JHSF CEO Named Influential Fashion Icon

José AuriemoNeto may not be the first person that comes to mind when you think of Brazil’s fashion world; after all, he’s not a clothing designer and doesn’t work directly in the fashion world. He has, however, helped bring a variety of top international brands to Brazil. These include the likes of René Caovilla, BrunelloCuccinelli, Hermés, Valentino, Jimmy Choo and Pucci. José Neto has worked in the real estate world for decades and has quickly become one of the market leaders in the industry. Mr. Neto founded JHSF in São Paulo, Brazil in 1972 alongside his brother Fábio and two other partners. Throughout the company’s history, the brothers firmly established the foundation for their success and grew on an almost constant basis.

In 1990 the company was split in two with both brothers taking a half. JoséNeto took JHSF Participações and focused on the real estate market operations in Brazil. However, Mr. Neto then realized that it would be a profitable business decision to look into more commercial real estate. Because of that, JHSF began investing in the shopping center segment; this ended up being massively successful. One of the most notable investments the company made during this time is the Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz in São Paulo, Brazil. The shopping center was the first mall in the country to feature a subway station. This ended up being sold in 2010 to BR Malls for quite a significant sum.

In 2014, José Neto led the company into the luxury commercial outlet market with the development of the Catarina Fashion Outlet. The luxury retail premises brought in a significant amount of internationally renowned brands, such as Jimmy Choo and others; these brands either only had a minimal presence in the country or none at all. Because of that, the Catarina Fashion Outlet was the first step in putting Brazil on the fashion map.It’s also one of the few notable decisions that helped José Neto become somewhat of an icon in the fashion world. This led him to become one of the 500 most influential fashionistas according to Business of Fashion.

Louis Chenevert: Leadership and Innovation

Louis Chenevert is a prominent business person and a former senior executive in the aerospace industry. He is the former chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, UTC. He worked in these top positions for six years. His track record while working as the CEO makes him a prominent entrepreneur even in his retirement. He managed to lead this company at a very difficult time and never recorded losses. He took over the leadership in 2008 during the financial crisis and worked very hard to make this company successful. He saw the company’s share triple in such a short time.

Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal, Canada. He attended HEC Montreal School of Business where he graduated with a degree in production management. Using the skills and knowledge gathered in school, Chenevert joined General Motors and worked for 14 years as a production manager. He was in charge of super-fast production of vehicles in the factory. The production rate at the time stood at one car per minute.

Louis Chenevert later moved to the aerospace industry. In 1993, he joined Pratt & Whitney Canada before he was invited to join the main Pratt & Whitney in the United States. His record in this company includes reducing the production time of a jet engine from two years to nine months.

Louis Chenevert scored exemplary well in the fields of innovative technology and leadership. He is regarded as the best executive to have served UTC. Due to his contributions, it is almost impossible to talk about the success of UTC without mentioning something he did. He focused on the long-term success of the company, a factor that has made the company successful even after he retired.

One of the greatest contributions he made to this company was overseeing the development of the GTF engine. The company invested over $10 billion in the development of the engine. It has however earned the company a lot more since they started its production. Currently, the aerospace wing of UTC remains the ever consistently profitable business. The GTF engine is the most efficient in the global aerospace industry.

The Life of Harry Harrison                           

Harry Harrison was the head of Barclays Non-Core in London from 2014 to 2017. He has worked in trading and investing at Barclays for more than two decades. Harry holds a BS in economics from the University of Warwick. He attended the University of Cambridge where he graduated with masters of philosophy in finance. Harry is married to Amy Nauiokas, and they live in New York.

Harry shared about his life and how he ventured into his company during a recent interview. Harrison revealed that the idea behind his company was as a result of an intense curiosity about how firms operate, how they interact with macroeconomic forces, and how companies translate ideas or business models from theory to practice. Harry admits that after graduating from Cambridge University, it was difficult to imagine venturing into any other career besides the financial services sector. He worked as a derivatives trader for several years before being tasked with the role of managing teams of trading traders and fixed income sales.

When asked about how he spends his day and how he ensures that he has productive days, Harry was quick to note that he doesn’t have typical days. Harry notes that he decided to take the opportunity after the end of his job at Barclays to take a break and venture into the world without focusing on the large financial institution. Surprisingly, Harry loved staying at home looking after their children. Besides, he tried Pilates and yoga, and he plans on trying French and golf. Harry further reveals that a combination of collaboration, diversity, and humility are the ingredients he uses to bring ideas to life. He believes that a diverse and committed team innovates strong ideas. Harrison notes that he loves Waze because it is developed better than other navigation applications in the market.

