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Understanding Enzymes with Markus Rothkranz

Should You Take Enzymes?
You want to know if taking enzymes is going to help you? There can certainly be a lot of questions about what enzymes might help you with. Do you want to know if they will help you lose weight? Will they help you improve digestion? Will they help you build muscle?

A Reliable Source of Information
Those are excellent questions, and ones that someone who has done thorough research should answer. Enter Markus Rothkranz. A leader in the health arena, documentary creator of “Free Food and Medicine” and YouTube star. He has ample experience in the health field and uses his continuous YouTube videos to answer our questions. Which he does in a no-nonsense, informative way.

About Enzymes
In this short video: Markus explains not only what enzymes are, but how they work in your body. He also addresses the crucial factors behind how and if they will work for you. He doesn’t sugar coat the facts which is vital when it comes to your health. The truth is, if you are eating processed food, you are eating toxins. Your body cannot become healthy by taking something, there is no magic pill. You have to stop eating the processed food-like products and eat as nature intended. Once you do this, you can look at the products that can make your body its healthiest. In this body he explains why:

• Enzymes won’t help you lose weight.
• Enzymes won’t harm your body if you are eating a healthy diet.
• Enzymes are best utilized by those building muscle.
• Enzymes cannot improve your diet, you have to do that.

You can find out this, and more by watching Markus’ videos. Learning what is actually good for our health and not can be a challenge and his videos are an invaluable resource in this endeavor. If you are looking to understand when enzymes are helpful and when they are not, check out the video linked above. Take one more step towards better health, and a happier you.


Sergio Cortes is 47-year-old health state secretary in the state of Rio De Janeiro.He is the man charged with ensuring health matters in the state are well-taken care off. He is a very busy man but has earned a reputation for efficiency. He was recently admitted to the hospital after being involved in a fire accident. He received a minor cut on his leg and had inhaled too much smoke. He has since made a significant recovery and was recently spotted opening the Dengue Hydration Center at Xerem, Duque de Caxias, which will help flood victims. The center has 12 chairs and can serve up to 300 people in a day. He also opened a garbage management center while there. All these initiatives have seen him deliver 1000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite and 3000 tablets of antibiotics. These are part of measures the city is taking to protect itself.
Sergio Cortes also regularly posts advice on medical problems online. He in a recent article advised on medical back problems. It has been a significant issue in the state, and such complaints hurt the victims a lot. He encourages victims to ensure proper sitting and walking posture. Exercises can help one regain a healthy sitting position. Activities like walking, cycling, swimming and yoga are good for the body. Poor posture can cause neck stiffness, sciatica pain, and herniated disc. All these are a much larger problem of a serious issue.
Sergio has always advised on proactive measures to protect your life. He in his recent article be cried the alarming statistics on obesity in Brazil. The country is currently fighting a losing battle on overweight and obese people.17% of the country is obese and a staggering 50% are overweight. All this is due to poor lifestyle choices that he discourages. His state has the second highest the in Brazil, and it’s his mandate to teach people to make good decisions. On weight, he was recently featured in an article where he explored the many ways one can cut weight without starving oneself.
He urges his fellow citizens to eat a full breakfast with all the nutrients. It is the most important meal of the day since it will provide fuel for the whole day. He advises against beverages like Coffee, which is highly abused in Brazil.

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A Healthy Lifestyle Aids Joseph Bismark In Business


The managing director of the QI Group, Joseph Bismark has revealed to asPire Magazine the secrets to his impressive business life and the ease with which he lives his personal life, as reported by Yahoo News. Joseph Bismark has been an important part of the QI Group for a number of years and has been in his current role since 2008, a period which has seen the QI Group embark on an impressive period of environmentally conscious products and decisions.

The life of Joseph Bismark has always seen the businessperson embark on a period of contemplation that originally led him to study at a monastery in the Philippines. Bismark has also embarked on a large number of decisions that have affected both his business and personal life. In business, Bismark is well known for being one of the most popular employers in the world, encouraging those in his employ to achieve their best. This has led the Singapore based businessperson to encourage all those around him to have respect for others and aim to be the best people they can on a daily basis.

Outside of his business life, Joseph Bismark informed Business Wire that he has looked to combine his spiritual life with his everyday practices and exercise regime. An avid cyclist, Bismark has incorporated technology into his daily rides by using an app on his mobile devices to track the length and speed of his rides. This move towards technology has also taken place in his daily meditation and contemplation with the use of the Soundcloud app to upload his favorite mantras for his own use and for the use of others. Sharing his favorite mantras with others is part of the service Joseph Bismark undertakes for others and includes his decision to train to become a teacher at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark has embarked on a period of training and now teaches yoga on a regular basis, which allows him to also work with other teachers to continue learning new techniques.

