George Soros gives $18 billion to transform the World.

George Soros is a reverend philanthropist who is ranked as one of the most generous people on the planet. He has had a prosperous career as a hedge fund manager and also offered a significant portion of his fortune to support democracy and human rights. Soros has been in the headlines in the past few days for donating $18 billion to the Open Societies Foundation. This move has been recognized as one of the largest transfers that have been made by a person to a charity organization. The billionaire has been giving his money to the Open Societies Foundation quietly, and this has made it the second-largest U.S-based foundation. The Bill and Melina Gates Foundation tops the list. Mr. Soros has been the chair of the Open Societies Foundation since he established it in the 1980s. To date, it has supported human right and democracy in more than 120 countries. It has also committed itself to protecting LGBTQ rights and opposing police brutality and what George Soros knows.

The Open Societies Foundation is highly acknowledged for the work that it has done. The organization sponsored Ebola treatment centers during an outbreak that occurred in 2014. In 2016, there was widespread hate across the United States after the presidential elections, and Mr. Soros donated $10 million to prevent violence. The billionaire has also dedicated a lot of money to facilitate political activities. He funded the presidential election campaigns of Hillary Clinton and has also been a benefactor to various Democratic Party candidates. Republicans politicians have also criticized him for his political stands. Patrick Gaspard, who acts as the VP of the Open Societies Foundation, said that the Trump Administration had made the organization to have a sense of urgency.

Mr. Soros was inspired by his past to take part in philanthropy. He grew up in Hungary and had to struggle to survive the harsh Nazi Occupation that led to the mass murder of thousands of Jews. The philanthropist attended college in London before building a successful career as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street. 1n 1992, he placed a bet against the British pound and was paid more than $1 billion. Soros sold the currency aggressively forcing the government to devalue it. The billionaire gave a lot of money towards democracy and human right organizations the more he became wealthy. The first branch of the Open Societies Foundation was located in Hungary and learn more about George Soros.

The annual donations of George Soros’ charity organization have been estimated to be between $800 million and $900 million. The donations of the organization are likely to increase since it has received an additional $18 billion. Soros will be giving about $2 billion to his foundation in the next few years. The Open Societies Foundation has had a positive impact on people in all parts of the globe. Its work cannot be matched by any charity organization. Soros Fund Management controls the billionaire’s fortune and the Open Society Foundation’s donations. Mr. Soros openly expresses his views on various situations that affect people across the planet and Follow him at

The Achievements of Seattle Genetics under the Management of Dr. Clay Siegall

Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, organization which came into existence in 1997. He has served as the C.E.O and president of the team since 2000. Clay has many years of experience in therapeutic drug development comprehensive research on cancer. His tireless search on the disease’s cure has enabled him to come up therapy agencies that aid in curbing the killer ailment. He has served not only served as a head of Seattle Company but also as a doctor in diverse Pharmacists. Seattle is a biotechnology company.

Seattle Genetics improves patient’s conditions through the killing of disease-causing cells that bring about the tumor. It practices medical test in different therapeutic areas. Its’ headquarter is situated in Washington and is the leading in ADC technology. Unlike chemotherapy which is full of toxic outcomes to the invalid, Antibody-drug Conjugates is very body friendly and safe. Adcetris is the outstanding product the company has come up with so far. The product is present in some few countries, and it’s only Seattle Genetics that has a complete mandate in offering it to the other countries it sees as suitable.

Seattle Genetics joins forces with Takeda Oncology in complicating Adcetris to the final state it should be. Also, other medical companies have brought collaboration proposals to Seattle with interest in their ADC technology which surpasses all cancer treatment projects. Adcetris strengthens antibodies to treat cancer. Toxicity in ADC approach is reduced where MMAE is flown in a patient’s bloodstream which spares healthy cells and deals with tumor-causing cells. ADC technology is modified in a daily basis. This is a very paramount step that helps in killing infected antibodies by different mechanisms and enhance clinical drugs are uniformly working in the invalid’s body.

This company has hired more than 650 qualified employees who work together with Dr. Clay towards achieving the best in the medical field. Adcetris treats large cell lymphoma. The company has also come up with products like ASG-5ME which treats solid tumors, SLC44A4, SGN-CD19A and much other more. The company is coming up so much more programs like the advanced pipeline of therapies for leukemia and solid tumors.

