Fast Food

Lose Weight While Eating Fast Food

Many people have trouble losing weight, and it’s not hard to see why. Food is delicious, and it’s cheaper than ever these days. Someone can go to McDonald’s or Burger King and spend $10 for an extremely fattening but satisfying meal. Nothing satisfies me more than a juicy Whopper or Big Mac. However, both of these burgers are more than 500 calories each. If you add a soft drink or french fries, one meal can easily pass 1000 calories. To make things worse, fast food is so convenient and easy for Americans to obtain.

People need to learn how to eat in moderation. There’s nothing wrong with a juicy Big Mac or Whopper on occasion. There is a secret to losing weight and enjoying food at the same time. Imagine that you could lose weight while eating fast food. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. However, you are not allowed to eat fast food on a daily basis. Instead, you should diet six days strictly, but then you have one day to go absolutely crazy. In the bodybuilding world, we call this a cheat day. A cheat day should consist of all the foods that you have avoided for the week. That means that you should eat pizza, Big Macs, and any other deep fried foods that you want. Some people, including those at Anastasia Date (, think that a diet like this sounds insane and unreal. However, people need to realize that a cheat day actually boosts your leptin levels, which then boosts your metabolism. A cheat they will actually increase your weight loss, and it will also help you to stay on a diet. For more information on cheat days and dieting, visit Buzzfeed.