The spiritual side of life has always been important to Joseph Bismark and allows him to make sure his life remains balanced between business success and personal happiness. The chance to continue to teach the processes of yoga and meditation are amongst the most important aspects of his life, which influences both his personal life and career.

Get A Procedure That Can Change Your Back

Thousands of people each and every year search for relief from their back pain. Back pain can be brought on because of many different reasons, and it can come in many different forms. There are many individuals that have suffered from things such as injuries, accidents, and other issues that have caused them to have severe back pain. There are still other individuals that just suffer back pain because of problems with their genetics and issues with their posture. Whatever the reason may be, for those individuals that suffer with back pain, it can be devastating and it can completely and totally take over their lives.

Research has proven that more people are hospitalized for back pain than any other issue apart from pregnancy. Since that is the case, there are many people that are looking for the best possible way to be able to get relief from their back pain. These are individuals that may have been offered many different treatments, but not all treatments are created equal. There are many different clinics that have been created in order to help those individuals that are suffering from back pain. These clinics may offer things such as surgeries, and therapies to help a person to get their back in order. Unfortunately not all clinics are created equal, and there have been many individuals that have gone to these clinics and not seen much results.

Yelp users are saying North American Spine is a revolutionary back clinic that offers an Acurascope procedure. This procedure is unlike any other back procedure that is performed in the United States. With the Acurascope procedure there is a very small incision that is made in an individuals back, and the small scope goes directly to the area of pain to alleviate back pain right away. After the small procedure is finished, then the individual can actually leave the clinic and walk out with relief that very same day.

In reality the Acurascope procedure offers individuals something that no other back clinic can offer. It offers them a noninvasive procedure that can actually help them live a normal life after back pain. Every year hundreds of people come from all around the United States and even beyond in order to get relief from their back pain. The North American Spine clinic is one of a kind, because it helps individuals get their life back after back pain or back injuries.

My Daughter And I Care For Our Dog By Feeding Him Beneful

My daughter desperately wanted a dog of her own, and I was skeptical about giving her one. My daughter is only 10 years old, but she swore that she would be able to take care of the dog just fine. I had a dog in the past, but it was before I had a child, and it had been years since I took care of any dogs. We did have a pet bird, and it was a big concern for me to have a dog around the house with a bird in there. I got some advice from friends and family members before choosing to get a dog.

I decided that I would keep the bird in its cage, and if I ever took the bird out, then I would have to put the dog outside. I went ahead and purchased a dog that wasn’t too big, and I knew it was a family friendly dog. I got a great dog, and my daughter absolutely fell in love with him. We named the dog Rex, and I told her that it would be her responsibility to care for the dog’s needs. I showed her how she would have to care for the dog.

The first thing I had to show her is how to feed the dog. I made sure to pick up some dog food before we got home, and I wasn’t certain which food would be the best for the dog. I picked up two name brand foods, and one of the foods was Beneful. I decided I would let the dog eat both foods throughout the week, and then we would be able to decipher which dog food he liked the best. Whichever food the dog ate the most is the food that I would purchase from then on.

I told my daughter that the dog would have to be bathed at least once every few days, but once a week at the very least. I also told her that if the dog’s paws are ever dirty from marching around the yard, she would have to clean them. I knew that this was a lot of work for 10-year-old, but she insisted on learning everything about caring for her dog. When it came time to groom the dog, we would take him to a groomer because I didn’t trust her to cut the dog’s fur.

The end of the first week came, and I noticed that the dog was eating a lot more of the Beneful than the other brand of food. I tested both foods out by putting a bowl of each food in front of the dog every day, and he always ended up eating all of the Beneful, but he only picked at the other food. It wasn’t a hard decision to choose to buy Beneful again because it’s obvious that the dog liked it more. Getting a dog has helped me to learn how to care for a pet again as well as teaching my daughter to care for a pet too.

Is Fast Food Killing Good Bacteria?

New research says the answer is yes. We’re talking about the good bacteria that lives in your gut. It turns out most bacteria actually serves a good purpose, and this includes the thousands of varieties that should be living in your gut. Research conducted by Tim Spector, genetic epidemiology professor at King’s College London, has revealed that the highly processed ingredients in fast food can kill off the good bacteria. The variety of bacteria in the human body helps to aid in digestion, so less bacteria can lead to digestive problems.

In the soon to be released book “The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat” Dr. Spector presents his findings with a focus on how a diverse diet fosters healthy microbes in the human body. Dr. Spector’s research also shows a link between the changes in bacteria, caused by fast food, and obesity. But don’t give up hope just yet says Dr. Jennifer Walden, as foods like dark chocolate, garlic, coffee and Belgian beer can help to build up good bacteria.