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Gareth Henry From Math to Manager

Gareth Henry trained to be an actuarial scientist during his academic years. He crossed over into business management, eventually working for Fortress Investment Group in the United States. As his skills sharpened,he found himself stationed in London, managing fund procurement in vast regions like Middle Asia.

It takes s certain ability to manage funds in such large quantity. Gareth Henry’s analytical talents,and business savvy, indicate Gareth’s results oriented drive to succeed. He rates as a top notch investor with keen predictive qualities, These qualities can enhance the employer’s portfolio without any doubts.

Fortress Investment Group receives tremendous benefits with the training,and advancement of Gareth Henry. His pursuit of excellence, manifests into greater responsibilities. Gareth meets these challenges head on, and puts up numbers Fortress Investment Group demands. He demonstrates a high quality return on investment. He not only manages and knows money, he can do the math. Investment portfolio experts with highly tuned skills on money matters ,from hedge funds to stock options, can make the Earth tremble. Be it so cliche, business managers,like Gareth Henry, raise funds knowing negotiations can be tough, but compromise could mean success for all.

Whatever kind of sale, He knows his material. Investments are made for profit. Customer satisfaction,of course, goes without question. Business managers don’t normally manage so large a geographic area as himself. His concentrated effort puts him in the position as one of Society’s best, now and into the future.Fortress Investment Group has maintained high standards over the years, and I in no way want to embellish about any individual investor. Here is a chance to give credit where credit is due. Gareth Henry stands on principle, and while the never ending battle to win continues, He reaches his set goal,and some efforts even more so. Gareth Henry is a tremendous asset to his firm and to the business community.

Sahm Adrangi Negative Report on Quinstreet Company

Sahm Adrangi is the establisher of Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. Before he was an investment analyst at the Longacre Fund Management, a private company that manages over $1.2 million of assets. His responsibility was to research and analyses both equity and credit funds. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts and Economics. Sahmm Adrangi has a history of exposing fraudulent companies like St Joe, Kodak and the China-Biotics.

Sahm Adrangi recently exposed the QuinStreet, which is an ad tech company that acts as an intermediary between the niche websites and the advertisers. The Kerrisdale Capital Management is a short share of the QuinStreet. The firm attracts clients who are doing their shopping, the QuinStreet welcomes the visitors and deliver their data to the advertisers and earns a fee. The eight-year history of the firm is that its stock was trading lesser than its IPO price.

The OuinStrret investors have realised that the firm is an old company that is unlikely to survive with the ever-changing online advertising. In the eight months, the QuinStreet Shares has increased drastically, fueled by the shallow market and their norm of decreasing their sales. The firm now conducts its business at the variety of 60x operating profit. A few of the investors understand how the firm runs with its business. According to Sahm Adrangi the company progressing revenue might be a Sham. The QuinStreet legitimacy is questionable since its proprietary sites cannot be found when searching for results and its technology based on click monetisation is simultaneously in favour of the competitors.

The claimed that QuinStreet sources are profitable for its clients for advertising. Despite the fact that it’s most significant source of traffic is the that has been a fake site for the past few months. Which asks the users to click advertising links, Sahm Adrangi doesn’t see the legitimacy of the firm since the QuinStreet traffic is due to the domain names that are associated with fraud of paid survey. The firm affiliate programs and its source of traffic are what makes the firm be a sham. The firm Investment is high as it is one of the broadest Institutional Investors.

Randal Nardone- Using the Power of Innovative Charm

The primary functions of any finance depart have tremendously changed and grown to blend nicely with technology apps. Financers handle most of the senior leadership roles in various companies, and they use their viable solutions to the arithmetics of the business. Randal Nardone plays a significant role as one the financiers who have firmly cemented his name in the private equity and the financial service industry.Randal has over decades of years in the financial industry, and he boasts of being listed in the Forbes journal as no 557 wealthiest billionaires globally enjoying a net worth of 1,8billion dollars. He went to University of Boston and Connecticut University majoring in arts and later joined the career world holding high positions. Randal Nardone is a business mentor, team leader, and founder of different companies dealing. He is eminent for co-founding Fortress Investment Group where he plays different leadership responsibility as the chief executive officer.

