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Paragon Biosciences Benefits Greatly with CEO Jeff Aronin

The Biomedical science industry is changing lives every day and there is one company that is helping to pave the way for greater access to these medical innovations by the general population. That company is Paragon Biosciences. The philosophy that has allowed Paragon Biosciences to have the impact it has had is quite simple. Begin with the patient in mind, what needs the patient may have, develop a firm grasp of the science underlying this need or disease and then finally focus on building companies that can help meet the unmet needs of patients.

Paragon Biosciences has helped to incubate and speed the drug development process of several companies under the guidance of chairman and CEO Jeff Aronin. Four of the largest investments the company has made have been into Castle Creek, Harmony Bioscience, Decade and Precision BP. Castle Creek has a focus on developing treatments for patients with dermatologic issues. Harmony Biosciences focus is on developing and getting approval for sleep and central nervous system drugs. Decade is one of the leading companies focusing on Alzheimer’s research and treatment. Precision BP is developing treatments for rare genetic oncology disorders. All of these are under the watchful direction of CEO Jeff Aronin.

Jeff Aronin became the CEO of Paragon Biosciences in 2010 prior to that he had served as Chief Executive Officer for Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Since then he has brought his experience of the corporate world to Paragon Biosciences and has helped to develop their business, market their brand and execute the important corporate transactions skillfully entailed with running an operation this large. During his career, Jeff Aronin has helped lead teams to get 13 new drug approvals through the Federal Drug Administration well above the average in his field.

He has stated that problems which have been deemed unsolvable are the problems he and his business are focusing on the ones worth solving. His talented methods of leadership have gotten him recognition from many diverse areas including his recent granting of the Weizmann Leadership Award in 2017 (  He hopes to continue using his experience and position to make changes that will affect millions of patients’ lives in the near future.