Integrated Solutions for Patients with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with Allscripts, a leader in healthcare information technology, and Nanthealth Inc. taking healthcare to the next level of personalization, together have devised a new way in which doctors can plan and prepare customized healthcare for cancer patients. Eviti® is a clinical decision support solution accessing clinical workflow in Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records (EHR). This clinical operation system, NantOS, was built with a comprehensive collection of cancer care data, creating a network of treatment options for doctors.
According to this article, The Clinical Pathways program ingrates new research, average market costs of delivery, and complimentary therapy solutions to build a structure of information in customized patient care. This method will assist in eliminating the guesswork for doctors inundated with new information and create ease individualizing the care of each patient optimizing their quality of life.
As stated on Wikipedia, this program allows for greater transparency around patient healthcare and assists in building confidence for the patients towards their desired treatment goals. Bringing information regarding new and improved care protocols right to the doctors creates more time efficient planning and integration of patient care. With up to date guidelines, response rates, adverse drug reaction’s and toxicity studies, each doctor can discuss in greater detail with their patients the best treatment options and find the best solution to the patient’s individual needs safely and effectively.
The blog have been providing healthcare to adult patients of cancer since 1988. Their national network of five hospitals combine the newest advancements in cancer treatment with individualized patient care.
Their mission is to restore hope and healing to each patient through innovation, respect, and compassion. Working with the patients to heal not just their bodies, but also their hearts and minds through their dedication and devotion to lifelong healing.
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The Apex of Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology is one of the most common medications that are used before, during, and after medical treatments if need be. This vital medication creates a more pleasant and calm environment for patients who are undergoing medical procedures and without it, getting through these procedures would be extremely difficult. Austin, Texas has one of the top independent practices of doctors/nurses who specialize in this vital craft. There at literally hundreds of certified registered nurses on deck as well as around 80 doctors. The organization has steadily grown since it’s inception back in 1973. Today it is one of the biggest independent practices in the U.S.


Capital Anesthesiology Association serves up to 20 medical facilities in the Greater Austin Region. Here are some of the facilities that are being served below:


  • Dell Children’s Medical Center
  • Brackenridge Hospital
  • Texas Surgery Center
  • Strictly Pediatrics
  • Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital
  • Texas Orthopedics
  • And many more


This only scratches the surface of total medical facilities being served, but it gives you a better idea of who, where, and what to expect. CAA covers all sectors of anesthesiology such as regional, cardiothoracic, obstetric, pediatric, and general. The future looks extremely bright for this field of work as well as Greater Austin, Texas. The rest of the country has a successful blueprint to follow for enhancing this vital service.  Source

The Nutrimost Diet System Is Helping People Lose Weight

Nutrimost is a diet system that is unique because it is tailored to an individual’s needs and does not use a one size fits all model for its patients. Before beginning the Nutrimost program which lasts approximately 40 days, a new patient undergoes a body scan using resonant frequency technology. This new scanning technology that allows the medical practitioners in charge of overseeing the 40 day diet plan to see what the real needs of your body are

Resonstant frequency technology measures your bodies responses through galvanic skin reactions. It also sends various messages throughout your body and then measures the physiochemical responses. After evaluating your responses and body scans, you are given a customized approach to restore your body to good health and to a healthy weight.

One of the pillars of Nutrimost is that it is about restoring the natural balance in your body. This involves restoring the proper amount of water fluid levels in the body, balancing the hormones, creating a healthy appetite and suppressing or stimulating it when necessary and of course maintaining a healthy weight level. Combining all of these factors together can lead to effective and safe weight loss that will result in a healthier, leaner and stronger person that can keep the excess weight off for a lifetime.

Nutrimost uses supplements and a change in diet to achieve weight loss and to target the loss of fat specifically. The diet system advocates a healthy and wholesome diet that is rich in whole grains and lean meats, beans and nuts. Refined, sugary, oily and high fat foods which are commonplace in the modern diet are severely cut or eliminated all together. This is done so the body can begin to establish a new balance and regain its footing. Nutrimost is also supervised by a doctor to make sure patients stay on track and to help guide them through the process.

