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EOS Multipack’s Make Great Gifts

It is well known that EOS Lip balm is extremely popular and a great lip balm brand for those who want a quality product for a fraction of the cost of other high-end lip balm companies. EOS has become so popular that people frequently buy multi-packs not only for themselves when they run out of but also as gifts for other people who they think would love EOS in order for them to try it. There are currently two regular multi-packs that are on the market and two limited edition holiday multi-packs available. The first multipack is smooth sphere/smooth stick multipack which includes summer fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew spheres, and a vanilla bean lip balm stick, browse here. This first multipack is extremely reasonably priced and allows people to try four different lip balms at once. The second multipack is the spring 2017 lip balm 2 pack that includes visibly soft cucumber melon and one other flavor.

Another EOS Product that is great for people with dry skin or those who like to just simply keep their skin soft is EOS body lotion. EOS body lotion is available in 3 different scents. These three scents are extra dry vanilla orchid, delicate petals, and berry blossom. Well delicate petals is a great scent for those who love flowers berry blossom is a better scent for those who like fruit like scents. Vanilla orchid however is an intensive moisture body lotion that provides customers with even softer skin than the other body lotions made by EOS do. EOS also has a moisture intensive vanilla orchid hand lotion specifically for hands and customers who need extra moisture for their dry hands than other customers may need. EOS body lotion is made with shea butter, aloe, and oats. However, their body lotions also contain many antioxidants to help your skin thrive.

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