Doe Deere: An Entrepreneur With Vision

Doe Deere is an innovator in the world of fashion and cosmetics. She is most famously known as the mind behind Lime Crime Cosmetics. She founded this vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic company in 2008.

Lime Crime Cosmetics came about a time in which Deere was involved in a rock band and a fashion line. The cosmetics company was able to grow out of her fashion line. Doe Deere found that since she had to use herself as a model for her fashion line, people were more into her makeup looks. She was known for using vibrant, rarer colors and was surprised to find that so many were interesting in the same look.

Soon after, Lime Crime became a globally known brand. It is especially famous for its vibrant trends and using the best ingredients from around the world. What’s amazing about Lime Crime Cosmetics was that Doe Deere came into it without any industry connections at all. She was able to build it herself from the ground up. Lime Crime Cosmetics was sold after ten years of operation. Her husband was instrumental in the growth of Lime Crime and is also involved in Poppy Angeloff.

She founded Poppy Angeloff, which is a jewelry company focused on designing products that embrace a woman’s outer and inner beauty. These products are usually brightly colored and pay homage to Victorian heritage. Poppy Angeloff began just last year.

Before starting Poppy Angeloff, she took time to build up her knowledge on jewelry design and the history behind Victorian jewelry. She also sticks by the same core values as she did with Lime Crime. Doe Deere aims to build a community, just like she did with Lime Crime. She believes that everyone should be themselves. Doe Deere has experienced adversity in her life and understands the importance of community support. Poppy looks to be filled with the same passion that Deere instilled in Lime Crime.


Adam Milstein: Proclaiming a Destiny of Philanthropic Fulfillment

To just say that Adam Milstein is an accomplished individual is simply an understatement. It is an understatement because Adam Milstein is in fact a man who has acquired several professional titles and enforced multiple social good achievements that have rendered him to be within a league of men of extraordinary talent and heroism. In the past, Milstein was primarily recognized for being a war hero. But as of today, Milstein is best known for his passionate pursuits as an intellectual businessman, endeavoring philanthropist, and cultural leader.

Before making his way to the United States in 1981, Adam Milstein had served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a way of displaying his gratitude for his Israeli culture. Moreover, Milstein’s participation in the Yom Kippur War as a young individual was an act that had such great influence over him that he desired to dedicate his life to a journey of philanthropic fulfillment—a journey that would enable him to share his cultural experiences, uplift lives, and teach others to do the same. Upon arriving in the United States, Milstein made the initial commitment to complete his business education by receiving his MBA from the University of Southern California in 1983. Nonetheless, it wasn’t too far after that that Milstein had established a professional business career in real estate. Milstein’s business career entailed him fulfilling managerial obligations as a Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties—an affluent private real estate firm that owns over $2 billion in commercial property in the United States.

In addition to his success as a real estate businessman, Milstein’s life began to simultaneously shift towards that of becoming an endeavoring philanthropist. To better assist the needs of the Israeli-American population, Adam Milstein not only decided to establish his own foundation, but he decided to serve in the place of a cultural/societal leader by lending his voice to dispel anti-Semitism and to correct misinformation concerning the nation of Israel. Likewise, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (founded in 2000) has served its purpose in uplifting the Israeli-American community by teaching members to become active philanthropists themselves, supplying the community with Jewish education and medical resources, and training the youth to be professional leaders in their communities.

Shervin Pishevar Dishes Out Economic Predictions on Twitter

To the delight of financial analysts and investors everywhere, Shervin Pishevar recently took to Twitter to dish out some of his more insightful predictions about the future of the U.S. and global economy. His tweet storm was the subject of widespread discussion in financial circles because many of his predictions have already proven themselves true. Given his background as one of the initial investors in Uber and his many successful business ventures, Shervin Pishevar is exactly the type of person to pay attention to when he is willing to share invaluable insights on currency, markets and the future of tech innovation in the U.S. and abroad.

He had plenty to say about Bitcoin, one of the most well-known and volatile forms of cryptocurrency. Although he believes that there will be an short-term dip in its value, Shervin Pishevar acknowledges that cryptocurrency is here to stay and will be more widely accepted in the near future. He does not necessarily think it is a bad investment because it is sure to bottom out sooner rather than later.

