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How Drew Madden Shapes the Healthcare Industry by using his Experience in IT.

Drew Madden is a well-trained healthcare professional specializing in information technology. He is an employee of Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. who has the responsibilities and duties of the president. The IT professional ensures the growth of the corporation through providing consultation services to their various customers as well as hiring employees. Drew Madden prides himself on being a healthcare IT specialist with four epic certifications. He uses his expertise in the field of medicine to shape the healthcare industry by incorporating technology into the system.

Drew Madden joined the University of Iowa after completing his high school education. He later graduated with a degree in industrial engineering majored in medical systems. Drew Madden used his academic credentials and secured several job opportunities at hospitals after completing his undergraduate program. He earned an incredible reputation for his expertise in the field of health. He gained knowledge and skills in optimizing electronic health records in health facilities during his previous experience in the healthcare sector, working for almost ten years.

The healthcare IT specialist got his first employment opportunity at Cerner Cooperation. He served the firm as a consultant for almost two years before being absorbed by Ingenix. Drew Madden was appointed as the regional sales director of the company. Ingenix was previously known as Healthia where the healthcare IT professional worked as a consultant before its sale. He later advanced in his career and secured an employment opportunity at Nordic Consulting Partners.

During his tenure at Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden incorporated his leadership skills and his expertise in implementing, optimizing, managing and advising EMR projects. His experience in managing schemes and consulting operations resulted in the increase in production levels within the firm. Nordic Consulting Partners firm recorded an increase in its employee population from 10 to 725 laborers. The company’s annual revenue grew from one million dollars to $130,000,000, which attracted more clients to the firm. Drew Madden also increased the number of partners from the initial three to over 150. He later established Evergreen Healthcare Partners that offers services in electronic health record platforms and specialized healthcare technology. He uses his firm to promote technology in the healthcare industry through 3D printing, robotic applications to medicine and brain-computer interfaces among others.