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The Hip Surgeon Sergio Cortes Contributions in Rio Healthcare Industry

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian citizen who works as a doctor. He is a happily married man and a father to three daughters. Dr. Sergio has been in the health industry for more than ten years. In his career, Cortes has been concerned more about people living standards rather than medical care only.
Doctor Cortes has improved the health industry of Brazil to the better. As the Brazil secretary health, Cortes has managed establishments of dispensaries and medical stations in all Brazil Municipalities. Doctor Cortes has also contributed to the medical technological advancements. He owns a web page that strictly deals with healthcare issues.
His commitments and dedication have made him receive more recognitions and awards from his government and the World Health Organizations. Recently, the Sergio Cortes officials made a report publication on physical activities and body exercises that helps to deal with back pain ailments.
In the release, Sergio Cortes advised people not to maintain one sitting position for an extended time to avoid bad postures. In his release, Cortes implied the importance of a specialist or an instructor while undertaking these exercises. As per Dr. Cortes, these activities should be taken seriously to avoid more complications.
He advocated swimming, yoga, cycling and walking as the simple exercises that help relieve back pain. In the release, Cortes said that physical practices help a victim in body stretching, an exercise that eliminates back pain.
Doctor Cortes stated that these practices should be carried out in gym sessions or yoga centers. However, for those who cannot manage to go in these stations should exercise at home. Cortes emphasized the importance of consulting a medical practitioner before undertaking any physical activity. Dr. Cortes depicted that doctors help in identifying the best physical activity that suits your body.
Being a hip surgeon, Cortes implied that wrong physical practice can result in serious body problems. He advocated for practicing stretching exercises using a bar. He said that a bar helps the body to stretch gently without being forced.
Doctor Sergio also explained the importance of walking activity, the cheapest means of exercise that the body needs. He depicted that walking improves the functionality of the respiratory system and improving the rate of blood circulation to the better. He also implied that those who practice walking exercise should regularly drink water to hydrate the body.

In conclusion, Dr. Cortes has contributed so much to the success of healthcare industry in Rio and other municipalities.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official

Brian Torchin Believes Great Staff is What Makes a Practice Successful

Brian Torchin knows what it takes to have a successful health care practice. He learned through years of first hand experience in his own chiropractic practice. He has opened and managed several health care offices in the Eastern United States. Torchin now is the president of his own company, Health Care Recruitment Counselors. The aim of the company is to help health care offices find and hire quality staff as well as help health care professionals find jobs in their field. It is in essence a staffing agency, but is so much more than that as well.

DocCafe writes the company is based out of Philadelphia but offers services world wide. They also have weekend and evening hours to assist clients world wide any time of the day. Before the company officially became Health Care Recruitment Counselors, Torchin began by staffing his own offices that he managed and from there learned how important staff is to a practice. The agency is continually trying to help their clients whether it is a health care office looking for employees or a person looking for a job.

Torchin works to encourage health care workers by understanding that finding a job isn’t always easy. The health care industry is booming, and jobs are plentiful, but finding the right fit isn’t always easy, which is why Torchin started Health Care Recruitment Counselors. He also runs a blog populated with resources, information and advice for those looking for a job in the health care industry. He also includes advice on going through a staffing agency such as Health Care Recruitment Counselors. In Torchin’s blog posts, he is not just promoting his own company, he suggests that staffing companies are not for everyone. However, for people that like a change of pace and don’t mind being moved from job to job, a staffing agency would be a good choice.

Torchin’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in exercise science form University of Delaware. Then he attended New York Chiropractic College where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Health Care Recruitment Counselors has been in business since 2007.

Brushing Your Dog is Good for Her Health

A good brushing not only makes your dog look and smell better, it also improves her health. Even short-haired dogs, like Beagles, benefit from having their coats brushed two to three times a week. Combine regular brushing with proper nutrition using Beneful foods and exercise and you’ll have one healthy, good-looking dog.

Prevents Matted Fur
Matted fur is not only unsightly, it’s painful for a dog. it feels very similar to a human’s ponytail which is pulled too tightly. Clumps of matted fur are also prime locations for fleas to hide and breed, causing the dog even more pain. A daily brushing prevents the dog hair from matting.

Stimulates Circulation
As the brush detangles fur and glides over the skin, the bristles provide a massaging actions that stimulates circulation. The blood rises to the surface of the skin and improves the health of your dog’s fur and skin, helping to keep them both healthy.

