Educate Children

Rocketship Education Is Opening A New Location To Educate Children In Antioch

Rocketship Education has plans to build a new school where the Antioch bureau building is located. The old newspaper office will be torn down to make way for the 19th school in the Rocketship network. The school focuses on educating children living in the poor neighborhoods. Since the more depressed areas have less revenue for property taxes it has an affect on the funding received for education. This has resulted in poor math and English scores for the state standards from the students attending public school.

Rocketship Education has a lot of support for the improvements they have made in their students test scores but there are concerns over their new proposed location due to a high crime rate in the area. The City Council had three cameras installed at the intersection for surveillance due to the concerns of the Police Chief. Although there are apartments in the area there are also motels and a liquor store.

Rocketship Education was aware of the situation before purchasing the building but feels they can ensure the safety of their students. They plan on constructing a fence around the campus with a gate where visitors will be required to be buzzed inside. All parents will have to show identification before they will be allowed to pick up their children. Motion detectors will be installed in all rooms with windows and connected to an alarm system. Rocketship Education believes not only can they prevent burglaries but that they can help improve the neighborhood. The new school is expected to encompass 24,356 square feet.

Rocketship Education is planning in having a playground to replace the current warehouse for the newspaper. The school will feature large windows, bright skylights, and the planting of dozens of trees. Although any students living in the Antioch Unified School District will be given priority for enrollment, students do not have to be a resident to attend the school. Applications are expected to be accepted the beginning of November and attendees will be decided by a lottery in March. The newspaper will be relocating to a smaller building in the Lone Tree Way office park.