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George Soros Predicts a Financial Crisis

George Soros is a well -known individual in the United States. One of the main reasons for his popularity is the amount of wealth he possesses. He is the founder of the Soros Foundation on, one of the biggest companies in the country. He has made a lot of wealth from this company because of making the right choices when doing his investments. After making enough money in the country, Gorge Soros decided to fulfill his dream of having an open society. This is when he decided to open an organization known as Open Society.

Open Society has done quite well since its introduction, and it is now in more than one hundred countries in the world. The organization helps individuals, organizations, and governments with any help they need, and it has managed to do so much since its introduction.

George Soros has gained a lot of knowledge and expertise over the years in important issues in the society. He is very knowledgeable in financial and political issues, and every time, he gives his opinions when he feels there is any need to warn people. Before the financial crisis on that hit the international community in the year 2008, George Soros had warned investors about it. Many people did not listen to him, and they ended up getting serious problems in their investments.

Recently, George Soros warned the investors to be extremely careful when making their investments. According to the billionaire, there is a potential financial crisis that might happen in the recent future. George believes that the financial crisis will be coming from one of the developing nations, China.

The first crisis that hit the world was from the developed nations. Countries like the US were getting negative interest rates, and this problem was gradually transferred to the rest of the countries in a short duration. Many countries on, especially in the developing world have not managed to do well since the crisis.

Soros has warned people that the climate at the moment resembles that 2008. China has not been making a positive interest rate in the recent years, and it is evident that the country has serious economic issues. George Soros warns that this problem will be easily transferred to the rest of the world, and another crisis will happen.

China has however been promising its citizens that it will get the economy back to its original state. This has not been seen in the recent months, and the country’s currency has been losing value every now and then. Many officials from the country have not accepted the warning from the billionaire, saying that there is no need to panic. For any developing country, it is not easy to get a positive rate in a short duration, so George warns all investors to be careful.
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Slyce Announces New Business Products and End Year Results for 2015

Slice is a Toronto based company that offers image recognition and visual search technological services to clients. It focuses on creating powerful sales channels for retailers and their clients. Customers are able to identify and order products by use of photos. The company recently announced its end year as well as the fourth quarter reports for 2015.

Major Business Announcements

Slyce announced its new partnership with SHOES.COM, a global footwear retailer, on 12th August, 2015. In the partnership, SHOES.COM will use Slyce’s snap technology to help its customers identify and purchase products. On 26th August, 2015, Slyce announced that its image recognition technology will be applied to all of Neiman Marcus product lines. The newly rolled out feature enables shoppers and customers to take 3D images of products in any category. They will then receive feedback of closely matching products.

On 6th October, 2015, Urban Outfitters and Slyce signed a contract that will see the latter provide visual search services for mobile commerce. Later that month Shoe Carnival signed an agreement to integrate Slyce’s technology into its sales practices.

Technological Achievement in 2015

The company focused on improving its technology and making it more robust. On 5th October, 2015, the company introduced Universal Scanner. The product supports the recognition of a broad range of objects and barcodes. It was launched as an SDK mobile application.

On 25th November, 2015, the firm launched Slyce Link as a proprietary technology solution for retail shopping. It allows retailers to show Clients visually similar products. The company also developed quality 3D Objects Recognition to be used in shopping for appliances, electronics, home décor and other products.

Slyce’s 2D Content Management System to be used with the Universal Scanner program to detect 2D images such as catalogues and other printed media. Other products launched include Coupon Author, Craves (a fashion shopping app), Pounce for Android 3D Visual Shopping, Scout (a concierge service) and Slyce Insights.

Comment by CEO Mark Elfenbein

Mark Elfenbein expressed his confidence that Slyce will improve in the next coming years. He reiterated that the growing interest in the company’s visual search product coupled with the new partnership that Slyce has signed with major retailers will propel its earnings. He said that the company was improving its sales processes as well as expense stewardship.