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EOS Crystal Lip Balm Review

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS for short is a company that has arguably taken over the lip balm industry. EOS lip balm is the new way to apply moisture to your lips. The sleekly designed product has caught the eyes of many women across the country. Kim Kardashian is among the many women who have chosen EOS lip balm as their go-to. Unlike traditional chapstick, this product features a spherical ball of balm that is incased within a egg-shaped shell. The shells are colorful and appealing. The balm within is revealed by unscrewing the top of the covering, and has a very pleasant smell and taste to it, read more here.

Recently, EOS released a new, upgraded product to the market. The new lip balm features a similar design, however the balm itself has changed drastically. The balm within is now organic and vegan. It is totally see through, which has caught the eyes of many consumers. The reason behind this change is due to the removal of beeswax, one of the ingredients within the original balm. By removing this, the crystal EOS balm can be labeled as vegan, see here at Additionally, the new balm is animal byproduct free and antioxidant-rich. Some may question the removal of beeswax, as they think this would create a less powerful hydration for lips. However this is incorrect, as the removal of beeswax only takes away the heavy feeling associated with using chap stick, which is a good thing in the eyes of most people. The new vegan crystal EOS lip balm is offered in two flavors: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, view also The product is dermatologist approved and is packed with natural oils such as coconut and Shea. Forget the boring old chap stick products from the past, this new product appeals to all five senses and works great!

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Fabletics’ Progressive Growth to Greatness; Understand Their Informed Strategies

Fabletics is a brand focusing on women activewear. Looking at where the business started, you can confirm that they have experienced rapid growth since inception. At Fabletics, review-centric strategies are pursued zealously particularly because the company values their clients. They believe in leveraging “the power of the crowd,” which helps them in drawing more customers. In today’s world, potential consumers value what they hear from their colleagues. For this reason, they first source reviews about a brand before making up their mind on whom to opt for. When one gets recommendations from people they know, there is the tendency for that person to get attracted to the company. Fabletics grasped this secret, and it has since leveraged the eminence of reviews in today’s consumer journey.



Getting a Tip of How Fabletic’s Market Penetration Has Been



Fabletics, an athleisure retailer firm, was launched in 2013 with Kate Hudson as one of the co-founders. Back then, the activewear market had already been dominated by a swing of other powerhouses, but they still chose that path. However, they had evaluated the markets and identified gaps that they would bridge. When they ventured into the endeavor, Fabletics took most of the customers by surprise. This is because most of them kept on buying poor quality wears at high prices for lack of an alternative. Fabletics brought what people wanted and made it quite affordable. As a result, their revenue run rate is currently ranging at $250 million, with their sales having increased to 43 percent in 2016.



Kate Hudson Enlightens the World on Secrets to Starting and Growing a Brand



Kate has an inborn desire to drive fashion markets, something that inspires her daily endeavors. Through her journey of creating a brand from scratch, Kate has picked numerous lessons that other people can learn from. The mother of two addresses spotting opportunities available in the market as a vital thing. In her case, Kate Hudson identified that most of the activewear available in the market were overpriced. After that, she joined hands with her team, and they designed outfits that would inspire people to exercise more. The other issue that Kate addresses is keeping track of your stock. For instance at Fabletics, if an apparel doesn’t move, they take it off the site instantly and evaluate the reasons behind its failure to sell.



More Lessons to Draw From Kate Hudson’s Leadership Role



It is more important to focus on what Hudson does to establish her brand. Most importantly, Kate Hudson appreciates the essence of big data. This is what helps them determine the prices of different items at Fabletics. At the same time, it is vital to have a source of inspiration. Kate considers her mother, Goldie Hawn, as her pillar. You always need to have someone to turn to when things do not seem to be adding up. In the end, thriving in business requires a hard skin. You must believe in yourself and take risks. However, remember to focus on what matters the most; your passion.

Fabletics is Doing it Right With Exercise Clothing

Fabletics is a wonderful brand of exercise clothing that is made from some of the best materials you can find. You might be wondering what you can do in order to make sure you are getting the best exercise clothing possible.


What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is a company founded by Kate Hudson that offers exercise clothing through an online subscription service. The way it works is you sign up through the website and pick the style you would like sent to you every month. Then you just wait for your shipment and then you will have your exercise clothing.


