Living a Life of Luxury with Magnises

Helicopter rides through the Hamptons, private shows by Ja Rule and discounts at luxurious restaurants, bars and clubs are just a few of the many perks of holding one of the coveted Magnises black cards. This members-only card could make the difference in you having a so-so night to having the night of your life. The annual cost of membership is a mere $257.55 which is a price that anyone can afford.

Billy McFarland, the founder of Magnises, knew just what he was doing when he started this business. At the young age of 23, Billy definitely knows what millennials want, and he knows how to give it to them. Whether you’re in it for the nightlife, high-class art previews or notorious chef tastings, you are certain to make your friends jealous of your glitzy status.

Magnises offers an extremely unique networking experience. Because their members are by approval only, an elite group of individuals are who you will be spending your time with. If you are a business owner looking to build your empire or an individual looking to expand your work horizons, this is the place for you. You will be amongst the best of the best and can make lifetime business partners and friendships through your membership.

Magnises has an app known as Magnises NOW that is for its exclusive members. The app suggests nightlife events to Magnises members, can help you with reservations and is truly a guide to changing your life that fits in your pocket.

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Just this year, Magnises rolled out additional features to its members. Some of these include access to the co-working facilities at Alley, access to the most exclusive New York nightclubs, through a feature called ClubPass and a low-cost stay at The Dream Hotel’s New York location. Each of these exclusive benefits are offered at a low monthly cost and could end up saving you thousands.

Magnises makes sure to have its presence known on social media. You can follow Magnises on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get the latest updates from the company. These updates include new membership perks, such as free private plane rides, VIP tickets and parties for its prestigious members. The networking alone through these social media sites is enough to make you click follow, but the perks you’ll find really put the icing on the cake.

It is obvious why this elite company is so alluring to millennials. Millennials want to get out there and make friends, build their social network and increase their job prospects, all of these things are easily achieved through a Magnises membership. The low-cost feature gives millennials a chance to dabble in luxury that otherwise might not have been available to them.

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A Healthy Lifestyle Aids Joseph Bismark In Business


The managing director of the QI Group, Joseph Bismark has revealed to asPire Magazine the secrets to his impressive business life and the ease with which he lives his personal life, as reported by Yahoo News. Joseph Bismark has been an important part of the QI Group for a number of years and has been in his current role since 2008, a period which has seen the QI Group embark on an impressive period of environmentally conscious products and decisions.

The life of Joseph Bismark has always seen the businessperson embark on a period of contemplation that originally led him to study at a monastery in the Philippines. Bismark has also embarked on a large number of decisions that have affected both his business and personal life. In business, Bismark is well known for being one of the most popular employers in the world, encouraging those in his employ to achieve their best. This has led the Singapore based businessperson to encourage all those around him to have respect for others and aim to be the best people they can on a daily basis.

Outside of his business life, Joseph Bismark informed Business Wire that he has looked to combine his spiritual life with his everyday practices and exercise regime. An avid cyclist, Bismark has incorporated technology into his daily rides by using an app on his mobile devices to track the length and speed of his rides. This move towards technology has also taken place in his daily meditation and contemplation with the use of the Soundcloud app to upload his favorite mantras for his own use and for the use of others. Sharing his favorite mantras with others is part of the service Joseph Bismark undertakes for others and includes his decision to train to become a teacher at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark has embarked on a period of training and now teaches yoga on a regular basis, which allows him to also work with other teachers to continue learning new techniques.

The spiritual side of life has always been important to Joseph Bismark and allows him to make sure his life remains balanced between business success and personal happiness. The chance to continue to teach the processes of yoga and meditation are amongst the most important aspects of his life, which influences both his personal life and career.