Success Academy Takes Education To New Heights

Success Academy, a charter school network operating out of New York City, has been making a tremendous impact on the development of its students. The schools are available in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx areas. Success Academy is the largest and highest performing public charter school network in the United States. Impressively, the schools remain free for those admitted. Operating forty-six schools with over fifteen-thousand students in attendance, Success Academy has an enormous web of passionate educators available and proven results to boot.

Success Academy has their own code of ethics, referred to as ‘Action Values.’ ‘Action’ is an acronym translating to Agency, Curiosity, ‘Try & Try,’ Integrity, Others, and No Shortcuts respectively. These values are the foundation on which Success Academy builds its devotion for the youth of the New York area. Founder Eva Moskowitz has lived these values for years; Moskowitz is a former teacher, college professor, and public school parent. This expertise has translated into huge success and intuitive insight for Success Academy.

This style of operation has tangible results as well. Success Academy is in the top one percent for their math program, two percent for their English program, and five percent for Science. Their robust educational programs have made a huge difference for students with unique needs as well. English language learners have made enormous strides in their Math program, with an incredible ninety percent pass rate. Equally impressive, the same group boasts a sixty percent pass rate in English as well. Special needs students have found similar success, with a seventy-nine percent pass rate in Math and fifty-two percent in English. It’s accomplishments like these that have led to Success Academies enormous popularity in the New York area. The charter schools are so popular, in fact, that admissions have to be held by a random poll each April. Success Academy is a tremendous opportunity for students of all walks and is an excellent choice for any potential students in New York City.