Educational App

ClassDojo is an Educational Application Designed to Improve Connections Between Students, Parents and Teachers

ClassDojo is a revolutionary new program designed to connect educators with students and parents. This program is a user-friendly application that can function across a variety of platforms including mobile phones. The objective behind the design of the app was to allow more interaction between teachers, students and parents through the sharing of photos and messages. The ClassDojo application can even be used to share videos of real-time events taking place within the classroom. It is also designed to make faster connections via computer systems, tablets and cell phones, so parents can become part of the classroom experience.

ClassDojo is also a behavior modification tool that allows teachers to provide students with positive feedback to help make them have a more positive outlook toward learning. This application utilizes a variety of avatars and icons that encourage children of all ages to engage in active classroom participation and to feel good about any contributions they might make. Teachers can create customized feedback to provide students with awards for any type of activity including cleaning the chalkboard. The ClassDojo app teaches children how to have a positive growth mindset as well as how to show empathy toward others.

ClassDojo is an application designed to make a difference in the way classrooms are conducted. Not only does it help teachers build more positive connections between students, it also helps them build more positive connections with parents. More than 90 percent of schools with grades K through 8 are now taking advantage of this application to develop a better connection with more empathy toward fellow students. ClassDojo is now used in more than 180 countries and is available in 35 languages including English. Many of the people involved in the development of this application had backgrounds in teaching, which gave the company the insight needed to create an app that would make a difference.