Mental Health

The Hand That Helps

It is imperative for people to help themselves before others can help them. A group of people suffering with the heartbreaking Alzheimer’s disease are currently working hard to make sure that they can rely on themselves for help. While these patients know the need to stay in constant communication with their doctors, the need to stay consistent with their medication, and the need to be aware of their symptoms, they know that they best mouth pieces for their fight belong to them. It is very easy for people to research a disease and make up their minds about it. Alexei Beltyukov agrees that it is entirely more convincing when a patient is using their own experience to expose their disease for what it is and what it feels like. Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects 3 million people every year. These are mainly thought to be elderly individuals but the disease can affect younger people too. The neurodegenerative illness has reached multiple spotlights in recent years. Movies and TV shows in particular are depicting the lives of those who suffer with this disease. Those suffering with the disease in real life are the main reason that these shows are going through such lengths to depict the disease. There is a huge push in getting people to discover the massive world of neurodegenerative diseases and other brain ailments. These diseases are going to affect more people in coming years if people aren’t made aware of diet and lifestyle changes that can help deter them.