Lip Balm Variations

The Power of EOS

Many people use lip balm products, especially in winter when the weather is very dry and cold. Lip balm products help soothe dry lips and keep them moisturized so they don’t crack and get sore. The Evolution Of Smooth, better known as EOS, has a large variety of products to help your lips make it through the harsh winters.

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The original EOS lip balm products come in a large collection of flavors to make putting on your lip balm fun and flavorful! Passion fruit, wild berry, and sweet mint are just a few of the flavors to pick from. You can also find other EOS collections to meet your other needs.

The crystal lip balm contains all natural oils from sources such as avocado, shea, and coconut. It’s completely wax free for a light moisturizing experience. The crystal lip balm collection has the option of hibiscus peach or vanilla orchid as the flavors.

You can also find their active lip balm which contains SPF to protect your lips while you enjoy your out door activities and shimmer lip balm that has a bit of a glossy look to it. These also have different flavors but all come in the sphere shape container that EOS is known for, refer also to

All of the Evolution Of Smooth products come in the sphere shape container to make it easy to grab and use. They all also have wonderful flavors and none of the products are tested on animals. The EOS products are also all hypoallergenic and natural so you know what you are getting when you use it.

EOS is known for lip balm products and will get you hooked with the natural ingredients. They also have lotions and shaving creams that are equally as good. Once you try the Evolution Of Smooth, you won’t go back! Buy here!