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Billy McFarland–CEO of Magnises–Has Built a Brand–Second-to–None:

If anyone wishes to learn how to establish a brand: one enterprising CEO, Billy McFarland, could head him or her in the right direction. Billy McFarland had the right idea when he decided to create his cool, weighty black card, referred to as Magnises. It is the card that is the perfect social/discount card and pay card for the professional Millennial.


The card is easily linkable to the Millennial’s existing debit card or bank card. Persons like carrying the card; and using it to pay for purchases, since it provides outside parties with such a favorable impression. The thought crosses the mind of the observer: “This person possesses some influence.” provides some info.


The second element is its characteristic of “social cool.” The card provides the Millennial with terrific discounts, to the trendiest locations in the city.


McFarland built rapports with hundreds of trendy vendors, and, as a result provides his Millennial niche with exclusive Magnises member packages so the member can experience captivating shows, terrific forms of dining and the best in nightclub entertainment, without a lofty price tag attached. In other words, members attain the lifestyle of the “Rich and Famous,” without the need to become “Rich and Famous.”


So what is the annual fee of this terrific, bold black card? That is reasonable too: $250.00. This fee is manageable: and the opportunity in making use of the Magnises card is so substantial that the investment is truly reasonable.  Read more on


The member receives discounting with regard to some of the following activities:


1) Exceptional pricing with seating relative to certain shows on Broadway;

2) Custom packages with regard to theme-based eateries and the best dining establishments in the city;

3) Custom discount packages to cool entertainment spots such as a 70ish styled dancing establishment where nightly, DJs spend some of the liveliest musical sets. This particular venue features a tremendous chandelier, in the middle, that continually changes color;

4) An amenity referred to as ClubPass–small monthly fee–that allows the Millennial to gain entry into the city’s coolest clubs–without a wait;

5) Cocktail parties from prime city locations–high above the metropolitan area–at sunset;

6) A home-base in way of a penthouse location, wherein, Magnises members mingle over their favorite libations;

8) A working space–ideally suited for the entrepreneur, that normally costs around $500 monthly–however, for the Magnises member, it is a mere $99.00 per month. (The preceding option is reason enough for many members to invest in the card–offered at a reasonable $250, annually.)

9) Private concerts and invitations to certain special shows–offered to Magnises members, only.

10) Entry to gallery exhibitions; access to some of the coolest and most regal rooftop gardens; and more.

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The preceding is a small listing: however, the professional Millennial cannot deny discounts, for such preferred activities or offered as gratis, is certainly encouraging news. Billy McFarland, CEO of the Magnises Company, has definitely created a brand worth its weight.  Added details on

Let Slyce Help You To Implement Image Recognition Into Your Current Software

Those who are very particular about certain fashions, or if they like certain products, they may have a difficult time finding a product that they see when they’re out and about. There are certain scenarios that may render it necessary to use what is called “image recognition software.” Say for instance you’re outside of a closed shopping mall, and through the window you see a really nice purse. The purse is so captivating that you feel the need to take a picture of it, so you can remember to ask about it when the store opens.

If you use image recognition software, taking a picture will be the first step to helping you identify the product. The picture can be sent through the software, and the software will be able to identify exactly what the product is, and it can tell you the price of the product, and you’ll be able to find out where to buy the product. This may sound too good to be true, but many people who have retail stores of their own, especially big department stores, they are implementing product recognition software within their applications.

When it comes to this type of software, Slyce is number one, and they’re a leader in helping companies to implement the software. Slyce has different software that can be implemented within a current application in order for customers to utilize the image recognition engine. If a company chooses to implement the image recognition software into their current application, it works with the current application. A customer may be able to take a picture of a product that they want to buy. Once they run the product through the application, the application will return with the exact name of the product and the price. In some cases the customer may be able to purchase the product right through the application.

Slyce has other technologies that can help people to find a product that they don’t necessarily know the name of. Even billboards and printed ads can be used to identify a product using the image recognition software. It’s as easy as taking a picture of the product in order to identify exactly what the product is. It’s no longer necessary to ask a person on the street where they got their product from, especially if you can quickly snap a picture of the product. With Slyce’s image recognition software, it’s easy to find any unknown product.

The QNet Philosophy

QNet Ltd is a direct marketing company based in Hong Kong. The original name of the company was GoldQuest and offered collectable coins, usually designed by commission. Today, under the name of QNet, the company is one of the leading direct sales companies offering business opportunities to people in more than 100 countries. The opportunity, embraced with a willing spirit, marketing savvy and determination will allow participants to become self reliant and raise their standard of living.

The founders of QNet were inspired by the life and work of Ghandi, one of the greatest humanitarians and leaders of all times. Ghandi embraced RHYTHM – Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. This method and strategy empowers others to work hard and become successful and that has become the core of the QNet business.

Based on that strategy, QNet advocates for the In-Service concept and regard it as a very important characteristic element of leadership. Serving others before self is the true benchmark of a leader and has become the hallmark of QNet.

QNet offers its independent sales representatives the necessary tools and education to achieve financial success and independence. Through the education process, QNet representatives learn more about the products being offered and establish trust and a level of expert authority which is essential to the selling process.

The philosophy behind QNet is to offer a variety of products via e-commerce. (Twitter) The strategy includes direct selling, as well as multi-level marketing. The strategy allows everyday people with the entrepreneurial spirit to start their own business. Success of the individual business owner depends on independent sales representatives referring consumer products to customers. Compensation for the sales force is based on volume of sales and referrals, in addition to recruiting other sales representatives to build a sales team around.

QNet was founded in 1998 and offer a variety of product that include personal care, nutrition, weight management, luxury goods, fashion accessories and home care. In 2002, the company began offering vacations and travel packages. In 2005, the company branched out in telecommunications and in 2006, the company added Bernard H. Mayer watches to their repertoire of products.

QNet is a leader in providing Internet service for both residential and business customers. The company is committed to reliable service and excellence in customer service at affordable and competitive pricing. They also offer web hosting, web design services, DLS and dial-up service and dedicated circuitry.

In addition to Hong Kong, the company also maintains offices in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Philippines and Indonesia.