Markus Rothkranz’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Youtube personality Markus Rothkranz has lived a fairly storied life. The 54 year old filmmaker found a new audience on Youtube by promoting a raw vegan food lifestyle. Markus promotes many forms of alternative dieting. These include intermittent fasting. Markus believes that intermittent fasting is great for human growth hormone and testosterone production. He states that it also promotes fat loss.

Markus’ diet and exercise routine obviously works because he looks decades younger than he is. He states that those who choose to try intermittent fasting eat all of their meals within an eight hour window. They use the remaining sixteen hours to allow their body to rest and sleep. This allows the body to expend less energy to digest food. He also says that you are likely to eat less when you engage in intermittent fasting. This is because you are less likely to consume an excess amount of calories within an eight hour time frame.

Markus also states that intermittent fasting is better for mental health and mood. He claims that this diet increases mental clarity. Those that do it for longer periods of time adapt better to the diet. The body can optimize its calories to benefit its maintenance processes. There is also less stress due to the energy and blood flow required to digest food across an extended period of time. He mentions a Cornell University study that found that people who fast do not catabolize muscle mass.

The best thing about Markus’ video is that he cites many sources within the description that support his claim. It is hard to dispute the facts that intermittent fasting has been demonstrated to be better for human health. He goes a bit into the science of why intermittent fasting works. The body will not burn fat unless it runs out of other calories to consume.