Charity Work Becomes The Focus For Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is perhaps best known for his role as the founder and former CEO of Solo Capital, a global investment management company headquartered in London; however, in recent years Shah has become almost as famous for his role as the head of the Autism Rocks charity. Before his own life was touched by the autism through the diagnosis of his own son with the neurological condition Sanjay Shah had already taken a step back from his leadership role with Solo Capital. The company is now staffed by professionals from across the financial and investment industry, which means the founder can spend more time with his family and focus on his important charity work.

For Sanjay Shah the charity work he now completes has as much importance as the financial work he used to concentrate on. In 2014, Shah and his family were told the youngest of their three children was affected by autism, which prompted a shift in focus from the financial sector to the philanthropy he now spends his time working on. As a music lover Sanjay Shah has looked to use the many friendships he has made over the years to benefit the Autism Rocks charity he established to fund a greater level of research into the medical condition through Cambridge University.

As Solo Capital operates across much of Europe and the Dubai area Sanjay Shah calls home the financial expert splits his time between monitoring the running of his company, and pushing on with Autism Rocks. The growth of Autism Rocks has been staggering over the short time it has been operating for, and has prompted Sanjay Shah to add new trustees to the board of the charity to help with its long term future. Autism Rocks raises funding for autism research by completing one off concerts by invitation only by major musical stars from across the world; in the past legendary performers like Prince and Joss Stone have performed for the charity.

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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

When Solo Capital blossomed into a million dollar brokerage firm, Sanjay Shah, the owner, found and CEO of the company, was able to find success in breaking off from the accounting world and starting his own business. That business that he started from the ground up, was called Solo Capital. Solo Capital quickly grew into a million dollar business as more and more people trusted the firm’s financial capacity to handle their investments. The company is based out of Central London and Dubai, with over 39 operating businesses.

Sanjay Shah started out attending King’s College in Central London where he studied medicine. It didn’t take him long to decide that he didn’t want to be a doctor so he began to study accounting. Finances and accounting terms had always been of interest to him, so he graduated from college and worked as an accountant for a number of years. After several years of working in an accounting firm he began to grow tired of the everyday nine to five working world. He was not fond of the commute back and forth, and was looking for something else. That something else was Solo Capital, the brokerage business that he started. He originally hired a few college graduates that were fresh out of college looking for a job, as well as some trading partners to help him get started with the business. It grew fast, and was able to grow and expand over Central London and Dubai. Shah currently resides in Dubai where he ran his businesses, and has recently decided that since the success of the businesses have been study, he can take a back seat and retire. Allowing his trusted business partners and employees to carry on the tasks of the every day business transactions and ensure that the business runs smoothly without him there. With the ability to retire, he was able to venture into other areas that he’s passionate about, such as a charity he recently started called Autism Rocks.

The charity is based on the research and development in find a cause and a cure for Autism. It’s especially close to his heart because his son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011. Shah was able to use his talent and past history in the music industry to work with some very popular artist staging concerts around the world and raising money for the benefit. He has worked with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and Prince. His hope is to continue to work with music artists by staging gigs around the world, and possibly coming to an agreement with them that they might donate a track from their album to Autism Rocks to help raise additional funds for the cause.

A Short Insight Into Solo Capital And Its CEO Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and owner of Solo Capital Markets, which is an international boutique for various types of financial services. This company has its headquarters in London, England, and it is regulated by the financial laws of the United Kingdom. Solo Capital became legally operational on September 2011 and is also known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK in different business circles. Solo Capital is termed as a boutique due to the numerous types of financial services they provide such as proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments. Solo Capital is one of the most successful business person entities. From the time it was incorporated in September 2011 to March 2015, Solo Capital Partners had manage to accumulate a net worth of £15.45 million, assets amounting to £67.45 million and a cash flow of £30.26 million. This is a big success in comparison with the number of years they have been operational.

Also known as Solo Capital Partners in full, it is controlled by Solo Group Holdings. Sanjay Shah is its founder and CEO of Solo Capital also owns Aesa S.a.r.l., which is mandated to control operations of Solo Group Holdings. Currently, Sanjay Shah owns over 35 companies spread throughout London, The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, Malta and The Cayman Islands, all of which are very successful. Before Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital, he was already a successful business person, he earned around £19 million for the financial year ending March 31, 2011. In 2014, Sanjay Shah took over the ownership and management of the Old Park Lane Capital. This is an institution whose membership is by invitation-only that specifically deals in stockbroker for natural resources. By January 2016, Sanjay Shah was said to have a net worth of US$280 million. He operates from his offices in London and Dubai, as he has retired from active business.

