Adam Milstein: Proclaiming a Destiny of Philanthropic Fulfillment

To just say that Adam Milstein is an accomplished individual is simply an understatement. It is an understatement because Adam Milstein is in fact a man who has acquired several professional titles and enforced multiple social good achievements that have rendered him to be within a league of men of extraordinary talent and heroism. In the past, Milstein was primarily recognized for being a war hero. But as of today, Milstein is best known for his passionate pursuits as an intellectual businessman, endeavoring philanthropist, and cultural leader.

Before making his way to the United States in 1981, Adam Milstein had served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a way of displaying his gratitude for his Israeli culture. Moreover, Milstein’s participation in the Yom Kippur War as a young individual was an act that had such great influence over him that he desired to dedicate his life to a journey of philanthropic fulfillment—a journey that would enable him to share his cultural experiences, uplift lives, and teach others to do the same. Upon arriving in the United States, Milstein made the initial commitment to complete his business education by receiving his MBA from the University of Southern California in 1983. Nonetheless, it wasn’t too far after that that Milstein had established a professional business career in real estate. Milstein’s business career entailed him fulfilling managerial obligations as a Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties—an affluent private real estate firm that owns over $2 billion in commercial property in the United States.

In addition to his success as a real estate businessman, Milstein’s life began to simultaneously shift towards that of becoming an endeavoring philanthropist. To better assist the needs of the Israeli-American population, Adam Milstein not only decided to establish his own foundation, but he decided to serve in the place of a cultural/societal leader by lending his voice to dispel anti-Semitism and to correct misinformation concerning the nation of Israel. Likewise, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (founded in 2000) has served its purpose in uplifting the Israeli-American community by teaching members to become active philanthropists themselves, supplying the community with Jewish education and medical resources, and training the youth to be professional leaders in their communities.

Jeunesse Global Luminsce and M1ND

Jeunesse Global was founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray after they both decided retirement simply wasn’t for them. The couple had already created several successful companies together when they decided to create Jeunesse Global in 2009. Yet, they hadn’t always been successful. In fact, Randy grew up in poverty in rural Tennessee. However, through optimism and hard work, they were able to create one of the leading direct selling companies in the world.

Jeunesse Global has grown more than 518% for four years running, growing to one of the top companies in the Global 100. According to Direct Selling News, the company was also one of the top ten that had more than a billion dollars in annual sales. The company has thousands of distributors in more than 140 different countries. Through their success with Jeunesse, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have inspired thousands to improve their circumstances and make their dreams a reality.

One key to their success is with their innovative Youth Enhancement System. The synergistic approach to antiaging uses skincare lines and supplements to help the body look and feel young. The Y.E.S. system has nine different product lines to help their customers improve the appearance of their skin while also protecting the body against the effects of aging.

One of their top lines is the luminesce skin care line. This uses ADT-200 to help improve the appearance of skin through stem cell research. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also restoring the youthful glow and radiance to the skin.

One of the more interesting supplement lines that Jeunesse sells is the M1ND supplement. This dietary supplement uses Cera-Q and l-theanine to help the mind retain its memory while also reducing stress and anxiety. L-theanine is found in tea leaves and several different kinds of mushrooms. Many studies reveal that l-theanine can improve the body’s immune system and can help reduce inflammation in the body. It also allows the mind to let go of whatever is causing it to feel anxious, decreasing stress and anxiety without causing drowsiness. Cera-Q is an interesting protein found in silkworm cocoons that helps the brain stay sharp. It provides energy and support to the brain, acting as an anti-aging compound.