Summer Health Tips for Your Skin

Summer is quickly approaching and you’re looking forward to all those hot summer days of volleyball and baking in the sun. You’ve heard the rumors about skin cancer, but you may be forgetting something the next time you spend a day out in the sun. It’s called your health, and without paying it any attention during the hazardous summer you could be setting yourself up to get skin cancer warns dermatologist Ray Lane (more at AquionEnergy).

Currently 1 in 5 Americans are predicted to get skin cancer over the course of their lives, and this belief is supported by the same common issues in the UK. An unheard of 72% of citizens have been sunburned in the UK and don’t perform the recommended monthly checks for skin cancer. You may think that a sunburn is no big deal, but to the contrary.

More than 2 million people within the US are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. Why not take some simple steps to protect yourself this summer? There’s a plethora of options out there for everyone. First and foremost, limit your exposure to the sun, especially in the midmorning hours to mid-afternoon. If you are relaxing by the pool during those times, use an umbrella for shade. Apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns. That should be a given at this point. Lastly, avoid tanning and tanning beds. While this can give you an attractive skin tone, it can also give you a large chance of getting skin cancer.

So before you waltz out into the sun, be aware of the potential risks those intense summer days pose. After all, it’s all fun and games until it happens to you.

Facebook, Privacy and Rare Illness

Everything posted online could one day become subject to public scrutiny. Yet, people still post personal details daily because social networks like Facebook market to them to do so because those networks make money off of selling ads based on user content and behavior.

Although Facebook promotes its privacy measures, such as custom audience and Closed and Secret group options, it does not actually protect users in any way. Beyond rampant “accidental” privacy switches that randomly turn private posts into public ones, information posted in Closed and Secret groups can be easily recorded by anyone who is a member of those groups.

Facebook is under scrutiny in several countries for its tracking practices. Now, users are demanding that it be taken to task for its failure to protect people who use groups.

Why is this important?

Sam Tabar knows that many people with rare illnesses have no access to support groups except through social networks. Facebook has benefited from being promoted in the news as a provider of a communication platform for people who need group-oriented support for mental or physical health issues. Yet, any private group member can abuse the site to gather health data about group members, including journalists, doctors, insurance carriers, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, et cetera. In an offline covered entity group setting, this type of trust breach would fall under HIPAA. Online, users are told it is their fault for opening up about themselves.

Health and Wellness

Against better judgement, pediatricians continue to honor parents request to put off immunization shots for their children. 70% of all doctors agree that delaying the vaccines put children at risk, especially in the wake of recent measles outbreaks.

Based upon recent studies, it is believed that more and more parents are concerned that immunizing their children will increase their child’s risk of developing autism.
The average pediatric visit consists of a pressure filled, time limited encounter at which the pediatrician tries to persuade parents to immunize their child, all the while convincing parents of the safety and importance of vaccinations.

Some pediatricians usually dismiss such families from receiving their services. However, The American Academy of Pediatricians disagrees with this practice. According to Susan McGalla, they feel dismissing the families puts the children at even greater risks of receiving poor medical care. Read what the American Pediatric Association has to say about the safety of receiving vaccinations [ here].

People usually see their doctors as advisers and authority figures, so it is important that they do not give up on these parents and continue reminding them about the importance of immunizing their children.

Infograph With Pictures And Information, Released From North American Spine

Everyone knows that if you’re not informed about something, you should learn from someone who is. When it comes to spine, neck, and back pain, North American Spine is very well informed. PR Newswire reports that North American Spine has released an infograph, detailing how to have proper posture. The infograph is several pages long, and shows pictures, as well as information about how to have proper posture. Not only is proper posture pointed out, but readers will learn the negative effects of poor posture, and how to detect if you currently have poor posture.

The infograph is one of the many ways that North American Spine is helping those who currently have back and neck pain. Poor posture can cause pain in the neck and back, and many may experience insomnia, as well as headaches. The infograph is a great tool to use, in order to learn how to correct your posture, and avoid certain pains. North American Spine performs the AccuraScope procedure, which is a highly recommended procedure to help minimize or permanently relieve, neck, and back pain.

The procedure can take as little as under 45 minutes, with a high success rate of over 82%. Most will feel permanent pain relief, or at the very least, minimal pain after having the procedure. North American Spine has seen over 8000 patients, and many of them are satisfied with the work performed by the treatment centers, in an effort to relieve their pain. North American Spine recently celebrated its sixth year in helping to relieve their patient’s pain.

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