Ways to Combat the Dreaded Louse

Although lice aren’t responsible for spreading disease or endangering our health, we all want to avoid getting them. But nearly all school-aged children are susceptible, and the louse isn’t about to go extinct. So, what can be done to fight it?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated it’s recommendations on how to fight lice, giving some helpful tips for those affected. They list several products which are recommended for treatment, and also give some warnings. Always make sure the product used is safe for the age of the person being treated, and use correct amounts and procedures. Internet DIY treatments should be approached with caution, as they haven’t been evaluated for safety or effectiveness.

And after the person is free of lice? Because mature lice cannot survive without more than a day without sucking blood, and eggs cannot hatch when the temperature isn’t the same as a human’s head, it may be sufficient to replace frantic cleaning with a short stay away from the house.

Preventing lice isn’t always possible, and treating the scalp with chemicals or other treatments is not handy. Instead, common sense practices should be used, such as making sure hair brushes and combs aren’t shared. Daily bathing isn’t really helpful, but finding lice early on is important. Getting rid of the lice before they spread is definitely helpful for preventing a widespread scourge of head lice.