The firm is accredited for providing private equities and credit funds services to various companies globally.The nature of business needs exemplary leadership skills, and Randal Nardone has provided that according to his employees who applaud him for the firm growth and success. He has expanded the Fortress Investment Group to different horizons offering scopes of services. Apart from working stable for his company he plays unique leadership roles as the Principal and co-founder of Fortress Credit Corporation. Other companies include the Newcastle Investments Holdings, Springleaf Financial Holdings, the Fortress Investment Trust and the Fortress Investment Funds among others. Randal has played senior executive responsibilities moving the companies to achievement and serving under different departments.

Randal Nardone worked in USB as the firm managing director in 1997 and 1998 he moved to BlackRock as the principal of the Financial Management sector. He worked for few years and shifted to Thacher Proffitt and Woods as one of the company partners and in also worked in Fortress Transportation as a senior manager. All the way through Nardone working tenure he ensured his departments were streamlined to produce excellent and outstanding performances and services while merging with the client’s needs.The SoftBank Group acquired the Fortress Investment Group a move that Randal Nardone believes will blend well with the sound principles of the company that includes excellent business brand, model, culture, processes, and employees. Randal will continue offering his exceptional skills and management together with his partners and the staff.

Louis Chenevert and The Leadership He Played at United Technologies

The incipient part in the career of Louis Chenevert is filled with lots of obstacles, changes, exhaustive corporate hurdles and untoward workplace dynamics that if it weren’t for his strong resolve, would’ve caused him to crack.

His role as the Former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation is one of the most difficult roles he played in his career, and the good thing right now is that he is able to withstand it all and create new opportunities for others to follow his path, learn from his trials and offer the same kind of dedication for a company that withstands changes.

Surrounding Yourself With Winners

There are many factors that contribute to the improvement of one’s leadership, and one of the big ways to do that is to make sure one is surrounded by winners. Many experts right now would say that when you surround yourself with the right leaders, and with people who know your vision and follow it, you imbibe the same energy, use that for your own management and improve the operations of your company simply by getting the psychological attitudes of the leaders that surround you. In the case with Louis Chenevert, his leadership at the United Technologies Corporation as CEO in April 2008 and Chairman in January 2010, he had to surround himself with executives from other companies in order to get their ideas and use them for his growth.

The Training

It might be safe to say here that the role of Louis Chenevert in the company has not been that easy to implement. However, he has already been trained in many aspects of running a business through his work at General Motors as its General Manager. He was also the President at Pratt and Whitney, and the training he got from such roles are instrumental in making sure that he knows how to run a large-scale company such as United Tech.

The formal educaiton of Louis Chenevert is also at the Universite de Montreal, majoring in Bachelor of Commerce and his formal education in that department has been outstanding in giving him the theoretical aspects of running a business

News In New York Real Estate

There’s no question that New York city has become the urban revitalization success story of our time. Though this sizzling city has always been a mecca for artists, actors, writers and business people from almost every walk of life, there were many times in the past when life in this incredible city came with a price. That price was living in a place plagued with high crime, soot, and a pervasive feeling of urban decline about it.

That New York, however, is a thing of the past, and there is a whole new breed of foreign investors who are betting solid money on the brightness of this big city’s future.


The luxury apartment market in New York, and its very revitalized boroughs, like Brooklyn, has become very attractive to foreign investors due to the care that’s been put into restoring and rehabbing the buildings and neighborhoods here. Today, the ever hotter residential NYC real estate market (as reported in a recent article in The Real Deal) is luring in savvy Chinese residential buyers who are great admirers of New York and its many attractions.


Some of the savviest luxury real estate professionals in New York, like the experts at TOWN Residential, know that solid value for the price is what this market is all about. TOWN is one luxury real estate firm that has taken off in the past few years due to the unsurpassed customer service and knowledge of the market the realtors at town offer to clients. That’s something that serious buyers in this market come to expect, and that’s why they’re putting real money into New York’s upscale apartments these days.


Why New York, and why now? Many serious Chinese real estate investors feel that New York is the leading US city now, and it’s a place that never will lose its value. Another aspect of this is the amazing way the city has become revitalized since the dark days past when New York’s economy faltered. Today, the Big Apple is back in a big way, and pros in the luxury real estate market are really paying attention.