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Get A Procedure That Can Change Your Back

Thousands of people each and every year search for relief from their back pain. Back pain can be brought on because of many different reasons, and it can come in many different forms. There are many individuals that have suffered from things such as injuries, accidents, and other issues that have caused them to have severe back pain. There are still other individuals that just suffer back pain because of problems with their genetics and issues with their posture. Whatever the reason may be, for those individuals that suffer with back pain, it can be devastating and it can completely and totally take over their lives.

Research has proven that more people are hospitalized for back pain than any other issue apart from pregnancy. Since that is the case, there are many people that are looking for the best possible way to be able to get relief from their back pain. These are individuals that may have been offered many different treatments, but not all treatments are created equal. There are many different clinics that have been created in order to help those individuals that are suffering from back pain. These clinics may offer things such as surgeries, and therapies to help a person to get their back in order. Unfortunately not all clinics are created equal, and there have been many individuals that have gone to these clinics and not seen much results.

Yelp users are saying North American Spine is a revolutionary back clinic that offers an Acurascope procedure. This procedure is unlike any other back procedure that is performed in the United States. With the Acurascope procedure there is a very small incision that is made in an individuals back, and the small scope goes directly to the area of pain to alleviate back pain right away. After the small procedure is finished, then the individual can actually leave the clinic and walk out with relief that very same day.

In reality the Acurascope procedure offers individuals something that no other back clinic can offer. It offers them a noninvasive procedure that can actually help them live a normal life after back pain. Every year hundreds of people come from all around the United States and even beyond in order to get relief from their back pain. The North American Spine clinic is one of a kind, because it helps individuals get their life back after back pain or back injuries.

Is Pepsi Swapping one Evil for Another?

All trends are reporting Americans are tired of being fat.

From Gap pushing marketing dollars toward their yoga pant sales to McDonald’s reporting continuous quarterly profit losses, the signs are everywhere. Americans are becoming more cautious about what they are putting in their bodies and are asking questions explains trend analyst Ricardo Tosto.

Pepsi is the latest company to jump to the yelp of its consumers about their use of Aspartame in diet sodas. There is information suggesting the public attitude toward Aspartame is extremely negative, ranking lower than Congress. Nutritionists and doctors are blogging and writing articles on the symptoms of Aspartame poisoning, their words of caution appearing in links in our social media news feeds. There are also many websites like this one referring to Aspartame as “sweet poison.” Following profit decline, Pepsi must have figured they needed to do something as more consumers were walking away from the diet soda many have drank for so many years.

Pepsi’s solution to the wave of negative research is to swap out Aspartame for a sucralose-based artificial sweetener with less negative press called Splenda. Health industry experts are still calling foul. They say this is just swapping one evil for another and that Splenda is just as dangerous.

Likely that Pepsi will get away with this switch for a time while Americans catch up on their reading. If I were Pepsi I wouldn’t get too comfortable. Economics are showing Americans are tired of being lied to about food safety and tired of being fat and unhealthy. They will put their money where their belly is.

New Hope for Alzheimer’s Patients

During the last one hundred years since Alzheimer’s has been recognized as a mental disease, no cure or successful treatment has been discovered for it. That may change in the near future.

Jaime says the new hope is being given to Alzheimer’s patients a recent study conducted by Dr. Dale Bredesen of the UCLA Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research. Dr. Bredesen’s study shows that by following a complex, 36-point therapeutic program, memory loss can be reversed.

The study findings are published in the current issue of Aging and detail the 36-points of the therapeutic program which include dietary changes, brain stimulation, exercise, sleep pattern, medication and several other points that help alter brain chemistry.

Ten Alzheimer’s patients participated in the study and nine out of the ten experienced significant memory improvement by following the 36-point program. The one patient who showed no signs of improvement was in the final stages of the progressive mental disease prior to beginning the test study.