Why Fabletics?

The biggest reason you will want to get this exercise clothing, is the ease. You don’t have to do anything except wait for your new outfit every month. The rest has already happened. You also may find that the presence of Kate Hudson as a founding member of the company will make you feel more connected to the brand.


How They Moved Into Retail

The biggest move Fabletics made was to move to retail. They now have some retail stores available in some of the larger cities in the US. The great thing about these stores is that you can try on the Fabletics clothing and see what looks best on you or that you like the best.


Fabletics got into retail in order to help bring their products to customers that may not want to go online. They decided to give it a try when they did so well online and found there was a need for customers to get the clothing in a store. This way they get a new group of customers that may not want to get their items online. If you are one of these customers, then you may like the idea of going to the store and trying on your exercise clothing.


There are a lot of exercise clothing options online that you might want to look into. These companies are great, but they are no Fabletics. The difference is clear and Fabletics is by far the best in exercise clothing you can wear anytime.

Fabletics Encourages People To Find What They Want and Build Their Own Styles

Society has its own ideas of what constitutes as being stylish or well dressed. However, there are plenty of ways that one can step outside of what is considered the norm. People that buy the clothes they want and wear them around get compliments on the outfit they put together. One of the reasons people with a sense of style are able to pull off any new look is because they put a lot of thought into the different aspects of clothing. For instance, they look for ways to enhance their looks. They learn about colors that clash and other interesting phenomena with fashion.


One of the best ways for women to experiment with fashion and figure out what works for them is to shop from brands like Fabletics. This brand sales activewear with a twist. The type of activewear is known as athleisure. This type of clothing is rarely sold in stores. Fortunately, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson has decided to work towards expanding this style of clothes so that more women can have a chance at experimenting with their styles and coming up with their own looks. Women who go on an exploration in fashion find a lot of secrets to enhancing their looks.


Among the people who are really good at using fashion to their advantage is Demi Lovato. While she is known as a singer, songwriter and talent show host, she is also known for her sense of fashion. She puts together outfits that give her the type of look that she wants to present to people. She has shown the effect that clothing could have on a person’s appearance. She understands the effect of color and cuts on an individual. She knows how to achieve different effects with fashion. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics has collaborated with her.


Demi’s involvement with Fabletics is really big news for both of them because Fabletics is partnered with someone who is an inspiration. Also, Fabletics loves to inspire with the clothes and the message it presents to people. Given that the company is passionate about bringing good feelings to everyone, Demi Lovato is perfect for the cause because she is actively sending messages to people, especially teenage girls who feel abandoned, unloved, misunderstood and otherwise left out of society. Fabletics is one brand that is part of the move towards inclusiveness among people. It shows in the fashion.

EOS Brings the Heat and Overshadows Chapstick

Chapstick executives may have never assumed that there was would another competitive force in the industry that would be able to do what EOS has done. It took someone like Evolution of Smooth founder Sanjiva Mehra to shake up the industry and prove that there was room for a new company at the top of the lip balm industry. He made sure that he created a marketing campaign that customers could appreciate, and he would make sure that his product emphasized one thing: smooth lips.

There are people that are going to be interested in this brand for many different reasons, but the most obvious reason is that it gives customers smooth lips. This is what is stated in the commercials. It is advertised as the product that gives customers smooth lips. The company is called the Evolution of Smooth. There are so many things that point towards the smoothness of this lip balm. This is a different marketing concept that has taken a different meaning in the lip balm industry.  Click on for details.

According to Kline Research, EOS has been the company that has become responsible for the most significant growth in the oral care industry, hit on for products’details.. This company is listed alone as the sole company that has increased growth. This says a lot about the growth when one considers all the other lip balm companies that have surfaced. For a useful reference, check on

Chapstick products make people think of dry chapped lips. They are stuck with this name and there is no thought associated with this product other than that of having chapped lips. By contrast, the Evolution of Smooth lip balm gives people access to a product that gives people smooth lips. This is a much different approach to marketing. It makes people think of the products in a different way. This is a totally different marketing campaign.   For more, visit EOS  here.