Wonderful Waiakea Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the fastest growing bottled water companies in the world. It made its way to the top 500 out of 5000 fastest growing companies in America. Waiakea bottled water sales have rapidly increased in a few short years. They have recorded a growth of over 1000% from 2014 to 2016. They will be recognized for having the best water available on the market at the 2017 Inc. 5000 Conference that will take place on Oct 10th. Ryan Emmons is the founder and CEO of Wiakea, and is pleased to have made it this far in the industry. It is proven that the fastest growing water bottled company, Waiakea, can still thrive in the market today while holding its high moral value and establishing an environmental friendly business.

The company was founded in 2012 as the primary volcanic water brand in Hawaii. The water is naturally healthy because of its alkaline benefits. The body of water is found with a plentiful pond of highly nutrient-rich aqua that is nestled in the Hawaiian rainforest. Its abundant sources are fed by the snow melt and rain. It’s located on the active Mauna Loa volcano peak which filters the water through the porous lava that enriches the water with nutrients and minerals. The delicious tasting water has been recognized globally for its newest introduction to the market. Waiakea has continued to make severe strides in the water market and continues to provide ways to enhance their water. They have won many different awards such as the Best Biz Award, Best In Show, The finalist and the #2 Leading Bottled Water Brands 2016 globally.

Aside from their prestigious awards and their healthy, naturally sustained bottled water, they take great pride in working with less fortunate countries that don’t have access to clean water. They have partnered with Pump Aid, which is a company that supplies water pumps, to provide water for parts of Africa that don’t have access to healthy, clean water. With their constant efforts and donations, they have been able to supply over 1.35 million people in Africa with clean drinking water.

The Amazing Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Sleep is a very important pat of a person’s life but everyone is always so busy that most people do not get enough sleep. People who deprive their selves from sleep can have consequences both in health and appearance. Sleep apnea is more serious than people think but many people do not want to get it checked out. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a sleep apnea specialist and he provides the best and most effective sleep apnea treatment by using dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel had prioritized his mission to help patients with sleep apnea. That is what he is truly passionate about and he takes it very seriously.

Dr. Weisfogel went to school at Rutgers University and from the very beginning, he was a very determined person and achiever in anything he set out to do in his life. He is just such a dedicated person and always was. He also attended New York University, where he received his credential for Doctor of Dental Surgery. Dr. Weisfogel, then started his own dental practice and it was called Old Bridge Dental Care. He faced many challenges when he started trying to help patients struggling with sleep disorder. He had to start traveling everywhere because his dream was to find a world wide fix to sleep apnea.

Everything started coming into play for Dr. Weisfogel when he founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. He then, invested in his plans by launching the Dental Sleep Master’s Program. The point of this program was to make sleep appliances to help people suffering from sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel puts a lot of time and effort into reaching his goal to cure sleep apnea. He works 12 hour days or more and that just shows how dedicated he really is to this. He has been in the medical practice field for more than two decades. He is very experienced and so good at his job. He is also a great man who donates a large amount of his earnings to charity. This is why many people admire him and stay by his side through all his accomplishments. Everyone believes in him!

Norman Pattiz Launches New Modern Features at PodcastOne

Norman J. Pattiz is an American broadcasting mogul popularly known for having founded Westwood One. Born in 1993, Mr. Pattiz has seen the American broadcasting industry grow, where he has also been an avid contributor to the tremendous success. For his commitment to the industry, Norman launched Launchpad in October 2012, which later became PodcastOne. Recently, the founder of PodcastOne and husband to Mary Turner dropped a bolt from the blue when he announced his introduction of new PodcastOne 360-degree videos and interactive functions. It is a mobile software program that gives new ways for their listeners as they catch up with the experts behind the microphones. The technology incorporates the audience because they freely connect with their hosts.



Some Unique Features of the Launched App



To begin with, this app is freely accessible on Google Play Store and allows people watch, listen, and participate in a broad range of programs. With that app on your phone, you will enjoy so many benefits like accessing fascinating pieces of writing and photos that you can never get from any other source (http://inspirery.com/norman-pattiz/). That application is designed in such a way that it also allows listeners to send personal texts to each other. To attract many people, they incorporated a reward system to their mobile software program. This system counts points for active participators so that they can redeem them for bonus services and features. Again, they can leave the earnings to accumulate to the level of winning them free virtual-reality shows, discounts on products, or other special material.



Meanwhile This App; the Talk of the Day



Mandt VR fixed the refined up to date equipment in each of PodcastOne’s major recording studios. Even when show hosts are out of studio, they can still record VR footages with their mobile apps. By partnering with Mandt, Norman gave his beast considering that they are leading in virtual video production mixed, and enhanced reality formats. So far, they have successfully recorded more than 1,000 recordings, which is a significant milestone.