Before Sanjay Shah ventured in to the financial and investment industry, he was a medical student. After quitting medicine, he went on and became an accountant. His accounting career took him to big investment organizations and banks such as the Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. Unluckily for him in 2009 during the financial crisis he lost his job, he went on and started his own brokerage company. Little did he know that this small firm would turn out to be Solo Capital.

Later Sanjay Shah started a charity organization known as Autism Rocks to fight autism. This organization raises awareness and money for research through concerts attended by various top world celebrities. He started this charity organization after his child, Nikhil, was diagnosed of neurodevelopmental disorder in 2011 at the age of 4. In 2014, the first Autism Rocks invitation only concert was held.

Autism Rocks: Together We Can Fight Autism

Autism is a disorder that affects the way the brain normally develops. It’s mainly characterized by symptoms like difficulties in verbal communications, social interactions, and non-verbal communications. It cause is usually during early stages of brain development although it’s symptoms start to show between ages of two and three years. Studies carried out by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in U.S. show that for every 68 children born in America 1is diagnosed with the disorder. They also found out that it’s five times more common among boys than girls. Even though some children can live an independent life after diagnosis, a few others need specialist tending to them throughout their lifetime.
Autism Rock is an organization started by Philanthropist Sanjay Shah. The idea came to birth when his son Nikhil was diagnosed in the year 2011. After going through the treatment process, Mr. Shah felt the need to use his capacity to raise funds to further research on Autism. In 2014, the British-born millionaire launched the organization in London through an invite only party. Through his organization Sanjay has managed to hold a number of gigs globally which featured Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Michael Buble among others. All funds raise in gigs and through their website go to Autism Research Center (ARC) which is based at Cambridge.
Sanjay Shah also owns Solo Capital, a financial service provider that has its headquarters in London and an office in Dubai. Shah studied medicine and later felt that he had a different purpose. Sanjay thus dropped medicine and started off as an accountant and, later on, joined various investment banks like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.
After 2009 recession Shah earned a bonus of £19 million from Capula Investment Management where he was a director. With this amount, Shah was ready and bold to test the waters of self-employment. He started off by opening his brokerage firm which gave birth to at least 39 more companies globally. Shah, who is worth $280 million, considers himself a retiree.
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Sanjay Shah’s Charity Was Created to Benefit the Study of Autism

Many people are familiar with the term autism, but they don’t understand the specifics of the disorder. Some research foundations are currently looking at the link between autism and genetics. Autism Rocks is a charity that was created to raise money for Autism Research Trust. This is a firm that turns money over to the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University. Autism Research Center might be the most comprehensive laboratory for autism research in the world. This research center has produced many peer reviewed publications that study autism’s genetic origins. ARC has devised numerous tests to assist in diagnosing young children, adolescents and adults with autism.

Autism Rocks is a very unique charity that sets up fundraising concerts. All of the proceeds from the concerts go to the Autism Research Center. Plenty of renowned artists have headlined these concerts. Famous performers include rocker Lenny Kravitz and Michael Bublé. The charity also seeks to increase autism awareness. The autism spectrum is very broad. A lot of people don’t realize just how common and widespread it is.

This charity was founded by Sanjay Shah. Sanjay is an entrepreneur who has had his hand in numerous businesses all over the world. He is the president and CEO of Solo Capital. Solo Capital was a large hedge fund. Sanjay has been working in business and marketing sectors for over 20 years. He is also the founder of Vistex. Vistex is a software company that helps businesses lower labor and infrastructure costs.

Sanjay is known around the world for his philanthropic efforts. He founded Autism Rocks because one of his three children is autistic. He currently serves as the CEO of this organization. Shah wants Autism Rocks to become more widespread over the next few years. He recently spent $100,000 on a domain name for the charity. The organization has arranged exclusive concerts in Dubai and London. Shah hopes that the brand name will improve autism’s mainstream image. Autism functions as a developmental disability. Autistic people are abstract in speech and thought. Sanjay Shah’s organization creates a positive image for the developmental disorder.

