Doe Deere: An Entrepreneur With Vision

Doe Deere is an innovator in the world of fashion and cosmetics. She is most famously known as the mind behind Lime Crime Cosmetics. She founded this vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic company in 2008.

Lime Crime Cosmetics came about a time in which Deere was involved in a rock band and a fashion line. The cosmetics company was able to grow out of her fashion line. Doe Deere found that since she had to use herself as a model for her fashion line, people were more into her makeup looks. She was known for using vibrant, rarer colors and was surprised to find that so many were interesting in the same look.

Soon after, Lime Crime became a globally known brand. It is especially famous for its vibrant trends and using the best ingredients from around the world. What’s amazing about Lime Crime Cosmetics was that Doe Deere came into it without any industry connections at all. She was able to build it herself from the ground up. Lime Crime Cosmetics was sold after ten years of operation. Her husband was instrumental in the growth of Lime Crime and is also involved in Poppy Angeloff.

She founded Poppy Angeloff, which is a jewelry company focused on designing products that embrace a woman’s outer and inner beauty. These products are usually brightly colored and pay homage to Victorian heritage. Poppy Angeloff began just last year.

Before starting Poppy Angeloff, she took time to build up her knowledge on jewelry design and the history behind Victorian jewelry. She also sticks by the same core values as she did with Lime Crime. Doe Deere aims to build a community, just like she did with Lime Crime. She believes that everyone should be themselves. Doe Deere has experienced adversity in her life and understands the importance of community support. Poppy looks to be filled with the same passion that Deere instilled in Lime Crime.

Fabletics’ Progressive Growth to Greatness; Understand Their Informed Strategies

Fabletics is a brand focusing on women activewear. Looking at where the business started, you can confirm that they have experienced rapid growth since inception. At Fabletics, review-centric strategies are pursued zealously particularly because the company values their clients. They believe in leveraging “the power of the crowd,” which helps them in drawing more customers. In today’s world, potential consumers value what they hear from their colleagues. For this reason, they first source reviews about a brand before making up their mind on whom to opt for. When one gets recommendations from people they know, there is the tendency for that person to get attracted to the company. Fabletics grasped this secret, and it has since leveraged the eminence of reviews in today’s consumer journey.



Getting a Tip of How Fabletic’s Market Penetration Has Been



Fabletics, an athleisure retailer firm, was launched in 2013 with Kate Hudson as one of the co-founders. Back then, the activewear market had already been dominated by a swing of other powerhouses, but they still chose that path. However, they had evaluated the markets and identified gaps that they would bridge. When they ventured into the endeavor, Fabletics took most of the customers by surprise. This is because most of them kept on buying poor quality wears at high prices for lack of an alternative. Fabletics brought what people wanted and made it quite affordable. As a result, their revenue run rate is currently ranging at $250 million, with their sales having increased to 43 percent in 2016.



Kate Hudson Enlightens the World on Secrets to Starting and Growing a Brand



Kate has an inborn desire to drive fashion markets, something that inspires her daily endeavors. Through her journey of creating a brand from scratch, Kate has picked numerous lessons that other people can learn from. The mother of two addresses spotting opportunities available in the market as a vital thing. In her case, Kate Hudson identified that most of the activewear available in the market were overpriced. After that, she joined hands with her team, and they designed outfits that would inspire people to exercise more. The other issue that Kate addresses is keeping track of your stock. For instance at Fabletics, if an apparel doesn’t move, they take it off the site instantly and evaluate the reasons behind its failure to sell.



More Lessons to Draw From Kate Hudson’s Leadership Role



It is more important to focus on what Hudson does to establish her brand. Most importantly, Kate Hudson appreciates the essence of big data. This is what helps them determine the prices of different items at Fabletics. At the same time, it is vital to have a source of inspiration. Kate considers her mother, Goldie Hawn, as her pillar. You always need to have someone to turn to when things do not seem to be adding up. In the end, thriving in business requires a hard skin. You must believe in yourself and take risks. However, remember to focus on what matters the most; your passion.