Beneful Nutrition
Feeding your dog a well-balanced diet, like that offered with the Beneful brand, will also keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy. What goes inside will show up on the outside and a healthy, shiny coat of fur on the outside will start with the right foods going inside. Beneful by Purina provides the right nutrition for a dog at every stage of life.

Strengthens Core Muscles
Brushing triggers a reflex in dogs that causes a twitching motion to take place along the spine and that twitching engages the core muscle group in the mid-section. As the core muscles contract, they become stronger.

Fewer Hair Balls
Brushing removes loose hair before your dog has a chance to lick himself and swallow the hair. Ingested loose hair typically passes through the digestive system without causing problems, but the occasional hair ball forms from loose hairs that have lodged in the stomach or along the digestive tract.
Beneful dry dog food will help aid in the digestion process and help your dog better eliminate the occasional hairball. Dogs are usually able to pass or to get the hair ball up and out on their own, but sometimes the hairball has to be surgically removed. Regular brushing and dry kibble will help prevent the hairballs from forming.

Health Inspection
Daily brushing allows you to become familiar with what is normal on your dog’s body. You’ll be able to detect a new bump, sore, cut or other abnormality that could indicate a health problem so it can be treated early.

Happy Dog
The physical act of brushing causes your dog’s brain to release feel-good endorphins so she becomes happy and relaxed during a brushing session. Bonding time with you is also another bonus brushing provides.

Brush Type
Hand-held, mitten, long or short bristles, wire or nylon, dog brushes come in a wide assortment of styles. The best brush is the one you’ll use on a regular basis, so invest in a dog brush that fits your hand comfortably.

Using Beneful to Weed Out Your Dog’s Protein Intolerance

Constant scratching, biting and rubbing may indicate fleas in dogs, but sometimes the trigger is an allergy. More often than not, your pet is allergic to a certain ingredient. Many pet owners try varying the menu for a few days, like changing from Beneful’s chicken adult dog food to Beneful’s lamb and pork. Owners forget that pet food is similar to our own menu, and certain diets are not a good fit for every dog. We’ll get to more about how to use Beneful to weed out an intolerance.

Dog food is full of various meats, processed proteins, additives, and natural dyes which can impact your dog’s immune system. The longer a dog is exposed to these foods, the sooner they can develop an allergy.

Keep in mind, many breeds also have a predisposition to allergies, like German Sheppard, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Irish Settlers, and Dachshunds. Certain breeds carry antigens in their bloodstream, which in turn, causes the body’s immune system to over react. It sends out antibodies that lead to inflammation. This process is called “sensitization” but it’s easy to resolve by simply removing the intolerant ingredient from your pets diet.

How do you know if your dog has a food allergy? Some of the typical symptoms include chronic recurrent inflammation of the ears, itching, skin problems, stomach problems, gas, back itching, licking feet, and yeast infections. If you notice hair loss, hot spots, or skin infections, and depending on how bad the problem is, you should have a vet run tests to see if the pet will quickly respond to antibiotics.

It takes Detective Work to Determine a Food Allergy in your Dog

80% of food allergies in dogs are caused by their predisposition to the ingredients in dog food; not the dog food itself, but a predisposition to an ingredient. Many owners are confused by that fact. Just like humans, some pets are allergic to menu items like seafood and even beef, and some have an intolerance to dairy products. For example, the German Sheppard breed has poor digestion and certain sensitivities to food, so pet owners should feed this breed lamb and brown rice, which are easier to digest.

Your vet will more than likely tell you try an elimination diet to find the guilty ingredient that’s causing your pet grief. Many pet owners stick with the same brand of food and simply try a different meal. A good example is switching from Beneful dry dog food in beef to their prepared meals in lamb stew.

One of the benefits of using Beneful’s dog food is that their menu of products work really well for an elimination diet. Pet owners can quickly switch from dry to wet meals, or vice-versa, and conveniently buy a single meal in different proteins until the allergy becomes known. Beneful also works well for digestion issues by offering different textured foods.

Once the symptoms have declined, you’ll know which of the suspect foods to eliminate from your dog’s diet.

Bear in mind that the allergic reaction can also occur from medical issues, like flea bites, dust mites, or your pet could have an intolerance to a household cleaner. What you may consider an allergy, could be a whole other problem.

