Southridge Capital: Cyrptocurrencies and the Digital Market

Pretty much everyone has heard about cryptocurrencies. Most know that they do have a geeky reputation and that many are confused by the technology to say the least. However, there are organizations that realize the importance of cryptocurrencies such as banks and governments. A U.S Senator by the name of Thomas Carper stated that virtual currencies are the most well-known Bitcoin that has not only created imagination but also has placed fear and confusion in many.


According to Newswire, it can be very difficult these days to discover a major accounting firm, bank, well-known software company or government that has no intentions in getting into cryptocurrencies let alone being apart of their own personal blockchain project. For years, the media coverage has created a hype when it came to the digital currencies, but there are still many questions that remain and go unanswered.


Cryptocurrencies hit the market very unexpectedly as a sidekick product that was from another invention. Bitcoin’s inventor and founder, Satoshi Nakamoto says this is a decentralized digital type of cash system that involves a large network of peers. Each would have a record and a full history of many transactions and even the balance on every account. Once all of that is confirmed and locked in it immediately becomes a digital record and what is called a block chain. You can visit for more.



When it comes to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the digital standard that is used. It’s volume is well over 200,000 transactions in a single day. No matter if the market is volatile, this new digital currency will certainly change the world and is here to stay. It’s rise and popularity was been seen when several institutions begin implementing Bitcoin into their organizations. Some of the biggest banks out there such a Citibank, Desutsche bank, Barclays and more. Southridge Capital has made it clear they are highly aware of cryptocurrency and has offered to assist in their public debut by providing them with advice. Southridge has an executive team with strong skills and a firm understanding of the marketplace when it comes to executing financial plans.



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