Fabletics is Doing it Right With Exercise Clothing

Fabletics is a wonderful brand of exercise clothing that is made from some of the best materials you can find. You might be wondering what you can do in order to make sure you are getting the best exercise clothing possible.


What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is a company founded by Kate Hudson that offers exercise clothing through an online subscription service. The way it works is you sign up through the website and pick the style you would like sent to you every month. Then you just wait for your shipment and then you will have your exercise clothing.


Why Fabletics?

The biggest reason you will want to get this exercise clothing, is the ease. You don’t have to do anything except wait for your new outfit every month. The rest has already happened. You also may find that the presence of Kate Hudson as a founding member of the company will make you feel more connected to the brand.


How They Moved Into Retail

The biggest move Fabletics made was to move to retail. They now have some retail stores available in some of the larger cities in the US. The great thing about these stores is that you can try on the Fabletics clothing and see what looks best on you or that you like the best.


Fabletics got into retail in order to help bring their products to customers that may not want to go online. They decided to give it a try when they did so well online and found there was a need for customers to get the clothing in a store. This way they get a new group of customers that may not want to get their items online. If you are one of these customers, then you may like the idea of going to the store and trying on your exercise clothing.


There are a lot of exercise clothing options online that you might want to look into. These companies are great, but they are no Fabletics. The difference is clear and Fabletics is by far the best in exercise clothing you can wear anytime.

Fabletics Encourages People To Find What They Want and Build Their Own Styles

Society has its own ideas of what constitutes as being stylish or well dressed. However, there are plenty of ways that one can step outside of what is considered the norm. People that buy the clothes they want and wear them around get compliments on the outfit they put together. One of the reasons people with a sense of style are able to pull off any new look is because they put a lot of thought into the different aspects of clothing. For instance, they look for ways to enhance their looks. They learn about colors that clash and other interesting phenomena with fashion.


One of the best ways for women to experiment with fashion and figure out what works for them is to shop from brands like Fabletics. This brand sales activewear with a twist. The type of activewear is known as athleisure. This type of clothing is rarely sold in stores. Fortunately, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson has decided to work towards expanding this style of clothes so that more women can have a chance at experimenting with their styles and coming up with their own looks. Women who go on an exploration in fashion find a lot of secrets to enhancing their looks.


Among the people who are really good at using fashion to their advantage is Demi Lovato. While she is known as a singer, songwriter and talent show host, she is also known for her sense of fashion. She puts together outfits that give her the type of look that she wants to present to people. She has shown the effect that clothing could have on a person’s appearance. She understands the effect of color and cuts on an individual. She knows how to achieve different effects with fashion. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics has collaborated with her.


Demi’s involvement with Fabletics is really big news for both of them because Fabletics is partnered with someone who is an inspiration. Also, Fabletics loves to inspire with the clothes and the message it presents to people. Given that the company is passionate about bringing good feelings to everyone, Demi Lovato is perfect for the cause because she is actively sending messages to people, especially teenage girls who feel abandoned, unloved, misunderstood and otherwise left out of society. Fabletics is one brand that is part of the move towards inclusiveness among people. It shows in the fashion.

The Highly Anticipated Unicorn Hair Dyes by Lime Crime Have Arrived

A true Unicorn just isn’t a unicorn without the hair. It has taken Doe Deere and her team a whopping 3 years to formulate the highly anticipated “Unicorn Hair Dye”. It is currently available in 13 amazing colors and pairs perfectly with the line of spunky lip colors and eyeshadows available on

The Unicorn hair dye is certainly unique in more ways than one. Colors range from bubblegum pink to dark gray and are given names such as “Bunny” “Dirty Mermaid” and “Jello”. Each color is available in a full coverage and tint formula. While these colors may not be a preference amongst more modest folks, they are the perfect asset to Lime Crime followers.

While creating the product, Doe Deere has held the hair dye formulations to the same high standards as her other products. Not to mention a they are completely vegan and free of animal cruelty.

