News In New York Real Estate

There’s no question that New York city has become the urban revitalization success story of our time. Though this sizzling city has always been a mecca for artists, actors, writers and business people from almost every walk of life, there were many times in the past when life in this incredible city came with a price. That price was living in a place plagued with high crime, soot, and a pervasive feeling of urban decline about it.

That New York, however, is a thing of the past, and there is a whole new breed of foreign investors who are betting solid money on the brightness of this big city’s future.


The luxury apartment market in New York, and its very revitalized boroughs, like Brooklyn, has become very attractive to foreign investors due to the care that’s been put into restoring and rehabbing the buildings and neighborhoods here. Today, the ever hotter residential NYC real estate market (as reported in a recent article in The Real Deal) is luring in savvy Chinese residential buyers who are great admirers of New York and its many attractions.


Some of the savviest luxury real estate professionals in New York, like the experts at TOWN Residential, know that solid value for the price is what this market is all about. TOWN is one luxury real estate firm that has taken off in the past few years due to the unsurpassed customer service and knowledge of the market the realtors at town offer to clients. That’s something that serious buyers in this market come to expect, and that’s why they’re putting real money into New York’s upscale apartments these days.


Why New York, and why now? Many serious Chinese real estate investors feel that New York is the leading US city now, and it’s a place that never will lose its value. Another aspect of this is the amazing way the city has become revitalized since the dark days past when New York’s economy faltered. Today, the Big Apple is back in a big way, and pros in the luxury real estate market are really paying attention.