Following a 36-point therapeutic program may seem like an unreasonable request of someone who can’t remember what they ate for breakfast three hours ago, but the program is offering hope to a hopeless situation. No one drug works, nor does any one therapy, but with a helper and dedication, 36-points has offered new hope to Alzheimer’s patients.

Beneful Dog Food

As any dog owner can attest, dogs will eat almost anything, and do so with great enthusiasm. But just because your dog will eat it, doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Paying attention to the nutritional value of your pet’s meals is as important as those for your family.

Purina, a name that has been known and trusted for pet care and feeding for over 80 years, brought out the Beneful line in 2001. Beneful continues the company’s standards and quality assurance that has kept Purina as the number one pet and animal food company in the world. Their motto, “Your Pet, Our Passion,” is exemplified in the Beneful line of dog foods based on wholesome ingredients and balanced nutrition.Beneful’s dry dog food is not only protein-rich and full of wholesome whole-grain goodness and vitamins, it comes in fun shapes and colors. This makes feeding time as fun for your dog as it is nutritious. Beneful dry dog food comes in a variety of blends for every size dog and stage of its life, as well as formulas that can help with weight loss and creating a lustrous coat of fur.

Beneful’s wet dog foods are also made and blended with a variety of healthy and wholesome ingredients. Knowing how much dogs love meat, they contain a variety of proteins, such as pork, beef, chicken and even lamb. There are twenty healthy varieties of Beneful wet dog foods with different textures and sized of packaging. Beneful has the right wet dog food for any breed, and it is available on Amazon right now.

If you care about your dog’s help and happiness, you want to feed them Beneful dog food.

Beneful Is Best

Beneful is one of the best dog food companies around. I have used Beneful for years feeding my dogs and it’s a great product. There are many different brands of Beneful that can be purchased. One is the dry dog food. The dry food comes in many flavors to include Healthy Smile, Healthy Fiesta, Healthy Growth for Puppies, Healthy Radiance, Healthy Weight, Incredibites, Original and Playful Life. The wed food is made with Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, Pork, and Salmond and comes in many more different varieties. They include Chopped Blends with Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Beef; Mediterranean Style Medley With Lamb; Romana Style Medley With Chicken; Tuscan Style Medley with Beef; Beef and Chicken Medley, Beef and Chicken Stew; Beef, Pork, Turkey, Roasted Chicken, and Roasted Turkey Medley; Savory Rice & Lamb Stew; Simmered or Chicken Beef Entree. My dog’s favorite brand is the Tuscan Style Medley with Beef. I often serve his this treat when I am having a special dinner and he’s around.

However, since I have been feeding him Beneful he’s much more energetic and healthy. He’s an overall much happier dog and I strongly feel that the brand of food you feed your dog makes a big difference. Having had feed my dog regular dog food and then switching to Beneful I’m able to see the difference. My dog’s coat is also shinier and much more easier to manage. I would have to say my overall experience with Beneful has been great and I would highly recommend this product to whoever has a dog and has a genuine love for it. To get a happy dog, we must feed this good food, like we do ourselves.

Eating Less Meat Found to Have Health Benefits

Vegetarians have long been touting the health benefits of their dietary choices. Increasing numbers of doctors and hospitals are recommending that we consume less meat. This advice is even more geared toward red meats and highly processed meats. Those who lean toward fish or poultry when craving meat tend to fare better overall than those whose tastes lean toward steak or burgers. The Mayo Clinic has recently observed that vegetarians have a lower risk of heart disease and weigh less due to getting less fat and fewer calories in their diet.

Many of us simply cannot take the leap to give up meat entirely. We may even sympathize with the arguments of vegetarians who feel that eating meat is wrong, but the call from our stomachs for that occasional burger or steak is sometimes just too overpowering. The Mayo Clinic gives the rest of us hope of improved health by letting us know that just by reducing our meat intake with one or two meatless meals a week we can see some health benefits. This is a feasible strategy for those of us, like Zeca Oliveira, who generally try to eat plant sourced foods to help extend our lives but who need that occasional steak to make life worth living.