In terms of other investments, Shervin Pishevar advises that the next major tech superstar is unlikely to come out of Silicon Valley. Those looking for start-ups to invest in would be wise to cast their gaze beyond the U.S. because Shervin Pishevar thinks that online platforms will provide opportunities for innovators away from Silicon Valley, which was once the pinnacle of tech innovation. He also thinks that the rest of the world will soon surpass the U.S. in terms of the breadth of tech innovations because there are five major tech companies in the U.S. that are making it too difficult for start-ups to compete. Shervin Pishevar attributes the lag in U.S. innovation in part to the government’s unwillingness to institute effective regulations that would curtail the dominance of the current U.S. tech giants. Ultimately, he warns that the current state of regulation in the tech industry means that it is nearly impossible for another company like Uber to emerge without a major shift in legislation to benefit the common good and restrict tech monopolies.


JoJo Hedaya Is Tidying Up Your Inbox With Unroll.Me

Everyone has experienced a cluttered email client before, to put it lightly; the foundation of our expansive online experiences, everyone needs at least one and most have more than that. Free Wi-FI in airports and restaurants will often demand your email so they can advertise to you. When you subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the dozens of services that are commonplace, you’re bound to see your unread mail climb into the dozens, the hundreds; I’ve long since forgotten the day I hit a thousand. The junk mail can offer good sales at times, but sometimes it buries what’s really important.

This was the case with Jojo Hedaya and his partner, Josh Rosenwald. His emails sent to his business partner would go ignored, as he simply couldn’t find them under all the junk mail. They knew their had to be a better way to organize emails than the way clients and extensions offered. They created the most graceful, efficient mechanism for this purpose; the ‘Rollup.’ Unroll.me scans your email and collects all of your subscriptions into one well-organized, daily email, which is saved until the hour you want it sent to you. The magnificently simple system is a platinum, star quality in its field.

Unroll.Me was met with great reviews and high satisfaction among customers, with 100,000 subscribers at the time of a major redesign in 2013. Between 2013 and the next few years, subscriptions grew to account for 1.3 million ‘Rollers’, Jojo Hedaya’s nickname for subscribers to the service.

With all the success enjoyed by Unroll.Me, it’s no doubt that big names in the online marketplace have wanted to acquire the application. Slice, a recently purchased subsidiary of Rakuten has arranged to acquire Unroll.Me, marking the third US-based acquisition of Rakuten. While the details of the deal are private, it is known that Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald will be joining Slice and working for the company afterwards. Slice considers Unroll.me a valuable means to improve and streamline the experience for customers who patronize their e-shop, indicating the importance of the consumer experience in the online maretplace.


Louis Chenevert: Leadership and Innovation

Louis Chenevert is a prominent business person and a former senior executive in the aerospace industry. He is the former chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, UTC. He worked in these top positions for six years. His track record while working as the CEO makes him a prominent entrepreneur even in his retirement. He managed to lead this company at a very difficult time and never recorded losses. He took over the leadership in 2008 during the financial crisis and worked very hard to make this company successful. He saw the company’s share triple in such a short time.

Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal, Canada. He attended HEC Montreal School of Business where he graduated with a degree in production management. Using the skills and knowledge gathered in school, Chenevert joined General Motors and worked for 14 years as a production manager. He was in charge of super-fast production of vehicles in the factory. The production rate at the time stood at one car per minute.

Louis Chenevert later moved to the aerospace industry. In 1993, he joined Pratt & Whitney Canada before he was invited to join the main Pratt & Whitney in the United States. His record in this company includes reducing the production time of a jet engine from two years to nine months.

Louis Chenevert scored exemplary well in the fields of innovative technology and leadership. He is regarded as the best executive to have served UTC. Due to his contributions, it is almost impossible to talk about the success of UTC without mentioning something he did. He focused on the long-term success of the company, a factor that has made the company successful even after he retired.

One of the greatest contributions he made to this company was overseeing the development of the GTF engine. The company invested over $10 billion in the development of the engine. It has however earned the company a lot more since they started its production. Currently, the aerospace wing of UTC remains the ever consistently profitable business. The GTF engine is the most efficient in the global aerospace industry.


