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Services offered at Life Line Screening

Founded in 1993, Life Line Screening is a top provider of direct-to-consumer and community-based preventive health screenings. The primary mission of the institution is to create awareness of unrecognized health problems and also to encourage people to do follow-up care with their doctors. The majority of the health conditions screened at Life Line Screening frequently identifies a person’s risk for conditions such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, stroke, carotid artery disease and many others. If detected early, these health risks can be prevented. The preventive screenings conducted by Life Line Screening are usually quick, painless, safe and non-invasive.

The Screenings carried out at Life Line are done by technicians who are highly trained, and high-quality equipment is used. The institution uses state-of-the-art equipment that incorporates the latest technology to ensure there is the accuracy of results. The results are frequently read to the clients by physicians who are board certified. The results offered by Life Line Screening provides the customer and their doctor a marker for their overall health. This ensures that treatment and also lifestyle changes begin early before any serious health problem develop. Based in the US, Life Line Screening uses the same equipment that is commonly found in the hospitals.

Since Life Line Screening established, Life Line Screening has managed to screen approximately 8 million individuals, and each year they now test almost 1 million people. Life Line Screening also holds more than 16,000nscreening events all other the country. The healthcare institution dedicated itself to offering a preventive screening of the highest quality at affordable rates. The laboratories at Life Line Screening are CLIA-certified and adhere to all regulations set by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. The staff physicians at Life Line Screening include vascular surgeons, Cardiologists, and radiologists. The vascular screenings at the institution have been reviewed independently and also approved by researchers at the University of South Florida.

The Screenings at Life Line require minimal or no preparation. The center offers three forms of preventive health screenings namely:
• Ultrasound screenings which include abdominal aortic aneurysm screening among others
• Finger-stick blood screenings which include glucose testing among others
• Limited Electrocardiograph

USHEALTH Group and its Mission to Provide World-class Insurance Solutions

USHEALTH Group, a major health insurance provider in U.S., is on a mission to provide world-class insurance experience to its customers. The firm makes sure committed and professional service to the customers by keeping in mind that sustained business needs consistency and quality in the services and solutions. With decades of experience in providing high-quality service to the customers, the firm is now credited with the trust of the people. For ensuring the continued services and great long-term relationship with customers, the insurance provider has framed a number of initiatives which can engage and make sure satisfaction of the customers. It revamped its advisor group, gave them additional resources and training, ensuring greater quality and consistency in customer service, demanded innovative solutions from the product designing team, etc.

USHEALTH Group is founded in the year 1982, and it is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. It sells its products through two subsidiaries named National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company. It has diverse solutions to address disability, accident, specified disease, life, and more. Most of the products by the insurance firm is targeting self-employed individuals, small business owners including their employees, and families. Until the date, USHEALTH Group has provided insurance solutions to more than 15 million customers with most of them are tailored plans while some of them are with more than 50 collective years. Click here to know more.

The advisor group of the firm, USHEALTH Advisors, are the backbone of its customer-centric initiatives. The company has a vision that each customer is different, and their needs are also not same. This helped the firm to frame individualized plans and options to the customers according to their needs. The USHEALTH Advisors are playing a major role by communicating with the customers and understanding their needs. The advisors then match the tailored plans that can be suitable to their concerns. It should be noted the plans are diverse, and it has vision care, dental care, income protector and more. The advisors are also helping the product designers in understanding customer needs as that is vital to the success of any new insurance plan.

The service provider is maintaining one of the largest PPO networks with coverage in every nook and corner of the country. It also runs a provider portal to help the customers to access their account and manage it from around the world easily and quickly. The world-class service offered by the firm helped it to win many prestigious industrial awards. Recently, it won Gold Stevie® Award – 2017 for providing the best customer service and sales experience. USHEALTH Group also won One Planet℠ Awards in January 2017, by competing with the insurance firms around the world, for the professional excellence it displayed in the industry.