Facts Concerning Norman Pattiz



It is unarguable that Norman Pattiz is a darling of many people’s ears. His devotion to broadcasting is unmatched, and his competence unrivaled. It’s incredible how Pattiz keeps innovating new technologies, making America’s media fabulous. To date, even if he has to oversee his Beverly Hills company, he often dedicates time for the Pacific Council on International Relations. It is true to say that much of the success experienced behind the screens is attributable to this Jewish businessman’s great mind.




Investor George Soros was born in Hungary in August 1930. Billionaire George is also the founder of Soros Fund Management which prides itself with assets worth $30 billion. This year, Soros hired one of Wall Street’s most prominent women Dawn Fitzpatrick as the chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management. According to a post on Forbes, George Soros fled Hungary and went to London to pursue Economics at the London School of Economics. While here, Soros worked as a railway porter and waiter prior to working with a bank in the finance department. Soros would later relocate to New York to establish his hedge fund in 1969 that was later rebranded the Quantum Fund. Later in 1992, Soros together with Druckenmiller made history when they shorted the British pound and made away with huge profits. This earned Soros the title, “the man who broke the bank of England”.

Soro’s father Teodoro Schwartz, an Orthodox Jew who had to change his surname from Schwartz to Soros so as to conceal his identity and that of his family in order to survive Nazism. He then divided his family members to reduce the chances of them being killed together and had George given a Christian name since Jews were being transported to death camps. This is how George survived according to a post on Klamath Basin Crisis. According to a post on www.politico.com, 85 years old George Soros is on the rise again in politics. George donated more than $25 million in support of Hilary Clinton whom they have been friends with for over 25 years together with other Democratic candidates. He had done this after engaging in risky currency trades that earned him approximately $24.9 billion. He also donated to End Citizen United which supported candidates pledging to push campaign reforms. Together with his son Jonathan Soros, they both donated to Every Voice.

Soros has been vocal in both politics and also social affairs. Apart from investing heavily in politics, Soros is also a philanthropist and has given funds in support of various causes. He has been donating his funds to non-profit international organizations for the last thirty years. His funding goes to institutions that focus on protecting human rights and promoting democracy in Eastern Europe and health and education services in the United States and other places in the world. However, Soros has since reduced his donations for political causes and aims to concentrate more on his philanthropic works.He has supported other causes and played crucial roles in regards to electoral battles, improvement of infrastructure and also combating climate change. George has also been at the forefront giving ideas on how best the country fight terrorism.

Leadership of Rick Smith Providing Innovative Tech Solutions to Correction Agencies

On June 23, 2008, Rick Smith was announced the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, one of the leading communication providers in the corrections industry. Before he began his tenure at Securus, Rick Smith was the President of Eschelon Telecom Inc., a company he had served since 1998. He held various positions including Chief Operating Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer. While serving at Eschelon, the firm recorded massive growth in its revenue and was able to deliver a successful initial public offering in 2005. Prior to joining Eschelon, Rick Smith served at Frontier Corp from 1972 to 1998. Today, this company is called Global Crossing. He served in different departments including accounting, finance, Information Technology, operations and business development. He held various responsibilities such as Chief Information Officer and the Head of Frontier Communications.

Rick’s Work at Securus Technologies

Since Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008, he has helped it achieve massive success because of his wealth of experience, skills and expertise. Securus is recognized for providing a wide range of technological solutions to the correctional institutions for the purpose of enhancing safety and security of both the inmates and outside community. In addition, the inmates are allowed to communicate to their loved ones in the outside world using this technology. The inmates use both audio and video calling technology, thanks to Securus Technologies innovations. It is the dream of Rick Smith to serve all prisons in the United States with Securus’ products and services.

Acquisition of JPay Inc. by Securus Technologies

According to Smith, the goal of providing services to as many prisons is not just for the firm’s success, but also to give an opportunity to inmates access communicate with their families and friends using modern technological innovations. In May 2015, Securus Technologies concluded a transaction to acquire JPay Inc., a leading technological provider that pioneered e-payments, emails and other informative and entertainment related apps used in the corrections industry. JPay offered prison system services to over 33 states in the United States. Rick Smith said that the acquisition had placed his company in one of the fastest growing sectors in the correctional facilities. It was now possible for Securus to offer almost all tech-based services sought after by correction agencies.

Rick Smith’s Education Profile

Rick Smith has a rich education background having attained his Electrical Engineering degree from Buffalo-based State University of New York. He then advanced his studies at the University of Rochester for his MBA. He also holds Masters in Mathematics from Brockport-based State University of New York. Indeed, it is obvious that Rick Smith has vast knowledge based on the level of education he has attained so far and it is the reason why he has led several companies to success.

Jeffry Schneider: The CEO Who Pushes Himself To Excel In Every Aspect of Life

Jeffry Schneider has always been a man who pushed himself to excel in every area of his life. Whether it be business, health, or philanthropy, he has always aimed to do his best and to succeed where others might have given up. As the CEO and founder of Ascendant Capital LLC., he has formed a company based on sound principles and ethical business practices. Ascendant started out with only two employees and now has over thirty. The company has earned over $1 billion, to-date, and Jeffry and his team have challenged themselves to raise $50 million a month over the next year.

