Medicine and Business

Dr. Mark Holterman and his Career Path through Medicine and Business

Dr. Mark Holterman is most known for his work as the Chief Executive Officer of his business called Mariam Global Health. Dr. Holterman has been in his line of work for a few decades and has extensive practice in doing pediatric surgery. He later added a business to his portfolio as well.

Dr. Mark Holterman achieved his at the Yale Universty, graduating in 1980. Having been born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin, Mark Holterman did not have many prospects for his education (Peoria.medicine.uic). The local school was small and did not aim to produce Yale graduates. The performance that Mark Holterman achieved and his interests in biology had his teachers encourage him and his parents to send him off to the reputable establishment.

After graduating from the Yale University, Dr. Mark Holterman too up NIH scholarship and started the Medical Scientist Training program. He moved to the UVA in order to enroll in the combined program for Ph. D. and MD. While he was in Charlottesville, Dr. Mark Holterman achieved his degrees, completed a residency in general surgery, and married one of his colleagues who is also a surgeon and then welcomed his two kids in the world.

In 1993, Dr. Mark Holterman moved together with his family to the Pacific Northwest where he took up a fellowship training program in Pediatric Surgery. He completed it at the Seattle Children’s Hospital where he amassed a lot of experience and got to work with some of the top pediatric surgeons in the state.

Dr. Mark Holterman moved to Montreal, Canada where his wife had gotten an opportunity to complete a training program. In the meantime, Dr. Mark Holterman as raising his two sons as well as their newborn son. After that, in 1997 both Dr. Mark Holterman and his wife started working at the University of Illinois- College of Medicine. They spent 20 years at the institution.

Next, the couple started working in biotech development and advancing medical education around the globe. The Mariam Global Health is now the leading priority for Dr. Mark Holterman in his work.