They are certainly worth a try. These hair dyes are free from harsh chemicals, such as ammonia and bleach, so they will not cause damage. They are also semi-permanent and will gradually fade after each shampoo. The hair color will last 8 to 12 washes. To speed up the removal of the hair color, it is recommended to use a clarifying shampoo.

For a super unique color, the hair dyes can be mixed according to preference. Lime Crime encourages mixing the colors for maximum creativity and self expression. At just $16 a jar, it’s worth buying a few colors.

Lime Crime was launched nearly a decade ago by Doe Deere, a Russian born native that moved to New York City when she was just 17. The colorful makeup company was born out of necessity when Doe found it difficult to spot colorful, heavy pigmented makeup to complete looks for her then fashion store on Ebay. She took matters into her own hands, created her own products. She was amazed at the amount of followers that ranted over her products and shared the same passion for true self-expression and freedom. Adding her colorful hair dyes to the product line was simply meant to be.

Fabletics have Discovered how to Compete with Amazon in the Fashion Department

Fabletics is an up and coming American fashion brand company that has been around since 2013. In that short amount of time the company has grown from a single online start-up into a $250 million-dollar retail outlet. In 2017 dominates at least 20% of the fashion industry.


This organization is powerful enough to compete with even large scale retailers such as Wal Mart and Target online. If any company or business is considering opening-up a fashion based store online; they must first contend with Amazon. This online retailer provides millions of products to consumers and fashion is just one of the many items that they sell.


Fabletics leaders realize that Amazon would be a problem simply because the company has the ability to lower prices on their products. Amazon can simply absorb the costs from lowering a particular product by selling large volumes of products within different categories. This in turn allows them to sell items at a cheaper price. This cycle never stops and small companies and businesses cannot do the same thing if they want to stay competitive.


Fabletic CEOs; Adam Godlenberg, Don Ressler and the legendary actress Kate Hudson; have figured out a way to minimize Amazon’s dominance on fashion wear. Instead of competing directly with Amazon they make it a point to focus exclusively on the customer and not just providing large volumes of products to sell.


The process of “reverse showrooming” is what helps Fabletics to be a very successful organization. This process is carried out at Fablectics brick and mortar locations. When a customer goes into one of their locations they can try on the clothing there. After a client tries on a piece of clothing it is then automatically placed into their online shopping cart. This information is then saved.


At this point a customer can then purchase the item at the store or just wait until later to purchase it online. The point is all of Fabletics purchases are funneled through their online site. This in term helps them to build up their sales as an internet competitor and as profitable store. Don’t forget that once a client purchases these items, Fabletics will then stock clothing items that are designed a client’s particular style. This is just another way that Fabletics takes the time to understand their clients and their needs.


Remember, that the process of “showrooming” allows people to browse for clothing items within a store. Then, if they choose; they can purchase these items somewhere else for a cheaper price. Fabletics just eliminates this part of the process simply by allowing customers through the reverse showrooming process. Keep in mind that consumers can purchase these products at competitive rates. Fabletics uses this model to ensure that they stay competitive against Amazon and other fashion companies within the market.

Reviewing the Benefits of Joining Fabletics

Who said that exercising has to make you look all boring and gloomy? And who said that getting a sexy sports attire is not possible if you are on a budget? Well, if this was true, not anymore. Not since the inception of Fabletics.


Fabletics is a sports apparel line co-founded by Kate Hudson. They are a leading marketer for fashionable yet affordable sportswear, in several countries including Germany, Canada and France. If you would like to purchase sports attire from them or be a member but are not sure whether this would be a waste of your hard-earned money, here is a Fabletics review to help you make an informed decision.


How It Works

You can purchase from Fabletics on a one-time basis or can choose to be a member and acquire further benefits. Whether you are on the shop and go basis or would like to be a members, shopping on Fabletics starts with a quiz. The quiz is meant to get an idea of who you are and what you like. This aids in the customization of a variety of apparels to choose from. The next thing is to shop your heart out and check out.