Seattle Genetics comprises all kinds of individuals that is; researchers, statistical programmers and all with passion in different fields. This has brought everyone there together and has made the company a suitable working area for growth and positive impacts in the medical world.

The Amazing Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Sleep is a very important pat of a person’s life but everyone is always so busy that most people do not get enough sleep. People who deprive their selves from sleep can have consequences both in health and appearance. Sleep apnea is more serious than people think but many people do not want to get it checked out. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a sleep apnea specialist and he provides the best and most effective sleep apnea treatment by using dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel had prioritized his mission to help patients with sleep apnea. That is what he is truly passionate about and he takes it very seriously.

Dr. Weisfogel went to school at Rutgers University and from the very beginning, he was a very determined person and achiever in anything he set out to do in his life. He is just such a dedicated person and always was. He also attended New York University, where he received his credential for Doctor of Dental Surgery. Dr. Weisfogel, then started his own dental practice and it was called Old Bridge Dental Care. He faced many challenges when he started trying to help patients struggling with sleep disorder. He had to start traveling everywhere because his dream was to find a world wide fix to sleep apnea.

Everything started coming into play for Dr. Weisfogel when he founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. He then, invested in his plans by launching the Dental Sleep Master’s Program. The point of this program was to make sleep appliances to help people suffering from sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel puts a lot of time and effort into reaching his goal to cure sleep apnea. He works 12 hour days or more and that just shows how dedicated he really is to this. He has been in the medical practice field for more than two decades. He is very experienced and so good at his job. He is also a great man who donates a large amount of his earnings to charity. This is why many people admire him and stay by his side through all his accomplishments. Everyone believes in him!

Dr. Jennifer Walden Really Is A Rarity, Only Eleven Others Like Her In Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a plastic surgeon for over eight years. She is known to focus on cosmetic surgery, including eyelid lifts, face lifts, and breast augmentation. Liposuction is another thing that Dr. Jennifer Walden does. She is well known because it really is rare for a female to go into plastic surgery. Only around ten percent of all board certified plastic surgeons in the United States are women. However, there are only around one hundred and eighty plastic surgeons who are women and who are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Even more than that, only around twelve of them live in Texas, and Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of them.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is known to have not just sympathy for her patients, but also empathy. This is because as a woman, she has gone through what most of her patients have gone through. After all, most people who go for cosmetic plastic surgery are women. For example, she has seen her own body change after her pregnancy period, after which she gave birth to twins.

She worked in New York’s Upper East Side for around seven years, but then she moved back to Texas so that her sons can be closer to her family. There was no cosmetic surgery practice in Austin like there was in Manhattan, but the orders started coming in as soon as she landed. She went on to open up her own practice with offices and branches in more than one location in Texas. People often wonder why she chose to go into cosmetic surgery, but other people know that the reason is because she just wanted to help other women. For example, she was able to help out a friend who was a stay at home mom and who needed breast augmentation. It is known that doing this made her happy.


Services offered at Life Line Screening

Founded in 1993, Life Line Screening is a top provider of direct-to-consumer and community-based preventive health screenings. The primary mission of the institution is to create awareness of unrecognized health problems and also to encourage people to do follow-up care with their doctors. The majority of the health conditions screened at Life Line Screening frequently identifies a person’s risk for conditions such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, stroke, carotid artery disease and many others. If detected early, these health risks can be prevented. The preventive screenings conducted by Life Line Screening are usually quick, painless, safe and non-invasive.

The Screenings carried out at Life Line are done by technicians who are highly trained, and high-quality equipment is used. The institution uses state-of-the-art equipment that incorporates the latest technology to ensure there is the accuracy of results. The results are frequently read to the clients by physicians who are board certified. The results offered by Life Line Screening provides the customer and their doctor a marker for their overall health. This ensures that treatment and also lifestyle changes begin early before any serious health problem develop. Based in the US, Life Line Screening uses the same equipment that is commonly found in the hospitals.