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The Hip Surgeon Sergio Cortes Contributions in Rio Healthcare Industry

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian citizen who works as a doctor. He is a happily married man and a father to three daughters. Dr. Sergio has been in the health industry for more than ten years. In his career, Cortes has been concerned more about people living standards rather than medical care only.
Doctor Cortes has improved the health industry of Brazil to the better. As the Brazil secretary health, Cortes has managed establishments of dispensaries and medical stations in all Brazil Municipalities. Doctor Cortes has also contributed to the medical technological advancements. He owns a web page that strictly deals with healthcare issues.
His commitments and dedication have made him receive more recognitions and awards from his government and the World Health Organizations. Recently, the Sergio Cortes officials made a report publication on physical activities and body exercises that helps to deal with back pain ailments.
In the release, Sergio Cortes advised people not to maintain one sitting position for an extended time to avoid bad postures. In his release, Cortes implied the importance of a specialist or an instructor while undertaking these exercises. As per Dr. Cortes, these activities should be taken seriously to avoid more complications.
He advocated swimming, yoga, cycling and walking as the simple exercises that help relieve back pain. In the release, Cortes said that physical practices help a victim in body stretching, an exercise that eliminates back pain.
Doctor Cortes stated that these practices should be carried out in gym sessions or yoga centers. However, for those who cannot manage to go in these stations should exercise at home. Cortes emphasized the importance of consulting a medical practitioner before undertaking any physical activity. Dr. Cortes depicted that doctors help in identifying the best physical activity that suits your body.
Being a hip surgeon, Cortes implied that wrong physical practice can result in serious body problems. He advocated for practicing stretching exercises using a bar. He said that a bar helps the body to stretch gently without being forced.
Doctor Sergio also explained the importance of walking activity, the cheapest means of exercise that the body needs. He depicted that walking improves the functionality of the respiratory system and improving the rate of blood circulation to the better. He also implied that those who practice walking exercise should regularly drink water to hydrate the body.

In conclusion, Dr. Cortes has contributed so much to the success of healthcare industry in Rio and other municipalities.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official

Everyone Needs To Make The Right Dog Food Choice

Many dog owners get confused by the different products that are offered to them for their pet. They might even feel that all of the different products and brands are the same, and that it doesn’t make a difference what they feed their dog. But that is not true. There are so many differences from one brand to the next when it comes to dog food, and it is always a good idea for a pet owner to check out all of the different brands of dog food that are available to them before they go ahead and select one. Because, where dog food is concerned, cheaper is not always the better way to go.
There are some brands that make dog food out of just about anything. Those brands couldn’t care less about the health of a dog, as all that they are into is making money for themselves. They want to make as big a profit as they can, and that is why they stuff a bunch of junk into the dog food that the put out on the shelves. And that is just not right.
There are also some brands that do care about the dogs that they make their products for, though. Beneful on amazon has long cared about pets, and they are always trying to improve upon their products so that pets can be as healthy as they can be. They want to put quality ingredients into all of their dog food. They never just stuff it with a bunch of gross stuff, but instead they put in ingredients that pet owners wouldn’t mind eating, themselves. Everyone who purchases from this brand feels that they can trust it because of the way that Beneful is constantly showing quality when it comes to pet care.
It is time for pet owners to realize that not every brand of dog food that is available to them is the same. There are some that they should never go near, and there are some that will keep their pet healthy and growing stronger each day. They need to take the time to notice the differences between them, and then they need to make the right choice.

First Time Pet Owners: The Basics of Caring For Your Pet

New dog or cat owners sometimes learn about pets through trial and error. Especially if you’ve never kept a pet in the past, learning about these wonderful animal companions sometimes requires more than intuition.

You can’t always depend on your pet to demonstrate common sense. Just like a child, the new dog or cat in your life will require a bit of instruction in order to learn how to “fit in” well with caregivers. You’ll need patience and the ability to meet the pet’s basic requirements in order to develop a great human-companion animal environment.

The Basics: Health Care, Nutrition, Training

Essentially, a pet owner must take charge of the pet’s life in three critical areas: health care, nutrition and training become the human being’s ownership responsibility. As domesticated animals, dogs and cats remain totally dependent on their owners to supply these important essentials.

Health Care Minimums

At a minimum, you should take your pet to a veterinarian at least once a year for a physical check-up. The vet can administer essential vaccinations for your locale.

In most places, obtaining an annual rabies vaccination for the pet constitutes one of the most important responsibilities of the pet owner. Your veterinarian may recommend other essential vaccinations, too, depending on where your reside. Some diseases occur more frequently in certain places. Veterinarians offer valuable suggestions for promoting pet health.

