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The EOS Crystal: An Earth-Friendly Beauty Product That Really Works

EOS (evolution of smooth) is launching a new line of lip balms this August and those with dry lips as well as animal lovers everywhere are rejoicing, refer also to usmagazine.com.

The new EOS Crystal balms come in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid flavors. The slightly less rounded pods are comfortable to hold and easily fit in any bag or space. EOS Crystals can be purchased for $4.99 in stores or on the popular brand’s website. Read this fantastic review.

EOS Crystals are definitely worth the price! These balms pack five natural oils in the formula that are sure to nourish and heal even the most severe chapped lips. Best of all, EOS Crystals can do all of this without any type of wax, making them a vegan beauty product. (They got the “crystal” name based on the balms’ clear appearance rather than the off-white of the classic balms from the wax.)

EOS has always been known to deliver high quality, natural products, but these balms take these values to a new level since they look out for the well-being of Earth’s bees. These new lip balms prove that it is definitely possible to combine cute packaging, environmental consciousness, great flavors and effectiveness into one great product. The EOS Crystal is sure to have a bright future.

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