Bruce Levenson’s Former Atlanta Hawks Files a Lawsuit Against AIG

In September of 2016, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainmet LLC motioned a  lawsuit against insurance group AIG. AHBE claims that AIG improperly handled claims, and in some cases, they outright refused to pay for claims that AHBE states they should have. In detail, AHBE claims that AIG mishandled or ignored cases involving wrongful termination and workplace conflicts. the amount of the potential damages is confidential, but AHBE added a 50 percent increase on the original damages for the unpaid losses, attorney fees and costs. AHBE also included the controlling partner Bruce Levenson in the lawsuit. Bruce Levenson was once a controlling partner for AHBE while the claims took place.

The current owners of the Atlanta Hawks acknowledge the lawsuit, but they do not have any part of it. The Atlanta Hawks ownership group sold the team in 2015 for $850 million to the co-founder of Marquis Jet, Antony Ressler.

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder and partner at United Communications Group, which he helped start in 1977. UCG is an entrepreneurial business management company that helps its customers overcome various hurdles to make them more efficient and profitable. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Washington University, and he also holds a Doctor of Law from American University. Levenson has also written for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. He is also an owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC, which is a property management company.

Bruce Levenson is also on the board of directors for Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. He is also involved with the “I Have a Dream Foundation” in Washington D.C.,serving as the organization’s president. “The I Have a Dream Foundation” works with students in underprivileged public schools and housing projects, to promote growth into being collegiate scholars. Along with providing financial resources for these students, they also provide personal development with advisors. Read: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html.

The information above can be sourced from brucelevenson.com and Wikipedia.org.

How To Fix A Bad Online Reputation For Your Business


In a society where many of us rely on social media and product reviews before buying from a business, its important that companies take online reputation management seriously. What people think of your products are what will allow your business to find success. Whether it is on your personal website or on a social media account, what one person says about your company can make or break your chances of becoming profitable.

In a recent article, it discusses some key reasons why online reputation management can be a huge key to keeping a good clientele or customer fan base. Especially on social media, things that are negative tend to spread like wildfire. In this case, a business would have little to no time for bouncing back from the comment or feedback that was said about them. This could put your success chances on a big hold, and give any nearby competitors opportunity to steal your customers right from under you. What’s most frustrating in this scenario is that you have zero control over what a person can say about your or your products, and all you can do is sit back and watch. Managing the negativity will prove to be a challenge, but you can fix a bad online reputation.

Though, you are not completely out of luck. The Search Fixers is a well known option for fixing any media issues you may be having. If there is a comment that is quickly turning your reputation from good to bad, this website will go in and fix any negative words or comments associated with you or your business. You will regain your reputation back in the process, and when people search you, they will only see the positive reviews. This is a wonderful alternative for anyone struggling with an angry client. With reasonable rates, this option is sure to let you forget about the past and focus on the future and the success it may hold.

Online reputation management isn’t always easy, but its important to pay attention to what your customers are saying about your business in order to prevent any bad press. If you want to keep your customers coming back and new customers intrigued, you’ll be sure to manage your reputation at every chance you can. Through word of mouth on social media, things tend to spread much quicker. Not only that, but people rely on other peoples experiences before trying a new business or product. If for some reason, you’ve come across negativity, The Search Fixers is sure to bail you out.

BMG President’s Recapitulation

As with every January, all eyes of the tech world were turned towards Las Vegas to see what new things were being demonstrated on the show floor of the Consumer Electronics Show. Big reveals in virtual reality were showcased, drone vehicles with capacity for passengers were ogled, the latest innovations in electric cars were available for some exclusive road testing and home operating systems were demoed for onlookers.
Marcio Alaor, Executive Vice President of Banco BMG was in attendance, there to talk about some of the innovative projects he’s partnered with.

Electric cars, a staple of CES for several years now. GM had a 2017 model of the Chevrolet Bolt on display along with a projection of consumer demand for cars on alternative-energy in the coming years. The model for show will be available for purchase at $30,000. Ford and Volkswagen, taking note of the increased consumer demand for electric vehicles were also at the show.

Ford had hybrids to debut and unveiled a plan to have 13 hybrid models ready for the road by 2020. Volkswagen, getting the jump on Ford, had an electric prototype of their classic Kimbi that they hope to eventually make available for purchase.

One such project is the Ehang 184. This passenger drone seems to be the closest serious engineers have come to creating that ever-coveted flying car the public has been waiting for decades now.

With a programmed flight pattern set, occupants of the drone merely have to get in and wait to arrive at their destination. According to Wish Hair Salon, the Ehang 184 can only be airborne for 23 minutes at a time, but it can reach more than two miles in altitude when flying. Ehang, the developer of the drone, has stated that there’s more work to be done, like developing a command center to fully service the drone when it’s made available for purchase.

Continuing the theme of making futuristic aesthetics accessible in the present, Samsung has released a smart home system. The unit is outfitted with cameras and an operating system that coordinates with the user to alert them to changes in their home. For example, cameras situated in refrigerators can allow the user to inspect its interior while shopping. This gives the occupant of the home unparalleled connection to their space.

Marcio Alaor is Banco BMG’s Executive Vice President. From his office in Brazil he personally oversees the distribution of loans.

Alaor was born in Santo Antonio do Monte, a small mining town made famous for its hardworking community. Today he’s known as one of the top movers in Brazil’s finance sector.

Doe Deere Uses Determination And Creativity To Find Success

Doe Deere is a successful entrepreneur. But it wasn’t easy. She had to overcome many obstacles to attain the success she enjoys today. Doe Deere has attempted to have a career in the fashion industry and the music industry, but she was not able to succeed. It was only when she made a foray into cosmetics that she found her niche. Today her Lime Crime cosmetics line is a worldwide sensation. People love the line regardless of their sex, age, culture, or sexual orientation. The colors of the make-up in the Lime Crime line are incredibly bright, bold, and innovative.

The Lime Crime line offers lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, rouge, nail polish, and more. The make-up is easy to use, smudge-proof, goes on smooth, and lasts all day long. Made of vegan ingredients, the products in the Lime Crime line are never tested on animals. The make-up line is marketed primarily via the internet and is delivered directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. This helps to keep prices low. The savings that Doe Deere realizes by not having to pay for expensive marketing or mark-ups for the middleman she passes on to her customers.

Doe Deere became a cosmetics manufacturer out of necessity. While she was performing as a musician, you needed super bright make-up to make her more noticeable on stage. When she could not find make-up bright enough, she decided to make some herself. People began asking her to sell some to them. She did and her client base began to grow. Doe Deere loved the color lime green, so she created a website called limecrime.com and began to promote her Lime Crime make-up online. The response was overwhelmingly positive and since then the Lime Crime line has been growing in popularity.

Being willing to keep going in the face of failure is one of the reasons Doe Deere has been able to succeed. As many entrepreneurs understand, there are many lessons that can be learned from failure and failure can sometimes simply be a pit stop on the way to success. The willingness and ability to keep moving forward when a business fails is an essential quality if you want to be an entrepreneur. Doe Deere was willing to do that multiple times until she found her niche. Once she did find her niche, she worked even harder to make the most out of it.

These days many people see Doe Deere as an inspirational figure. She is someone that has followed her dream and used hard work and creativity to turn an idea into a prosperous business. She does not have an MBA or a marketing degree. What she has is a belief in her idea and her ability to do what’s necessary to turn the combination of potential and opportunity into success. That is what helped Doe Deere to make it while many others did not. She never stopped daring to dream. When she failed, she simply regrouped, reassessed her options and tried again.