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Venezuelan Civil Unrest

Reuters reports civil unrest currently in Venezuela. The civil unrest began last year when the country began to have food shortages. The food shortages became severe and unrest turned violent. The Venezuelans began looting and rioting for food. The Venezuelan security forces leader Danilo Diaz Granados responded by arresting at least four hundred people. There have been several deaths in Cumana (the capital city of the Sucre state), but the regional governor of the Sucre state denied they were related to looting. The regional governor (a member of the socialist party) went further and told by local station AtodoMomento that he believes the looters were encouraged by right wing politicians. The violence escalated so much, that in recent weeks three people were shot dead, and two suspects were arrested. Other reports of deaths surrounding the looting have been reported and deaths most likely will continue until the food shortage crisis is resolved in Venezuela.