Global Activism

Fascinating Global Activism Initiatives of Avaaz

Background Information about Avaaz

Avaaz is a word used to mean ‘voice’ in various Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages. It is a global organization based in the United States and was established in 2007 with the primary mission of organizing citizens so that they can voice their concerns through activism. With the Citizens organized that way, it would be possible to bridge the gap between the world we live in and the world most people in the world desires.

What’s Unique about Avaaz?

The unique thing about Avaaz is its global outlook on issues and the utilization of modern technology mostly the internet to present pressing problems to relevant global authorities. Further, the campaigns are translated into fifteen different languages which ensures Avaaz reaches a huge population in the six continents where most of their volunteers stay. The structure and simplicity of the organization attracts many people since it does not matter how small or big an action is as long as it works towards the attainment of its mission and goals.

Activities Undertaken by Avaaz and attained Milestones

Avaaz offers support to worthy causes on matters like civil war, climate change, epidemics and various emergencies across different groups in the world. To know more click here.

In 2009, during the Iranian presidential protests, Avaaz set up proxy servers that would allow people on the ground to upload videos on various public websites. In 2011, Avaaz played a fundamental role in the setting up of the no-fly zone over Libya which necessitated military intervention in the country which was an important step.

Preceding the Syrian civil war, Avaaz offered internet support to the protestors as well as training activists. In fact, Avaaz sent internet and communication equipment to the protesters worth about $1.5 million. To them, the voice of the protestors was necessary, and that significant support meant something to the group.