Steve Ritchie Papa Johns: What the Company Should Do to Deal with Customer Outrage

Since its establishment in 1984, Papa John’s has grown to be the third in terms of popularity in the U.S. According to the third-quarter earnings report, Papa John’s has been experiencing a decline in same-store sales, earning per share, and revenue. This is because Papa John’s has lost most of its consumers. Businesses and universities have ended their relationships with the company. If something is not done soon, the franchise might lose its stores.

Steve Ritchie, the CEO at Papa John’s, believes that the company has a lot that it needs to do so as to win back its customers. In a conference call with Mr. Ritchie, he claimed that the executives have already recognized that the improvement measures of the organization are already working. The executives are also optimistic about future opportunities. The major move of Papa John’s is rebranding and shifting its focus to the employees. The move has had a positive impact on consumer sentiment.

Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) claimed that various research firms have proved that the customer perception concerning Papa John’s is moving from negative to positive. This is after the company introduced its “Voices” campaign. Papa John’s recently restructured its executive suite which Mr. Ritchie believes will help the organization get back and shift its focus on customers.

In the restructuring process, Mike Nettles was made the chief operating and executive vice president officer to lead the restructuring. There were also four other vice president roles that were created in the organization that revolved around interaction points or customer touchpoints: customer experience, innovation and branding, analytics and technology, and menu strategy. The restructuring will enable Papa John’s shift its focus on its key areas.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is optimistic that the improvement actions of Papa John’s are working as the number of customers is increasing, even though the challenges still exist. The company has improved customer sentiments in some regions such as North America. It has also received support both externally and internally. Steve Ritchie and his team are committed to creating the momentum and ensuring the company moves forward to greater success.

See this weblink: https://www.nrn.com/people/papa-john-s-names-steve-ritchie-president

Jason Hope, a Futurist and Tech Enthusiast

Jason Hope is a leading futurist who is very passionate about technology and giving back to the community. Jason hope is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. Hope also has an MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business. Hope began his entrepreneurship immediately after school where he founded a mobile communications company.

Jason Hope is popularly known for his stand on the Internet of Things and his in-depth knowledge of technological innovations. Hope as a futurist can predict future technological trends. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be the next big thing in the world of technology. Hope has written many publications and blogs on the Internet of Things. Hope has authored an eBook touching on the benefits and risk factors of the Internet of Things. The internet of things according to hope will have a significant impact on the world of technology especially in the automotive industry and the medical industry. The Internet of Things will completely revolutionize the world of technology by enhancing the inter-connectivity of devices. Visit wikipedia.org

Jason Hope is also very passionate about anti-aging research. Aging and aging-related illness has been an area of concern, especially in the medical industry. A lot of resources and time is being spent on finding the cure for age-related diseases such as Alzheimer, dementia, and diabetes. However, there is little attention to research and prevention of aging-related illness. Research on the prevention of age-related illness is something that is so dear to Hope. Hope has dedicated his time and resources towards the cause of anti-aging research. Hope as part of his philanthropic activities has donated millions of dollars to the SENS Foundation. SENS is a nonprofit organization that is committed to combating age-related diseases. SENS was founded in the year 2009 and has been on the forefront in the anti-aging campaign through research on Rejuvenation Bio-technologies. Hope in the year 2010 donated 500,000 dollars to the SENS foundation for the construction of a laboratory and fund some research initiatives. Hope does not only donate funds to SENS but is actively involved in the organization outreach programs. Read more on https://interview.net/jason-hope-offers-insight-on-his-success-in-technology/


A commitment to the Texas community.

Stream Energy believes that philanthropy should be part of every company’s fabric. This is despite the fact that companies donated more than nineteen billion dollars to various causes. Through Stream Cares, stream energy has been able to put Dallas on the philanthropy map in a state that is rated as the least generous when it comes to volunteering. They are, however determined to see this change and believe that it might take time to accomplish, but at the end of the day, it will be worth more than money can buy. In doing so, Texas will be among the most generous states soon.

The company whose primary business is the sale of energy has overcome a number of hurdles to become one of the largest sellers of energy in Texas. They are among the numerous companies that benefited following the loosening of regulations on the sale of energy in Texas. The community in Texas has contributed in a big way to the success of the company. Those that work for Stream Energy are drawn from the local community as well as the most reliable customers. It was therefore essential for the Dallas based Stream Energy to make a commitment to the same people who had been and continued to be invariable to their success.