Since Life Line Screening established, Life Line Screening has managed to screen approximately 8 million individuals, and each year they now test almost 1 million people. Life Line Screening also holds more than 16,000nscreening events all other the country. The healthcare institution dedicated itself to offering a preventive screening of the highest quality at affordable rates. The laboratories at Life Line Screening are CLIA-certified and adhere to all regulations set by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. The staff physicians at Life Line Screening include vascular surgeons, Cardiologists, and radiologists. The vascular screenings at the institution have been reviewed independently and also approved by researchers at the University of South Florida.

The Screenings at Life Line require minimal or no preparation. The center offers three forms of preventive health screenings namely:
• Ultrasound screenings which include abdominal aortic aneurysm screening among others
• Finger-stick blood screenings which include glucose testing among others
• Limited Electrocardiograph

Various Screenings Offered by Life Line Screening

There are a lot of blood screenings that are done by Life Line Screening. There are done through finger-stick too. In this, the soft pad of the finger is pricked in order to take a few drops of blood. There are a number of instruments used in order to perform these blood screenings. All these are FDA-approved. They are accurate screenings providing correct results. These are being used all across the country by most of the big hospitals, insurance companies, as well as pharmaceutical companies, in addition to laboratories. The results of such tests are available within 10 minutes. This is why they are such convenient screenings.

There are a number of blood screenings being done by Life Line Screening. These include the complete screening of the lipid panel. It helps to measure total cholesterol, as well as HDL, LDL, and triglycerides.

Another is glucose screening in which blood sugar levels are measured. These help in assessing the diabetes risk. Another is the screening of the high sensitivity C-reactive protein. This is used to measure the level of the C-reactive protein. This also works as an indicator for heart disease.

The screening is done for elevation in liver enzymes too. This helps to measure varying levels of ALT as well as AST liver enzymes. This is used as an indicator of any injury to the liver. Click here to know more.

These screenings are used for limited electrocardiograph too. This helps for detection of atrial fibrillation too. This is also called irregular heartbeat. This is a heart condition that can increase the risk of a stroke. This is where an EKG is conducted. Life Line Screening makes use of an EKG electrode screening. This is fast and non-invasive. There is no preparation required for such type of screening.

This way Life Line Screening is helping in preventative healthcare.


How USHEALTH Group is Transforming Healthcare Insurance

The USHEALTH Group is an insurance provider based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company is made up of several subsidiary companies namely National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The company’s mission is expressed in the word H.O.P.E. It is an acronym for Helping Other People Everyday. This policy is upheld by the employees of the enterprise. They range from the agents to the management team. The company has gained experience in offering innovative and affordable services because of its many years of operation.

USHEALTH has served more than ten million customers since it was started. It has received great reviews from them. The insurance provider has also learned the needs of its clients and customer base. It has developed covers that are best suited for them. USHEALTH Group has distinguished itself by offering coverage that grows with the needs of the client. The cover can grow for up to five years depending on the plan of the customer. The company’s agents are stationed all over the country so that they can serve people on a personal level. The agents can provide sales assistance to clients. Contacting them is as easy as entering your zip code on the site. USHealth on Facebook.

Members of the USHEALTH Group package can view information about their covers by logging into The portal contains information on cost estimates, benefits, RX services, and the health of the member. Creating an account is very easy. It can be completed in a few minutes. Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH Group. Troy has been instrumental in growing the company’s profits. Troy was awarded a Gold award for chief executive officer of the year at the One Planet awards for his efforts.

USHEALTH has won many awards for their service to clients. They won the Gold award at the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service at the One Planet Awards for business and professional excellence last year. The provider has partnered with several healthcare providers including Cigna, CVS, Midlands Choice, and Mississippi Health Partners. One can view nearby PPO networks by keying in their zip code on USHEALTH’s site.

The Nutrimost Diet System Is Helping People Lose Weight

Nutrimost is a diet system that is unique because it is tailored to an individual’s needs and does not use a one size fits all model for its patients. Before beginning the Nutrimost program which lasts approximately 40 days, a new patient undergoes a body scan using resonant frequency technology. This new scanning technology that allows the medical practitioners in charge of overseeing the 40 day diet plan to see what the real needs of your body are

Resonstant frequency technology measures your bodies responses through galvanic skin reactions. It also sends various messages throughout your body and then measures the physiochemical responses. After evaluating your responses and body scans, you are given a customized approach to restore your body to good health and to a healthy weight.

