Great Leader

Maggie Gill Provides the Type of Leadership Talent which is Welcoming within the Highly Refined Setting of Healthcare:

When the mold was made for compassionate and well-respected Maggie Gill–CEO of the state-of-the-art healthcare institution, Memorial University Medical Center, undoubtedly, that mold was thrown aside. Leadership, such as what Ms. Gill provides, in way of a strong, and caring leader is atypical. She is the type of Leader that is not above giving and giving. Caring and compassion are part of her overall purpose in her dedication to the Savannah, Georgia healthcare populace. She serves the Savannah healthcare client, by assuring superior service levels are achieved, and at the same time, healthcare costs are kept to a minimum So what is MUMC like–the institution wherein Maggie Gill lends her leadership talent?


MUMC is part of the Memorial Health System. The Memorial Health System is an award-winning healthcare system. The system is responsible for thirty-five counties, across the southeastern portion of Georgia and the southern part of South Carolina.


The system, inclusive of MUMC is comprised of primary and specialized care physicians. It provides NurseOne to its customer-base. NurseOne is a twenty-four call center.


Significant medical educational programs are in place which train residents in diagnostics, radiology, internal medicine, family medicine, gynecology and obstetrics; surgery and pediatrics. Undoubtedly, The Memorial Health System is a highly-refined system of healthcare.


Ms. Gill has a very progressive career profile, which is ideally suited to the state-of-art facility–MUMC.



Ms. Gill provides her leadership in the following areas–wherein, she acts as overseer and the list which follows is not complete:


1) Ms. Gill acts in the capacity of overseeing physician relations;

2) She is directly responsible, as it applies to governmental relations;

3) She is overseer of the institution’s internal audit function;

4) She holds direct responsibility of the MHUP which stands for Memorial Health University Physicians;

5) She oversees the operations of the Orthopedic and Neuroscience Programs;

6) She provides leadership relative to the Heart & Vascular Institute;

7) She is responsible for Perioperative Services;

8) She is directly responsible for the area of Financial Assistance;

9) She oversees Corporate Communications;

10) She provides leadership to the area of Facilities Management; and

11) Holds direct responsibility of the institution’s Trauma Center.


Conclusively, Maggie Gill is truly one CEO which remains caring, dedicated, and responsible. She provides the type of reliable leadership that sets institutions such as MUMC distinctively apart from that of similar healthcare settings.