the online cosmetic store is very colorful and has an ethereal quality about it, and at the same time is very user-friendly and informative.

The cosmetic hues and tones encompass the color palette and the makeup products are groundbreaking, such as the Velvetine liquid-to-matte lipsticks. The liquid-to-matte idea is clever for effortless and flawless application of lipstick. There is the set of eye-shadows called Venus: The Grunge Palette, which consists of eight different eye-shadow shades that are actually the colors of traditional lipsticks. As shown on the website models, these colors are different as eye-shadows, but they are effective in creating the smoky-eyed look. There are also two vibrantly tinted lipstick lines titled Unicorn and Carousel Gloss. Additionally, there are brightly tinted eye liners, jewel toned Zodiac Glitter, and pastel hued nail polishes. To top off the overall marketing and presentation of these glorious cosmetics, they are packaged when they are sent to Lime Crime customers in elegant, girlish and royal-purple colored boxes with an embossed silver unicorn bearing the company name, Lime Crime, on the outside. It is truly impressive and unforgettable.