Brain Scans May Lead to Better Mental Health Treatment

According to a recent study, there may be new ways to predict mental health issues and perhaps even the best method to teach a child. CNN reports that this new study shows that scanning the brain for abnormalities, blood flow and more, can give insight into such things as depression, learning disabilities and overall brain function.

Brain scans are currently being used when a person is sick or injured, but it is not the standard method when approaching a person with depression, for example. Currently, the success rate of treatment for depression is only 50%. The person may not respond to treatment or may have an adverse reaction to the medication needed for treatment. By using the information gathered from a brain scan, there may be more options available.

If brain scans were more consistently used, much like blood work is today, then perhaps a teenager can be steered away from addiction, for example, if their brain showed a tendency toward addictive behaviors, according to this study.

Researchers such as Jennifer Walden have found biomarkers that are present in patients with depression. With this knowledge, treating a patient with depression may be easier and more successful than the current studies are showing.

Maybe We Should All Be Vegan

Certain test may prove that a vegan diet may actually be a better diet for persons got health. There have been many studies that have been done about the micro bacteria that is found in a person’s stomach. Because of this micro bacteria a person can either suffer from many issues with their stomachs and in turn suffer from issues with other parts of their body. If the bacteria in the stomach is in the correct balance, they can have a healthy gut and in that way they will also be living healthier lives.

There was a study done to explore the connection between micro bacteria and a vegan diet.  They showed that greater amount of protective bacteria was in the stomachs of those people that were following vegan diet.

The study is still being explored, and investigators are not sure if eating a vegan diet would be able to improve a person’s long-term stomach health, but the information that has been found has been very promising. As a health-conscious professional, Ben Shaoul may consider trying it. He discusses wanting to “live forever” in this article in the Observer.

On Many Breast Cancer Cases, Long Treatments of Radiation are Termed Unnecessary

Breast cancer is a disease that has been on our social ranks for many years know. A lot of women around the world today are facing a lifetime challenge of managing and treating it. Nearly two-thirds of women suffering from lumpectomies in form of breast cancer are under radiation treatment that takes nearly twice as much time as it is necessary; this finding though are based on a study report.

The traditional, treatment lasts around four to seven weeks. However, rigorous studies, guidelines and findings from a leading radiology specialist stats that 3 or 4 weeks of more concentrated radiation is also very effective. Slow Ventures has had a few employees go through this with loved ones.

Women overwhelmingly chose the shorter course of radiation. It is also inexpensive. All though more than 60 percent of women suffering from breast cancer have lumpectomies; health insurers and doctors say relatively few of the ladies are opting for the shorter treatment because it takes more time to change various medical trends or practices. Changing a procedure has no added medical benefit apart from an added cost. Its only advantages are saving quality time for the patients, and also money for the health care system and various insurers.

Health insurers pay for radiation in a fractional fashion, while the shorter treatment involves about fifteen doses, compared to about 33 when opting for the conventional therapy.

Would You Experiment With Your Brain?

While many people would be up to a little bit of experimentation on their body, the situation is very different when it comes to serious experimentation on the brain, certainly the most sensitive part of our body.

The technique that uses electrical stimulation to enhance the activity of some brain regions has started to become very popular. People can order it on the internet, and it looks like a lot of curious users take the chance and buy such devices. Sam Tabar hasn’t done it yet, but he knows some who have considered it.

The short electrical stimuli have not been fully examined, though. Let us start with the fact that the functions of many brain regions are not yet known. So why stimulate them? You don’t even know what to expect from that.

Furthermore, reactions can differ from person to person. As the most recent experimenton a large group of test people showed, some people who really need the stimulation might benefit from the effects, while it is quite the contrary for those who do have normal brain functions.

The group of students who had to write a math test were stimulated with the brain activity enhancing device. Those who were usually anxious had good results, while those who were initially good at math had problems writing the test.