Tips on Dealing With Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that can damage the brain, cause emotional stress, and also make a person lose their sense of self-love and optimism. The hardest part about being depressed is not knowing what to do to get better. For most people, the problem is merely something they can fore come with time. However, this isn’t always the case for most people said Dr. Daniel Amen on psychcentral. Using these tips can help prepare you for when you are yelling with a very depressed and low moment.

Tips on Dealing With Depression

– Make It A Goal To Overcome Depression

Some people want to stop being depressed, but oftentimes, the struggle is usually in accepting that depression will last forever. With the right help, it doesn’t have to be something that stays with you. Simply having the mental goal in your mind that you want to overcome this disorder can already out you at ease and improve your progression rate to a normal mental state.

– Gratitude

When you wake up in the morning, or even when you feel extremely depressed, just close your eyes for a second and come up with a thing you’re grateful for. This isn’t always easy, but it’s a great start. Just be thankful for a single thing. Focus on that feeling of gratitude and just continue thinking of more things to be grateful for.

Psychiatrists Can Help

If you ever feel like you can’t handle the stress involved and you don’t find a way out of your situation, working with a psychiatrist can be your best bet for handling the condition better. A psychiatrist can help you use the right treatment and products to help you ease the depression.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a professional who can help you out. His knowledge, great experience, and success rates on his clients has proven that he knows what works. It isn’t always easy to overcome such a horrible condition. It gets tougher every time to deal with it, but the right guidance from somebody like this psychiatrist can help you achieve faster progress. You want to develop your mental health as best as you can, and working with a professional will help you succeed on beating out the condition and getting the right treatment.

Depression is always stressful, but the right person to help guide you can help you beat out the condition. Using the tips above can help you make wise choices on dealing with the problem. The struggle is usually just not knowing what to do in order to get better. Working with Dr. Daniel Amen will help you out for the future. Working on this alone can make you feel trapped and alone, so talking it out can make a difference.

How Dr. Daniel Amen advocates for a healthy brain through diet

Dr. Daniel Amen is a popular American Psychiatrist, a specialist in brain disorders and an author who has been chosen by the New York Times as a best seller. His clinics serve people with attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among other disorders. He has published numerous books among them The Daniel Plan: 40 Days To A Healthier Life which he co-authored in 2013 with pastor Rick Warren, Mark Hyman and Mehmet Oz. Janice Norris describes the Daniel plan as a lifestyle program focused on among others five essential components. These components are: food, fitness, focus, faith and friends.

Dr. Daniel Amen on ofspirit gives a series of steps that if used helps to get a diet under control and thus use food as medicine for the brain. The series of steps may be summarized as follows;

1.​He states that every person should increase their intake of water. He makes the observation that the human brain is made up of about 80% water. Therefore even where there is slight dehydration, stress hormones will be raised and overtime, this can lead to brain damage. He further advises that it is best to take liquids when they are free of artificial sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. To this effect he encourages the taking of green tea which he observes contains elements that promote mental relaxation and alertness.

2.​Secondly, he advocates for calorie restriction. He makes reference to research in humans which show that a diet in which calorie is restricted helps the brain while also boosting the longevity of life. This because eating less will help in controlling weight: a decrease in weight decreases the risk of major disease such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke. The brain benefits because there will be an increase in the production of nerve growth factors.

3.​Thirdly, he promotes the eating of fish. This is because fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which then contain DHA. DHA consists of a major portion of the gray matter of the brain.

4.​The fourth step is to include a lot of antioxidants in the diet. He cites studies that show that taking antioxidants from fruits and vegetables greatly reduces the risk of developing cognitive impairment. This is by ensuring that the free radicals in the body are only produced in their normal amounts.

5.​In his fifth step, he advocates for a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one that promotes a balance between the proteins, carbohydrates and fats in any given meal. He states that balance is essential

Beneful Cares about Dogs

When it comes time to choose a company that I know will be there for my dog and really give me what I am looking for when it comes to dog food, I want to choose the kind of company that can prove that it loves dogs. Beneful is one of those companies that shows off their love of dogs again and again. When I am looking for a company that shows that they care about the dogs in my life, I know that Beneful is a good option for me.

When it comes to Beneful and their advertising, they use dogs in that advertising again and again. This brand truly looks out for dogs in all that they do, and their love for the animal really shines in all that they have accomplished. This is the kind of brand that I look for when I am trying to find a dog food brand that cares about my dog as much as I do. Beneful loves dogs, and that shows in all that they do.