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Rocketship Education Values Public Education, Diversity, and Personalized Learning

The non-profit news site, the 74 million, published the article “Smith: 10 Lessons From Rocketship Education’s First Decade as a Pioneer of K-5 Personalized Learning”. The article was written by Preson Smith, the CEO of the non-profit charter school system called Rocketship Education.

The article covers the ten lessons the CEO has learned over the past decade since the opening of the first charter school in San Jose, California. Smith believes that personalized learning begins at home. Though the charter school provides innovative personalized learning through a blended learning system that uses both traditional teaching methods and enhanced technology to adapt to the students’ needs, Smith also encourages personalized learning in the students’ homes. They have home visits that deepen the relationship between parents and teachers to create a deeper understanding of the best methods to serve each student.

Rocketship Education also strongly believes in the power that parents hold in the role of each student’s education. Parents not only have the power to encourage their child’s growth and learning, but they also have a strong political power. Rocketship Education provides leadership programs to the parents to help families learn how to advocate for higher quality public schools.

Smith also encourages the community to embrace the idea of public schools and their ability to provide high quality education. Despite the need to change certain aspects of the education system, Smith believes that public schools are a part of the American dream. He is so dedicated to the idea that they are changing the name from Rocketship Education to Rocketship Public Schools.

Smith also believes that diversity is needed in the classroom as well. Rocketship has incorporated the meaningful-inclusion model to encourage students with disabilities to be included in the entire school community. He also believes that students need greater teacher diversity.

Rocketship education is a non-profit system of charter schools, founded in 2006. Their mission is to help each child fulfil the possibility of human potential. They are able to do this through a blended learning system that creates personalized learning systems for each student. Teachers also have the ability to grow through personalized development and leadership opportunities. Another key factor is their belief in the need of parent involvement in the learning environment.