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HCR Wealth Advisors: Providing the Financial Assistance You Need

There has been a rapid growth of wealth management sector as more and more people are looking for financial assistance to manage their money. If you are one of those, who can do with some professional financial support to manage their money, taking the help of the professionals at the Los Angeles based HCR Wealth Advisors may be a good idea. The company has grown in the last few years and has ensured that it provides exceptional service to its clients. It can be challenging for a layperson in today’s time to decide where to invest and which investment products to trust. However, the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors have spent years in the industry and have been able to craft personalized strategies for its clients that can help its clients reach their financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm. If a person wants to learn how to manage their assets and finances and want to be able to take advantage of the new tax laws, the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors can guide individuals in the direction they are looking for. Portfolio management services have become highly popular among some people these days so that they can understand better how to invest. Many people want to invest in mutual funds, and some may lean more towards safer investments. However, an investment portfolio typically needs to balance risk and security to achieve most people’s financial goals.

The financial market has become more complex in the last couple of decades, and it has become more challenging for some people to understand where to invest and which investment products to stay away. Investments need time to mature, and HCR Wealth Advisors can help you build a financial plan appropriate for you.  The guidance of the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors can help you meet your financial goals with time. Retirement planning or sale of the business or a luxury vacation, no matter which life transition you are going through, HCR Wealth Advisors can be by your side to help you out and stay financially prepared.

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Elite financial investor Wes Edens

Was Edens is the husband to Lynn Edens and a father of four. Wes Edens pursued a bachelors degree at the University of Oregon in the school of Business to study business administration and finance. When free from work, Wens Edens participates in philanthropic activities like visiting children’s homes and nursing homes for older adults as well as mountain climbing and horse jumping.


Three years after his graduation, Wens Edens began his career as an entrepreneur at Lehman Brothers. Edens was among the founders of Lehman brothers and while at the firm he served both as a manager and a financial advisor. After sixteen years of working at Lehman Brothers, Eden’s left and joined a corporate association of investors known as BlackRock. BlackRock was an association of individuals that possessed different skills in the field of business like finance, business administration, entrepreneurship and economics among others. Just like at the Lehman Brothers, he also served as a manager as well as a partner until in 1998 when he decided to leave the association to start his enterprise.

Fortress investments group

Soon after exiting from BlackRock, Wes Edens joined other investors, and together they established Fortress Investments Group. Fortress Investment Group provides services to individuals and organisations by creative financing and also offers financial advisory services to the customers on the best niche to invest in and how to handle financial crisis within a business. Due to his determination and passion for investment, Wes Edens was elected as a co-chairperson of the Fortress Investment Group board in 2009. Wes Edens has led the company in making successful partnership and expansion like the contract with Nomura Holdings which is a Company from Japan. Edens in twenty seventeen led the company into venturing the field of online gaming with Fly Quest as the firm’s team.

This game has made significant sales which are reflected in the company’s drastic increase in the profit margins. Wes also organised for Fortress Investment Groups to Absorb Superleaf Financial Services organisation as a way of increasing their market range and improving the quality of the services the Fortress group delivers to its clients. Apart from the Fortress investment group, Wes Edens is also a co-founder of other organisations like Nationstar which is a Financial Company that offers equity mortgage to customers. The company which was previously referred to as Centex Home fell under his management after Fortress group acquired it. Not forgetting he is also one of the owners of Milwaukee which is a financial investment that he partnered with Marc Lasry in purchasing.

Equity First Holdings Australia Relocates

These are hard economic times where getting a loan is very difficult. Beyond this, banks and other financial institutions have rewritten their rules on lending making it difficult for the normal person to secure a loan. This is not only happening in the United States, but it’s happening all over the world including Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and even South America. This might have been contributed to the 2008 financial crisis that saw the collapse of several businesses, hedge funds and even the best financial institutions. For your to qualify for a loan nowadays, you require collateral/security that you will return the borrowed money.

However, there is an loan institution from Indianapolis, Indiana that has come to the rescue of many people across the globe. The institution was established by Al Christy Jr. who saw an opportunity and decided to offer people the loan they require. The loan is better than the one offered by banks in many ways. First, the loan uses stocks as collateral. Second, the loan can be used for whatever reason the borrower seeks. This is unlike banks’ loans that can only be used for the purpose they are borrowed for. Finally, the stock-based loan has low interest compared to the loan that is offered by banks.

Equity First Holdings has its offices in Melbourne, Australia. Just the other day, the company announced that they were relocating these offices in downtown Melbourne to serve more Australians. This comes from the realization that their customer base in Australia was rapidly growing. Sydney and Perth are other cities in Australia where Equity First Holdings can be found in Australia. On other parts of the globe, Equity First Holdings can be found in New York, London, South Africa and Singapore. They also have an office in Hong Kong. The company works on the principle of transparency and integrity.

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