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EOS Seven Year Review

EOS, also known as Evolution of Smooth, has created a new vegan friendly line of lip products. It is a clear vegan crystal flavored balm. It is a clear balm, that you can see completely through. It is also organic and free from all animal byproducts. Another reason why these balms have become even more popular is due to the low prices for such a great quality item. You can purchase these new balms at any store that already sells lip balms. EOS has created a lip balm that uses all five sense. It feels nice in your hand, they smell amazing, taste delightful, the color of the package is soothing for your eyes, and they make sure you hear a click when closing the container so you know it did close, click for more. By taking out the beeswax in their balms, they have made it so everyone can enjoy this new product.

EOS has surpassed Chapstick and Blistex, to become the second best selling lip balm. They were able to surpass these two companies that have been around for a long time. This was due to how they market, produce and sell the balm. They also thought about moving away from the tube. And how could they make using lip balms more sanitary. That was how their design was created.

The target audience for this millennial women ages 25 to 35. How they have hit this audience has been using social media and advertising, see here. Once they started to get paired up with big names they took off even more. They knew if they wanted to be successful that they needed to have the demand and product within ratio, see products here on Their plan worked, all within seven years. They have also expanded their line to include shaving creams and hand lotions.

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