Fat Kids

World’s Largest Teen Weights Nearly 700 lbs.

I watch that show on TV 600 lbs. and counting every week. Each time I am shocked beyond measure at the amount of weight these people have to lose. The problem is that people like this are not abnormal anymore, they are becoming the normal. Overeating and health problems have caused many concerns in our nation.

Joe Ostaszewski contacted the show “The Doctors” asking for help with her morbidly obese teenage son. He weighs 640 lbs. and need help to be able to make it. His walking is hardly what it should be. He can barely walk at all. He cannot fit on a plane without having 2 seats. Just daily life has become a big hassle for Justin. He is going to be helped by the team from “The Biggest Loser.” However, they will have to take special precautions to ensure that he can do this without danger.

A program of this nature is necessary, but the World’s largest teen could hardly make it across the stage on the television show. He stated that he started gaining weigh tin 7th grade. My question is what kind of parent allows their children to continue to gain weight at those amounts and doesn’t do anything about it until they are at nearly 700 lbs.? Yes, he needs to eat less, but his mother needs to help control that eating problem. I think its just as much her fault as it is his.

Special Thanks to Bruce Levenson for showing me this crazy story.