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Through Stream care, the company is involved in a number of goodwill causes. This range from disaster rescue and restoration to the fight against homelessness in Dallas. Hurricane Harvey had some devastating effects for the Houston neighborhood. The hurricane came with 56 inches of rain more than some cities receive in a year. The flooding that came with this amount of rain was devastating as it swept away homes and completely destroyed others. In areas where it was more severe, the flooding led to the loss of life. Stream Energy organized to mobilize resources for the rebuilding of homes that were lost and tried to restore the Houston communities. Hurricane Harvey had destroyed so many homes belonging to customers of Stream Energy and having had a relationship with this people before they understood that they had to do as much as they could to help them.


Shervin Pishevar’s tweetstorm on America’s declining Economy

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and founder of Sherpa’s Capital and many other multi billion tech companies. He broke his silence from social media by causing a 21 hour tweetstorm giving his thoughts on the decline on America’s economy. It was no surprise since he is known for being a man of many words and free spirited.

This was his first public statement he made ever since he stepped down from multiple allegations of sexual misconduct that he explained was getting in the way of Sherpa’s Capital success. For this reason, the very first tweet Shervin Pishevar posted caught the attention of many of his followers.

Shervin Pishevar expresses his 50 message tweet points of view on the ‘financial storms’ which he predicts coming ahead. He goes ahead to tackle on topics such as cryptocurrency claiming that bitcoin will crash but will eventually have a more stable range of $2000-$5000 as gold will rise in response.

The 17th tweet on America’s history of importing inflation has caused a tremendous aftermath from other countries. He also blames the government’s short term thinking on decaying and decrypt infrastructure. In addition to stock markets crashing, underemployment continues to harden under systemic economic stasis.

According to an essay he wrote in 2009 in his 30th tweet, Shervin Pishevar insights that nine years later as much as Americans build walls to keep out immigrants, they no longer need them because they have evolved above and beyond.

Being an investor of Uber company, Shervin Pishevar concludes his last tweet by stating that the modern “Ma Bells” such as AT&T need to be restrained from their absolute power. If caution is not taken, the chances of seeing another Uber or Airbnb business will be in the next 10 years or so.

The monopoly the modern “Ma Bells” have over start-up companies have made them vulnerable especially now that their cash is repatriated abroad and own the power of a nation-state.

It is not certain that Shervin Pishevar’s tweet storm of every trending topic that he discussed in the 21 hours will come true. However, it would be wise for one to carry out research given past success stories and tremendous track record of predictions.


Gareth Henry From Math to Manager

Gareth Henry trained to be an actuarial scientist during his academic years. He crossed over into business management, eventually working for Fortress Investment Group in the United States. As his skills sharpened,he found himself stationed in London, managing fund procurement in vast regions like Middle Asia.

It takes s certain ability to manage funds in such large quantity. Gareth Henry’s analytical talents,and business savvy, indicate Gareth’s results oriented drive to succeed. He rates as a top notch investor with keen predictive qualities, These qualities can enhance the employer’s portfolio without any doubts.

Fortress Investment Group receives tremendous benefits with the training,and advancement of Gareth Henry. His pursuit of excellence, manifests into greater responsibilities. Gareth meets these challenges head on, and puts up numbers Fortress Investment Group demands. He demonstrates a high quality return on investment. He not only manages and knows money, he can do the math. Investment portfolio experts with highly tuned skills on money matters ,from hedge funds to stock options, can make the Earth tremble. Be it so cliche, business managers,like Gareth Henry, raise funds knowing negotiations can be tough, but compromise could mean success for all.

Whatever kind of sale, He knows his material. Investments are made for profit. Customer satisfaction,of course, goes without question. Business managers don’t normally manage so large a geographic area as himself. His concentrated effort puts him in the position as one of Society’s best, now and into the future.Fortress Investment Group has maintained high standards over the years, and I in no way want to embellish about any individual investor. Here is a chance to give credit where credit is due. Gareth Henry stands on principle, and while the never ending battle to win continues, He reaches his set goal,and some efforts even more so. Gareth Henry is a tremendous asset to his firm and to the business community.