Jeffry Schneider started out his career by working for several different top-industry firms, such as, Alex Brown, Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber, CIBC Oppenheimer and more. While working for these firms, he learned a whole lot about the alternative investment field and also gained experience by connecting hedge fund managers with specific firm clients that were the right match. He also worked with Axiom Capital Management as the senior vice president and continued to increase his knowledge about alternative investments. Overall, Jeffry has over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry, and he continues to learn as the leader of his own company, now.

Jeffry Schneider is a health and fitness buff and spends plenty of his free time doing research about healthy eating and nutrition. He knows that the average American doesn’t eat the most optimal diet, and he tries to improve his own diet as well as share what he learns with his peers and coworkers. At Ascendant, he has kicked it up a notch by assuring that every team member has access to healthy food. He also competes in half ironman challenges where he pushes himself to his limits by participating in events that include a 13.1 mile run, a 1.2 mile swim, and a 56 mile bicycle ride. You can watch one of these events that he attended in New Zealand on his Vimeo account.As a man who cares deeply about people, Jeffry Schneider supports many different charitable causes. Among these are the Gazelle Foundation, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, Gods Love We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, and the Cherokee Home for Children.If you want watch him on You-tube: Click here

He is available on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/jeffry.schneider

Equities First Holdings, Your Best Business Partner!

Equities First Holdings is one of the leaders in the global financial market as advisors and alternative lenders during a harsh financial condition. As a matter of fact, financial institutions and other credit banks have tightened their lending capabilities due to the increased harsh economic conditions. For this reason, the company has seen an increased traction on a massive scale on the credit-based loans. For this reason, we are here to commemorate the benefits of the stock-based loans which are issued by Equities First Holdings as one of the most trusted companies in this category. For those who want to raise fast working capital, Equities First Holdings has become one of the most trusted alternatives in this area. For those who may not have all the necessary qualifications for the credit-based loans, you might consider the fast working capital associated with stocks as collateral.

Al Christy, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Equities First Holdings, has seen an increase in the intake of the stock-based loans as a way of securing fast working capital during an environment of harsh economic crisis. For this reason, the company has taken on measures to have their services reach the masses immediately. For all potential investors, all you need to do is to have your stocks issued to the company in exchange for the loans.

There are always minimal restrictions associated with the use of stocks to get the loans. With the stock-based loans, you may not have to state the use of the money to get the best qualification criteria. However, you are only required to state the amount of stock intended for the loan and get qualification criteria based on the number of shares you issue to a person. For this reason, many people have decided to go south and seek the use of Equities First Holdings’ loans using stocks as collateral.

There is always a reduced interest rate of less than 4 percent with the stock-based loans. For this reason, we might have noticed that the company has acquired many clients because the qualification criteria in a harsh economic crisis are the easiest in the market.

Chris Burch’s Perspective On The Electrifying Future Of Fashion And Technology

Despite many challenges that the fashion and technology industries have gone through over the years, they continue to grow together. It is a fascinating process regarding how the two industries have grown together. Over time, fashion becomes technologically fashionable and technology becomes fashion. Consequently, to understand the future of the two industries, one requires looking at the past and studying the present.

In the 70s, the boom box brought great excitement among the youth. It allowed users to listen to their favorite stations and tunes. Additionally, the two cassette decks allowed one to play music on one side and record using the other side. It became popular in the 80s. In the 90s, the Walkman was commercialized. It made the music experience more personal. This experience was made smaller through the introduction of an iPod. Given this analysis, it evident that technology grows with what is considered popular and fashionable.

Presently, there is a synthesis of technology and fashion. Technology offers the possibility of creating fashion that delivers to fashion designers. It results in a high standard of functionality as well as innovation. Leading in the combination of technology and fashion is Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht.

Today, fashion continues to be enhanced via the use of technology. For instance, innovators are designing equipment that can protect people during an accident. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt created Airbag for Cyclists that is worn around the neck. When it is not deployed, it allows one to have greater visibility unlike the helmet. Ashwinn Rajan and Kevin Cannon did a similar thing when they created Frontline Gloves that allows firefighters to share important information using hand gestures.

To gain popularity, technology requires fashion. It is for this reason that the two industries grow together. The future of the two sectors depend on how they will learn from each other in making the world a more creative and beautiful place to live in.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Over the years, he has participated in the growth of more than 50 companies. Burch has served as an entrepreneur and investor for over 40 years. He has achieved great success through intuitive understanding of consumer behavior. In addition, Burch combines has remarkable direct and international sourcing experience.

His entrepreneurial values make the foundation of Burch Creative Capital’s investment philosophy. Burch’s portfolio includes firms like Nihiwatu, TRADEMARK, Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Poppin. His firm, Burch Creative Capital, is presently supporting the creation of multiple lifestyle and consumer products brands in different industries.