Ken Goodrich Returns Goettl to Profit Making Ways

Ken Goodrich is an entrepreneur with expertise in building broken institutions and turning them into profitable ventures. In 2013, he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning. The purchase was after taking 15 company’s back to productive ways. The air conditioning company operated from Phoenix since 1939. After its acquisition, Goodrich saw that the company was making losses, had poor morale and needed rescuing to generate profits. The previous owners got cited by the attorney general for malpractices. The legal matter got settled, but the reputation and perception got harmed. Ken GoodRich said that he had never before experienced such kind of problems. However, the new territory didn’t deter him from pursuing the goal of turning the institution back to profits.


He established workshops that encouraged employees to make a positive impact on customers. Additionally, Goodrich actively participated in the community activities. He facilitated the installation of a free unit in a woman’s home. She was coping with an old and marshy cooler for the last 20 summers. These community activities repaired the customer client relationships ensuring a steady flow of consumers. The company has since grown by 500 percent.


Goodrich employs a sales strategy that ensures customers satisfaction. Technicians get professionally training. Additionally, in maintenance and installations, they ensure they stick to the stipulated times eliminating the cases of overcharging. According to Good rich, customer satisfaction is key to the growth of business.


Goettl is a leader in the distribution of HVAC systems. For years, it has shaped the air conditioning and heating industry. The company prides itself with the provision of unmatched customer services to the people of Arizona. The company tradition began in 1926 with Goettl brothers. A few years later, the brothers moved to Phoenix, Arizona to look for opportunities. The Phoenix–based company became the largest and spearheaded the development of evaporative coolers.


Today, the company offers exceptional air conditioning services and has expanded to Tucson, Las Vegas, and Southern California areas. It is privately held and with a workforce of over 200 employees.