Basic Nutrition

In terms of nutritions, feeding a well rounded, balanced diet made especially for your pet helps promote lifelong health and vitality. Purina Beneful on twitter manufactures a number of excellent food products for pets, including Beneful, one of its most popular lines. Follow the feeding instructions on the label carefully to insure that you offer your pet complete, essential nutrition.

Pet food should fit the individual animal’s species type (dog or cat), age and health status. For example, dog food manufactured for young puppies wouldn’t suit an elderly dog with a different set of nutritional requirements.


Training includes everything from teaching your dog or cat not to defecate in the wrong places to providing adequate exercise. It sometimes surprises new pet owners to discover that cats and dogs don’t automatically learn house training skills. Yet just like infants, pets need training in order to understand your rules.

Most cats readily learn to use a litter box. Dogs sometimes require a lot of patience to house-train. One useful step if you have acquired a dog involves enrolling your pet in an obedience course. You can teach your pet many useful skills, and you’ll typically find that training improves the dog’s behavior significantly around the house, as well.

Dog parks, such as the ones Beneful has helped build in several cities, offer wonderful places to exercise your dog. Most pet owners find that spending a little time becoming better acquainted with their pet offers a rewarding way to develop a strong human-companion animal bond. The time you spend playing with your pets and investing attention in them will return benefits to you a thousand fold.

An All Encompassing Approach to Psychiatry: Healthy Mind Equals Great Life

Psychiatry is a branch of medicine. Psychiatrists help people by studying what influences human behavior. It is about understanding, and treating mental and emotional illness. The most well known psychiatrist is Sigmund Freud. Dr. Freud pioneered the method of psychoanalysis – often called the talking cure – used to understand human behavior and treat the mentally ill. His theory proposed that people needed to understand their own behavior by getting past superficial thinking, and exploring the the subconscious mind. Freud believed the surface of human personality was where people rationalized their behavior, and only by accessing the subconscious could people understand the causes of their problems. Although Freud’s influence is still felt strongly, and his contributions are incalculable, many advances have occurred since his time.
Psychiatry has evolved since the days of Sigmund Freud, but still, mental illness is on the rise. Some possible reasons for this rise: over a decade of war, the relentless pace of modern life, widespread substance abuse, and increasing economic uncertainty. The good news is that psychiatry has developed increasingly effective treatments. Important advances have occurred using medications together with psychotherapy – the new name for the talking cure – to treat many mental illnesses. Psychiatry has also recognized and created a broader spectrum of definitions to classify mental illness. Broader classifications make finding proper treatment easier. The most promising advancement has come from a change in thinking about mental illness. Many experts are now looking at the whole of a person’s experience. Social, biological, and psychological aspects of one’s life are all considered when diagnosing an illness. One Psychiatrist in particular, Dr. Daniel Amen believes that a healthy mind is the key to human health in general.
Dr. Amen is the founder and director of Amen Clinics with facilities in about 10 cities around the country. He is a best selling author, and television producer. He has published numerous scientific articles in the most respected, and prestigious journals of the psychiatric, and neurological communities. Dr. Daniel Amen has the kind of credentials that demand respect among people who study, and treat mental illness. The main premise of his work is built around the belief that a healthy mind leads to a sound body, positive social relationships, and a high level of success. Dr. Amen’s mission is finding a way to make every mind right, and thus every life right. Some have even claimed that Dr. Amen is the most well known and popular psychiatrist in America. Move over Dr. Freud.

The Nutritional Value of Dog Food

The best dog food is one that fits its nutritional values. What makes this a difficult choice is that size, weight, age, and breed, all factor in to the choices made for your pet. They all have a direct impact on what it is your dog needs the most and least of.

The vast majority of dogs will eat almost anything put in front of them. Yet our furry friends simply will not do well on a human diet. Their diet needs to consist of protein along with beneficial fats. Surprisingly, it is the carbohydrates they need least of. Nearly 20 percent of a dogs diet should consist of protein. It may come from fish, meat, and even some vegetables. They also need amino acids along with a certain amount of fat. Fat provides your dog with what it needs for a shiny coat, good skin, dental health, and strong paw pads.

This is a lot for the average person to remember. Purina has been the leader in nutritional dog food for years. The kinds they have to choose from is phenomenal. Purinastore’s Beneful is one such product.

Beneful provides a nutritionally balanced diet available in many different flavors. It can be purchased in both dry and wet forms. It comes in lamb, beef, chicken, and pork. There are also recommended feedings for the overweight dog or the size you may own. Leave nothing to chance with Beneful dog food!