One of the pillars of Nutrimost is that it is about restoring the natural balance in your body. This involves restoring the proper amount of water fluid levels in the body, balancing the hormones, creating a healthy appetite and suppressing or stimulating it when necessary and of course maintaining a healthy weight level. Combining all of these factors together can lead to effective and safe weight loss that will result in a healthier, leaner and stronger person that can keep the excess weight off for a lifetime.

Nutrimost uses supplements and a change in diet to achieve weight loss and to target the loss of fat specifically. The diet system advocates a healthy and wholesome diet that is rich in whole grains and lean meats, beans and nuts. Refined, sugary, oily and high fat foods which are commonplace in the modern diet are severely cut or eliminated all together. This is done so the body can begin to establish a new balance and regain its footing. Nutrimost is also supervised by a doctor to make sure patients stay on track and to help guide them through the process.

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Charity Work Becomes The Focus For Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is perhaps best known for his role as the founder and former CEO of Solo Capital, a global investment management company headquartered in London; however, in recent years Shah has become almost as famous for his role as the head of the Autism Rocks charity. Before his own life was touched by the autism through the diagnosis of his own son with the neurological condition Sanjay Shah had already taken a step back from his leadership role with Solo Capital. The company is now staffed by professionals from across the financial and investment industry, which means the founder can spend more time with his family and focus on his important charity work.

For Sanjay Shah the charity work he now completes has as much importance as the financial work he used to concentrate on. In 2014, Shah and his family were told the youngest of their three children was affected by autism, which prompted a shift in focus from the financial sector to the philanthropy he now spends his time working on. As a music lover Sanjay Shah has looked to use the many friendships he has made over the years to benefit the Autism Rocks charity he established to fund a greater level of research into the medical condition through Cambridge University.

As Solo Capital operates across much of Europe and the Dubai area Sanjay Shah calls home the financial expert splits his time between monitoring the running of his company, and pushing on with Autism Rocks. The growth of Autism Rocks has been staggering over the short time it has been operating for, and has prompted Sanjay Shah to add new trustees to the board of the charity to help with its long term future. Autism Rocks raises funding for autism research by completing one off concerts by invitation only by major musical stars from across the world; in the past legendary performers like Prince and Joss Stone have performed for the charity.

You can follow them on LinkedIn.

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

When Solo Capital blossomed into a million dollar brokerage firm, Sanjay Shah, the owner, found and CEO of the company, was able to find success in breaking off from the accounting world and starting his own business. That business that he started from the ground up, was called Solo Capital. Solo Capital quickly grew into a million dollar business as more and more people trusted the firm’s financial capacity to handle their investments. The company is based out of Central London and Dubai, with over 39 operating businesses.

Sanjay Shah started out attending King’s College in Central London where he studied medicine. It didn’t take him long to decide that he didn’t want to be a doctor so he began to study accounting. Finances and accounting terms had always been of interest to him, so he graduated from college and worked as an accountant for a number of years. After several years of working in an accounting firm he began to grow tired of the everyday nine to five working world. He was not fond of the commute back and forth, and was looking for something else. That something else was Solo Capital, the brokerage business that he started. He originally hired a few college graduates that were fresh out of college looking for a job, as well as some trading partners to help him get started with the business. It grew fast, and was able to grow and expand over Central London and Dubai. Shah currently resides in Dubai where he ran his businesses, and has recently decided that since the success of the businesses have been study, he can take a back seat and retire. Allowing his trusted business partners and employees to carry on the tasks of the every day business transactions and ensure that the business runs smoothly without him there. With the ability to retire, he was able to venture into other areas that he’s passionate about, such as a charity he recently started called Autism Rocks.

The charity is based on the research and development in find a cause and a cure for Autism. It’s especially close to his heart because his son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011. Shah was able to use his talent and past history in the music industry to work with some very popular artist staging concerts around the world and raising money for the benefit. He has worked with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and Prince. His hope is to continue to work with music artists by staging gigs around the world, and possibly coming to an agreement with them that they might donate a track from their album to Autism Rocks to help raise additional funds for the cause.