There are two ways of checking out. One, you can checkout as a guest. Here you are encouraged to come shop some more whenever you like. The other option of checking out is as a VIP member. If you choose to check out as VIP members, you get extra benefits. Here is what being a Fabletics VIP member is like.


VIP Membership

As a VIP member, every time you shop, you save up to 50%. Also, you get loyalty points, each time you shop. This points can be redeemed for free Fabletics items. If you were to join Fabletics today, you will get a chance to purchase 2 leggings at $24 only. Bearing in mind that the legging are worth approximately $100, shopping for sports attire couldn’t get any better.


How VIP membership Works

As a VIP members, you are charged $49.99 every month, which can be used in shopping the attire of your choice. However, if you do not wish to shop in a particular month, no amount will be charged on your credit card, as long as you log into your account and click on “Skip the month”. If you skip, no extra fee will be charged. And, you can always cancel your membership without being penalized.

How Don Ressler Has Influenced The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur who is credited for launching several successful businesses. He has founded companies that are now serving millions of people online across different countries and his passion for entrepreneurship has placed him as a professional who young and upcoming entrepreneurs can consult on a number of issues affecting business. His success is a reflection of dedication and the pursuit of dreams without having to worry about challenges and failure.

During the first time he launched a business, Don Ressler did not have much confidence in its success but after learning few things about the market, his first company started making profits. This growth acted as motivation to him and would allow him to further pursue entrepreneurship. To direct focus to other profitable ideas, Don Ressler sold the company in 2001 to Intermix Media.

This transaction allowed him to interact with the COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, who turned out to be an ambitious person interested in investing online. The two formed a partnership and decided to launch businesses together. Their first business as a partnership was Alena Media, which was tasked with solely catering for the marketing needs of customers in different specialties.

Due to the good setup they had created, Alena was able to generate a lot of revenue in the first two years. This success proved to them that they could perform better if they entered into other kinds of online-based businesses.

Intelligent Beauty

To raise capital, they sold Alena Media in 2005. The company was bought by News Corp and immediately they went on with planning for their next venture. After a long session brainstorming, the idea to establish Intelligent Beauty was born. Intelligent Beauty was founded in 2008 and the company is an online retail that deals in beauty products. Since inception, Intelligent Beauty has earned great profits and the company has continued to grow despite competition.

About JustFab

Currently called TechStyle Fashion Group, JustFab is an online retail that offers customers a chance to purchase fashion items through a subscription system. Since the company was founded in 2010 by founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, it has continually grown and developed.

JustFab has along the way acquired several companies to form divisions and currently they have three other divisions that run separately. One of the companies acquired to join JustFab is FabKids, an online retail that offers fashion items for kids through a subscription system.

Wengie’s Get Bigger Boobs Video

We’ve all read those methods that claim to make breast grow or produce bigger boobs. However, most of those methods do not really work. Enter Wengie. Wengie is a source that millions of fans online trust. She is a popular beauty blogger and the creator of one of the most watched channels on YouTube. In fact, the “Wonderful World of Wengie” has close to a million followers on YouTube. Wengie shares with her audience an amazing way to get bigger boobs.

Get Bigger Boobs Video
The “Get Bigger Boobs Video” is a part of Wengie’s Try it series. In this series, Wengie test a product and shares her results with followers. Wengie’s goal is to share amazing products with her audience that demonstrate the effectiveness of a product before they buy it. Thus, saving them money and time. Well, most viewers might think that she has discovered some secret formula that you apply to the breast. Think again. Wengie has discovered a bra made by Victoria Secret that makes your boobs look bigger. Wengie decided to test it because a popular celebrity claimed that the reason her breast look huge is because of this miraculous bra.

Wengie shares that the bras secret is very evident in the design. Wengie would like to share another personal thought. She states that she is very happy with her boobs and would not change a thing. However, she just wanted to demonstrate to her audience the type of products that are available for anyone that would like to increase their cleavage.


Learn more about Wengie: